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Of dogs and dolls.

I think I’ll start with the easy ones while I try to make up something for the harder ones. I know most of you already now all about this but if you don’t it may be confusing interesting.

Jenni in KS wrote….
I’d also like to know why you picked Willowtree. My kids would all like to know where you got that Barbie. Like, did you just happen to have a Barbie lying around or are you an avid Barbie collector or did you
purposely go out and buy a Barbie for the picture? And while we’re on the subject of that picture, who’s the dog?

Why I picked Willowtree…

100_0893a No surprise here, Willow Tree is a small town in Rural Australia. I live just outside it. It’s a nice quiet little town with at population of about 200, although it is a service centre for quite a large number of outlying properties so there is a general store and a pub. There was a bank until about 6 months ago.

It’s located at the beginning of the Kamilaroy Highway, which makes it the gateway to the Central West. The main industry is beef farming, and there is a bit of wheat as well.

Over on the right we have a picture of the Main street of Willowtree (which is actually the New England Highway at this point) during peak hour. We’re just under an hour away from Tamworth, the Country Music Capital of Australia, which frankly I’ve always found to be somewhat of a misnomer, given that all they have is a Contry Music Festival once a year. All the country music artists actually live and record on the Central Coast (where our other house is).

Now, as for the dog and the doll. The name of the blog is "A Dingo’s got my Barbie" which is a play on words of the purported cry of Lindy Chambermaid (aka Meryl Streep). You can Google it for the full story (I’ve misspelled her surname on purpose), last time I addressed it here, some dickhead with an obsession for the case wanted to get into an argument about it. I mean shit, who really gives a rat’s?

So here’s the deal…

Pic2890_2 1. I’ve never owned a Barbie doll.
2. This is why her panties are around her ankles.
3. I found the picture on the net.

4. It’s not a dog it’s a Dingo.
5. My good bluddy Mark photoshopped the picture in the sidebar to represent the blog title.
6. He used a picture similar to this one, but I can’t find the one he used.


I may answer some of the text based questions tomorrow, unless I fall off a ladder (which would be a much better story)


22 Responses

  1. I remember that jerkoff. It’s like those people who argue in the responses on yahoo answers. Don’t they have something better to do?

    Also? Mark = mad photoshop skillz.

  2. Some of that I already knew – but still cool to see the town and know a little bit more about Willowtree.

  3. loved the name of the blog, and the photo from the first time I saw it. Way too funny!

  4. ROFLMAO!!! Haven’t stopped by in some time, but came in just time for a great one! My attention to detail is evidently for shit, because I didn’t even notice the panties on the ankles (a stunning miss in and of itself), and had no idea it was a photoshop job… well done!


    Ree’s bro WDS

  5. Doug – What a surprise, long time no see! And quite a coincidence too, as the jerkoff that Melissa is talking about interrupted a blog conversation between me and Ree.
    PS. Still waiting for the blog.

  6. Thanks for dropping by my site. I was quite surprised. You must have found me through Hayden. She actually recommended that I read your blog this weekend. She’s right, you’re absolutely hysterical. I love the “A Dingo’s Got My Barbie.”

    I may just have to link to you. Could always use more humor in my day. 🙂

  7. I remember that dude to.. what a bozo…

    i didn’t remember the willowtree part… like the pics:)

  8. And I thought your dogs liked to eat barbie dolls for fun!

  9. So far so good but are there Willow Trees in the town?

  10. Shandi – Thanks and welcome. I really liked your site.

    Beccy – No, they like to eat each other’s butts for fun!

    ChrisB & Wolfie – This might help

  11. 1) I’ve been reading you a long…long time.

    2) Not that you asked, but I’m still partial to OUAB….SS Barbie is beneath you.

    3) Yes, that made me lol :).

    4) I bet Mike gets his blog up and goin’ before Doug…

    5) I wanna hear an audio blog from you. Find a way. That would be so ___________. (There are just so words I could put at the end of that sentence…!)

  12. Interesting to hear more about you and your town 🙂

  13. Robin’s right!! Audio blog!!!

    Oh, and any town with a pub is a town I could live happily in. As long as they let me sing pub songs. Of course I know pub songs!!

    OOOOO!! Sing pub songs on your audio blog! It’ll be GREAT!

  14. With the fun play on words, and the photo, readers quickly realize they’ve have landed in Australia.

    What prompted your new logo in the masthead?

  15. Oops, correction…

    With the fun play on words, and the photo, readers quickly realize they’ve landed in Australia.

    What prompted your new logo in the masthead?

  16. I love small towns, don’t you? The town we live just outside of is almost too big at just under 2,000 people.

    I think I started reading your blog about the time you were deciding on a new name. I voted for A Dingo’s got my Barbie because I remember that movie. In fact, we still use that line around here–just out of the blue with no meaning whatsoever. I don’t remember the guy who wanted to argue about it, though. Now I’ll have to look just so I can laugh about it.

    Mark has some suhweeet Photoshop skills! And I’ve known some dogs that look very much like your dingo.

  17. I had no idea what the Willowtree thing meant until now. They makes way more sense than what I thought.

    Are you still take questions? If so, what’s the worst thing you ever did?

  18. I thought I commented this morning earlier. think I’m going loooney—
    but— then I feel know I’m not because when I read this stuff and I DO REMEMBER most of it. (:

    Been reading you for awhile.

    I’m with Robin; I still have feelings for ONCE UPON A BLOG.

  19. I liked Once Upon a Blog too, it was Ree’s idea to change the name.

  20. I liked OUAB too. Especially the Snoopy picture.

  21. Dammit Man!! I thought I left a comment, but I didn’t. I only read because I was at work.

    Joining the OUAB revival movement. Yep.

  22. I noticed the barbie’s pants around her ankles but never imagined you’d stoop to photoshop them in that way 😉

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