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I’m conflicted

Geez, now I’m really in a bad way. After finally being able to get through the day without crying over my lost love, this happens! Do you remember that post I did answering all those clever and insightful questions with witty and evasive answers? In case you can’t remember just scroll down about a half a screen and there it is, the post before this one, yes that’s it.

Well one of the questions was about the tragic breakup I’ve recently suffered with the love of my life (since I’ve been married for a really long time, I can’t mention the person’s name becasue it’s different to my wife’s and someone might get suspicious).

Anyway, Marnie asked "When did you first realize that you loved me?" And my answer was something about a picture with face cream. Guys, I don’t know if Marnie is trying to rekindle the relationship, or she’s just taunting me, but this morning when I checked my mail I found this….


Come on, you tell me that isn’t one of the sexiest babes you’ve ever seen! She’s got it all; poise, elegance and beauty. Plus on top of all that, she reminds me of my favourite pie.

Oh shit! I hope she doesn’t get those nasty emails I sent her……


21 Responses

  1. Nothing is sexier than a woman in a sweatshirt.

    Only for you WT.

  2. were you shaving, marnie?

  3. Marnie – Unless she’s wearing a sweatshirt and an apron!

    Enidd – No, she was shaving herself.

  4. Hahah. Enidd I was doing philosophy’s Oxygen Peel. The directions said you should experience some foaming action. Needless to say I experienced some serious foaming action.

    Still laughing over “reminds me of my favorite pie”.

    I hope you don’t stay jilted for too long. It was sure fun while it lasted. I’ll rethink things after Grey’s season finale.

  5. PS – I don’t own an apron so maybe this is all for the best.

  6. ahhh if only I could be that beatiful;)

    maybe i need to do a mud mask…


  7. It’s always funnier when you see the photo.
    hehehe laughing at the comments.

  8. I can see where you’re coming from – I fall in love with my mdf every time he pinches one of my facepacks.

  9. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! That’s hilarious – she’s a riot.

    The first Marnie post I remember reading was her interview with K-Fed. If I remember correctly, I laughed so hard coffee spewed out of my nose. She’s one of a kind.

  10. P.S. I’m really bummed about missing the “Ask WT” post.

    (*sniff*) I guess if I’d sit at my computer more often, I wouldn’t miss this stuff.


  11. I think she’s darling!!! 🙂

  12. Marnie – beautiful inside and…um out. hee hee

  13. Oxygen Peel, hmm? NOW I understand my problem. I always hide when I’ve got stuff on my face. Damn.

  14. Must try some Oxygen Peel.

  15. Nice oxygen peel. What is oxygen peel anyway? How do you peel oxygen? I’m confused.

  16. Is she now your pudden pie?

  17. Marnie is the best. She looks good even with pie on her face.

  18. Susan, I miss tht K-Fed post… I may need to repost it on my Typepad blog. That sounds like a good way to get out of posting today. I’ll get right on that.

  19. Eat your heart out, Mrs. Doubtfire…!

  20. I bet she really was shaving.

  21. yeah.. and I bet she looks great in a TUBE, too

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