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Fun Monday #16?

Well, here it is, Monday again. And we’ve now come full circle….
Not only back to where it started with that Horny Redneck Christian Woman being nosy, but literally full circle, that is if you kept going in the same direction taking the pictures. Confused? Let me splain…the first Fun Monday was ‘view from your front door’, now she wants your back door plus a new front door (something about seasons), that’s 360 degrees if you kept going in the same direction, otherwise it’s only 180, which as we all know is not a full circle. Are you picking up on the fact that I’ve run out of intelligent things to say?

Update1** I’ve noticed there have been a few links to the first Fun Monday Posts so here’s mine.

So here’s my font door pic….


Here’s one from the other end of the front verandah…


Those two above are both fresh, I just took them five minutes ago. If you remember my first post you notice that there’s very little seasonal difference. It’s green in Autumn and Spring and brown in Summer and Winter. There’s a small dot in the middle of the second picture, that’s not a mark, that’s the moon.

Update2** The keen eyed among you may have noticed the telegraph poles in the second picture, they are the same poles that are in my Masthead.

Now, for the back door. This is a more dramatic change, but not because of the seasons, rather it’s from the disastrous drought we are in.

This is how it should be…


This is how it is now…


And just one last picture of the fogs we’ve been getting lately, they are much thicker than this, but by the time I get up, the sun has normally burned them off, this is the best I could do…


Update3** I just realised that I didn’t show the other place this time so here goes…

The Front Door.


And a couple out the back door.


The place on the coast is all about levels, as it’s three quarters of the way up a very steep valley wall.


35 Responses

  1. I’m wishing you some rain there!! I like the fog pic even though it’s mostly gone.

  2. Getchur butt up earlier and get a decent picture of a foggy morning!

    Thanks for the note about the moon…I tried to wipe that dot off my screen at first ;).

    Thank you for providing “fresh” pictures…I will do the same on the morrow…

  3. Wow! Bit dry looking! It has been very dry here up until this year. Although it always appears lush til the heat settles in. he grass is waist high in places… well maybe those are the weeds! 🙂
    Still… hope you get some rain!

  4. I love the fog like that – reminds me of the Hounds of Baskerville….. the Hounds of Willowtree would be more apropos.

  5. Beautiful blue sky. What a gorgeous day!
    Have those trees grown (the ones near where the dam should be) or is the angle of the photo different?

  6. ToBear – a) no, the trees haven’t grown, I zoomed in a bit on the second picture, and b) that’s not a dam it’s a creek! Which makes the lack of water even more dramatic.

  7. I think it would heaven to be surrounded by so much space- well I’m a country girl at heart. Pity about the drought our dry spell has just ended, it started raining last night (it’s a public holiday today so par for the course).

  8. I recognize the moon. The rest is much different than my own view. Thanks for sharing.

    Such solitude.

    Looks like quite a drought you’re having.

    Your last paragraph and photo threw me for a second. I thought it said, “picture of the frogs we’ve been getting lately”, and I was thinking, “What frogs? Where? He just showed us how dry it is…” LOL Guess I should go to bed.

  9. Dear willowtree. Lovely pics. Is it cold there yet?

  10. Wow – how amazing to have no nasty buildings or people to look at when you walk outside – you must have blissful evenings having your sundowner on your veranda. I’m v jealous.

  11. that certainly beats enidd’s front door view…

  12. Chris – We did get some rain last week, but the tanks are still pretty low.

    Kila – Gotta watch out for them frogs!

    LMM – Just starting to cool down, no fire yet.

    SarahEmily – You better believe it!

    Enidd – It’s all relative, and luckily none of mine live anywhere near me.

  13. WT, if I could I’d send you some of Texas’s rain.

    But not the hail. No, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    You live in pretty places!!

  14. Gee, Willowtree, THREE updates??? That’s some kind of record!

    1) Apparently I don’t have keen eyes, but…

    2) That did give me reason to look closely at your masthead, and it’s then I realized you changed your tagline again. Cute…:).

    3) I love that masthead picture!

    4) YOUR drought makes our drought look like a rain forest.

    5) I’m stallin’, waiting on Ree’s pic…dayEM her time! Oh, how the woman T.O.Y.S. with her readers on contest day!

    6) Extreme contrast between the bush and the coast views, but I guess it’s like that here, too…I just don’t have a coastal home.

  15. Man, I gotta go take some photos now…..

  16. I love your garden in your second place, but I have to say that my favorite is the backyard at your first place. Reminds me so much of home. Photoshop an armadillo in the picture and that could totally be West Texas.

  17. Two homes would be much more fun –

    I’m trying to upload my pictures right now.

    So, when are you opening your Bed and Breakfast

    After all… it fits in with the B’s.

  18. You don’t mind houseguests, do you?

  19. You can see forever! All I can see is into my neighbors windows!

  20. You are very lucky to have two such lovely places!

  21. Honest to goodness think I should visit Down Under. Beautiful. Looks wild enough I think Brian might go for it. He’s not a people person so if I can guarantee him that we won’t be around swarms of people or that he doesn’t have to shop then he’s in!

    Your such a sport to play along with me. You know this makes us BFF right?

  22. Now are you trying to confuse me; good job I came back or I would have missed the back view; now you have plenty of space so how about hosting a bloggers convention!!

  23. Wow! Those are all beautiful! Don’t know why but I’ve always liked pictures of open fields, empty lots, etc… even when they’re dry… must be something to do with living where I do. I felt right at home looking at your views!

  24. Looking good…if only our winters were like that!

  25. The landscape looks very much like the landscape here in Bakersfield California. Your other pictures however, impressed me quite a bit. Looks like a little oasis.

    This is a great idea btw.

  26. “You don’t mind houseguests, do you?”

    Lemme guess, Lisa doesn’t know you so well, does she? lol

    BTW, HAVE YOU LOOKED AT REE’S COMMENTS? If I was channeling you right now, all I could say would be “Holy $hit!”.

  27. Wait a second…you have twice as many FM comments as me…what the heck is up with that???

  28. I like your pics? are you lookin for a roomy for like say a week? im lookin to run away;P

  29. Very pretty views, WT.

    I have to post mine tomorrow. I was on a quest to find a cleaning product with a woman on it, instead of a muscle man.

  30. I envy all your space. Lovely pics WT.

  31. I’ve already thought it would be neat to play with your critters – except the cat poop eating ones. 🙂

    Now you’ve gone and enticed me with visuals of the loveliness of your area! Wow, let me know when your pond has water and I’ll come splash in it. 🙂

  32. I loooooooooove your backdoor…

  33. This is the second Fun Monday that I have missed. I love your photos. The sky in the first two pictures is so blue. I do not remember the sky ever looking so blue here in Indiana.

  34. This is the second Fun Monday that I have missed. I love your photos. The sky in the first two pictures is so blue. I do not remember the sky ever looking so blue here in Indiana.

  35. I finally got my Fun Monday photos up. Come have a peek;).

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