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Name change.

Nah, I’m just kidding! I’m not changing anything, I’m just doing a fluff post (gee, that’s a change) to give you all a chance to catch up with your blogging after Fun Monday.

But based on the following photos, if I was going to change anything, I’d change the dogs’ names to Yin and Yang…

Get it? They look like that black and white symbol, ha ha ha!

In case you’re wondering how come I’ve got so many pictures of them in this basket, a) digital photography is cheap, b) being dogs they follow me around and hang out in whatever room I’m in, and c) this basket is in the computer room, as is the camera. Oh, and the other sofa features a lot because they can see me from there when I’m on the computer.


30 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree. Buddy looks really cute with his eyes peeping out while his nose is still hiding. I’ve started to take random pictures of animals so I can do some GPPs, as I’m so jealous. Well, I took one picture. Of a cat. Cause it was fat. Will have to remember to post it…

  2. so cute. lmm, you can photograph stalin if you dare…

  3. “They” oughtta name some snack after B & B–“Dogs in a Basket” sounds much more appetizing than “Pigs in a Blanket”.

    But, really, do either of them sound like something you’d want to put in your mouth??

  4. That’s the life to have not a care in the world; my wireless connection has been down since yesterday evening so will not be publishing anything until much later today.

  5. Which one is Yin? I thought they were both males. Eh, what a load anyway. From Wikipedia:
    “Yin (the receptive, feminine, dark, passive force) and yang (the creative, masculine, bright, active force)”
    I don’t get why the masculine half gets to be the creative, bright and active one.
    But cute doggy pics as always.

  6. Aww, Pete you can admit it. You just love your furrbabies. 🙂 You follow them around and photograph them, come on admit it. Oh, wait…that might be me I am talking about.

    Once again, I love the photos!

  7. Man, I wish I could be taking a nap too right now. I’d even sleep in a basket if that’s what it takes.

  8. Do they mind if the other one farts?

  9. Love it! Always love the pup pics!!!

  10. lol… Always fun to see your
    puppies! 🙂

  11. Love it! Always love the pup pics!!!

  12. what little butt kissers you’ve got there!!

  13. Adorable!!

  14. They really love each other, don’t they? I keep thinking surely they’ll get crowded at some point and give up the habit but they sure seem happy and content!

  15. LOL, cute idea, but, like Jenny said, which one would be Yin? I guess since Buddy’s your favorite it wouldn’t be him.

  16. ahhh WT that is so sweet of you!!!

    now the pups.. cute as always… this time I actually got to post without cookie monster all over the puter;) I hid from her LOL

  17. heh heh – I like Beccy’s comment the best.

    yin and yang – or Bin and Bang since you use B words.

  18. Cuties. Does it get hot inside during the summer or do you have a/c? I only ask because it’s 90 (F) here today and Sasha is acting like I just dragged her across Death Valley without stopping for water.

  19. SPY DOGS! Okay – now give them a camera so we can spy on you!

  20. Hee!! I liked Claudia’s and beccy’s comments!!

    Still waiting on you to send me Bentley.

  21. Hi there… I tagged you. Go and read about it on my blog and play along. Thanks!

  22. when are you going to give us our assignment for next week o wise one.

  23. Indeed Ying and Yang, how wonderful to fit together like that with another living being.

  24. It’s a dog’s life for sure. Maybe Cali needs a bud too. Everybody needs a buddy.

  25. You’d think they’d be uncomfortable, both squooshed up into that little basket.

  26. I dunno what it is about Buddy. He’s a charmer.

  27. Unscheduled trip to the Coast??? Where the heck are you?

  28. The dogs finally ate you, didn’t they.

  29. Just checking in – and Melissa got me laughing.

  30. I think I’m in love with your dogs a little bit!

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