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Ask WT Part Dos

So, here we are with part two. Most of the answers are pretty really lame, but I’m not good with the personal stuff. I guess I’m just not in touch with my feminine side, or my Oprah side, or my Dr. Phil side. I am in touch with my Jerry Springer side though.

What’s your shoe size?
Normally leather but occasionally suede.

Out of all the countries you’ve lived, what’s your favorite and why?
Oz. Because everybody’s got to be somewhere, and here I am.

What’s your favorite U.S. State and why?
California, I’ve always considered it my second home. Hmm I guess this question was in case America wasn’t the answer to the previous one.

What’s the most personal thing you’re willing to reveal to your blinions (blog minions)?

Any life regrets?

Boxers or briefs?
Boxers, actually they’re called boxer briefs (with pouch), the boys need their space.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?
Depends on how much he ate.

"If train A was moving west at 60 miles an hour and train B………"
None, because you don’t bury the survivors.

Your most profound moment in life.
When I realised I wasn’t adopted.

What do you regret most?
That they were actually my family.

Do you have places you would like to visit/plan to visit??
I’m planning on visiting the toilet in just a little while.

If you were granted three wishes what would they be…?
That all goes well for the visit, that I find true happiness and that I write a decent post one day.

When did you first realize that you loved me?
When I first saw you with face cream (sorry guys, I tried to find the picture but Marnie’s closed the old blog down).

Out of all of your animals, who is your favorite?
Come on, I know that’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite kid, but humour me.
It’s not that hard really, after all they’re pets not children, my favorite is Buddy.

Where’d you go on your first date?
Behind the dressing sheds.

Who was the girl?
Jean McGill, she was one half of identical twins

Are you and Marnie ever going to get back together?  I can’t take the sadness of it all.
We are hoping for a reconciliation when GA goes into reruns.

What’s your favorite color?
Brown, no blue, no brown, no blue. Ah, both.

How many TV’s do you have?
Three, a 5′ rear projection, a 48" and a 24".

Milk:  fresh, canned, or in a tube?
All of the above.

Can a man with three cats be known as a "man with cats" or does this rule only apply to old ladies?
No, it applies only to old ladies, an old man with three cats is a humanitarian, an old lady with three cats is just sad.

Cake or pie?
Banana Cream cake.

Canada:  blight on the earth or acceptable because of Marnie’s existence?
An acceptable blight on the earth despite Marnie’s existence.

What is a moment in your life that you think "defined" you?
When I first stood up to pee.

OH – and what’s your favorite meal?
Sushi, but I prefer mine cooked.

The reason there are no little WT’s or MDW’s?
We both flunked sex education.

Who cooks when the two of you are together?
Depends on which house we’re at. I cook here, she cooks on the Coast.

When you are in town – do you eat out instead of cook?  If so, what is your favorite restaurant.
Eat out.  Either Indian, Lebanese or Thai. Plus I always have pizza.

Why do you hate your brother?
Because he’s pure evil masquerading as christian.

How many fingers am I holding up?
I don’t know about you, but I’m holding one up right now.

Damn and i missed the opportunity to ask a WT unforgettable question..or is it that I am that unimaginative…
Is this a question?

Name that most romantic moment?
Those three seconds after erection but before ejaculation. Hey, you should know better than to ask a guy about romance.


23 Responses

  1. You have a great sense of humour, a good way to start my day have a quiet chuckle into my muesli!!

  2. Well-played, my friend. Well-played.

  3. Okay, since Buddy is your favorite, send me Bently and Beeper. Thank you.

  4. “…what’s your favorite meal?
    Sushi, but I prefer mine cooked.”

    Yeah, that one made me snort out loud…

    “…do you eat out instead of cook?”

    I’m just glad you didn’t answer this the way Jenny (mamadrama) answered this one recently…! :O)

  5. Yes, I know I spelled BentlEy’s name wrong. When he is mine I shall spell it as I wish. Remember I am kitty mommy to Phydeaux Pheline the kitty cat. That’s how I roll, baby!!

  6. What do you regret most?

    That they were actually my family.

    Sounding like me here Peter!

    chocolate! That’s my man!

    Enjoyed your answers ~ coming back to peruse again by and by ( after the j.o.b. … lol )

  7. Can you believe it, I couldn’t come up with a good question.

  8. That is to funny… only three seconds? dude I thought it would be at least five;)

  9. ahh that was me lamenting out loud.. no question.

  10. Tell us more about your brother. He sounds interesting!

    I’m with Robin. I got to that question and thought, “Oh no…”

    You almost made me spit coffee out my nose and on my keyboard this morning!

  11. fortunately I only have one cat.

    How do we know you aren’t a woman?

  12. Cheeky –

    okay, yes, you answered them – but only in true Willowtree form. hahaha

  13. Most romantic moment?
    At least you were honest!

  14. You have mail.

  15. of course an old woman with three cats is sad…that’s a paltry amount of cats…just three? geeeez!! an old lady needs at least 7!

  16. That was so funny.

    Damnit. I was so very busy vomiting (okay it was both ends since you must know!) out 7lbs (that’s half a stone – 3.5kgs people!) that I missed the opportunity to ask you a question.
    And now I can’t even think of a decent one.
    Thanks for the laughs anyway.

  17. Witty.

    Now, then- what do you call a young, married woman with four cats?

  18. Made me laugh: “What’s your favorite U.S. State and why?
    California, I’ve always considered it my second home. Hmm I guess this question was in case America wasn’t the answer to the previous one.”

    And, ah HA! I KNEW Buddy was your favorite.

  19. I’ve missed ya’–and what deep, revealing stuff I’ve missed!!!!

  20. Dear willowtree. Damn I missed it. If you can be bothered, here’s a question:

    1. Have you ever milked a fresian cow?
    2. What’s the most imaginative thing you’ve ever done with a toothpick?
    3. How many times a month do you paint your toenails?
    4. Which is the easiest side of the road to drive on, left or right?
    5. Have you missed me?

  21. Would you like a chocolate?

  22. 3 seconds? that long?

  23. That was fun. Loved the Q’s and the A’s.

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