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Fun Monday Update.

I’m really struggling with trying to get back online (and stay there) I keep losing the connection and I I’m not sure of it’s another fault or it’s just the phone lines. Anyway, that’s my problem.

I’ve started a list of Fun Monday participants for this week, it’s in the sidebar over on the right. If you are in but not on the list yet, leave a comment on this post (make sure you fill out the URL field when you comment).

A few housekeeping items:

  1. The actual assignment is in the post below this one.
  2. Before you ask, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in.
  3. If you’re on the list already, it might be a good idea to click it just to make sure the link works.
  4. I hope I can get my camera software re-installed before Monday!

21 Responses

  1. I’m glad that you are ok. I thought perhaps you were simply too busy. 🙂

  2. WT, I’ve missed you. Funny, I just posted a complaint about coffe mugs taking over my house. I’m in for Monday.

  3. Hi – I’m not on the list.

    Here is the link to my Fun Monday posting:

    The general link to my blog is found if you click on my name;).

    Glad all is well — hope your internet connection is okay now.

  4. Hello! ?? I’m a given!

    I’m in!

    Great assignment by the way. Perfect for nosy people.

  5. HI, Peter,

    I’m in for fun Monday! I need some diversion from lizards!

  6. Glad you’re back. Good luck with the computer and software.

    You can count me in for Fun Monday. http://momto3cubs.blogspot.com

    Gosh, it’s 17 weeks already?

  7. I’m in, and I haven’t even read the assignment! Hopefully, it won’t require me to be naked.

  8. I was beginning to worry about you. Unanswered emails, no posting, etc. Glad you are okay and back with us. Put me on the Fun Monday list please!

  9. When updating the list you can put me as confirmed.

  10. Just to say I’ve tested and my link is OK. Hope you manage to resolve the problem.

  11. Hope you get your computer sorted soon. Personally, I hate rebuilding…argh – something always goes wrong. Hopefully you’re better at it than me.

  12. Hey Willowtree! Guess what? I LOVE my mac! I just can’t shut up about it! 😉

  13. photo software re-installed? Why not just get a card reader??

  14. Count me in for Monday.

  15. I’m always in …. but heck if I have a favorite anything – except pillow. Honest.

  16. Dear willowtree. I hope the phone lines survive. I’m in.

  17. Sounds easy enough..I’m in.

  18. Happiness = High Speed

  19. I’d love to participate in Fun Monday! Hope you get everything worked out with your computer.

  20. I’m in too…as long as you’re not too strict.

  21. I’m in!

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