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English and slang can be confusing

Syntax, semantics, pedantics, English, jargon, slang, call it what you will, but it’s all fraught with danger. Take yesterday for example, my neighbour rang me just as I was at the final stages of downloading a very large update, and in a reflex action I picked up the phone. That caused the connection to be lost. In this situation since I was a bit a annoyed. You could say… "I’ve got a beef with my neighbour".

However that’s not right, what it should read is…"I’ve got some beef from my neighbour"…


There’s about 35lbs of all sorts of beef including T-bones, fillets, roasts, sausages, ground beef and rib eye fillets. Ther were even a bunch of dog bones. It’s nice living wedged between beef cattle stations.

PS. I’ve got the camera working so looks like I can join in for Fun Monday.


22 Responses

  1. Wait. I’m confused. How did your phone ring if you were in the middle of updates on a 56k modem?

    Nice beef!!!!! We also live in the country. We’ve got beef and sheep farmers. Nothing like fresh meat, eh.;)

  2. That beef looks so good I wish it could find it’s way to my feezer!!
    Glad you’re up and running and ready for tomorrow see you then.

  3. Clara Peller would think she had died and gone to heaven!

  4. You just reminded me to take some steaks out of the freezer. Thanks! 😉

  5. Is this what happened to that monstrous beast that wandered into your yard a few months ago? He sure looks tasty!

  6. How cool is that.. Can you imagine how much all that wold cost from the store? let me put it this way.. hubs went out and got 4 ribeyes yesterday and spent $25 ouch.. there aint nothin as cool as free beef!!

  7. Prime Black Angus beef? Looks delish!!

  8. Wow. That’s some meat.

    I suppose the Bently and Buddy prefer the T-bones ??

  9. Wow!! When’s the BBQ??

  10. Incidentally, I remember learning english and I was always so confused at the pronounciation of three words: though, through and trough. Finally I just gave up trying to understand it!!

  11. Very nice! That’ll keep you all fed and content for a while. Time to fire up the barbie!

  12. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about – Free Beef!!!

    I hope your freezer doesn’t go out.

  13. Beef looks good, I wish some could find it’s way into my fridge!

  14. Goodness, that is a lot of meat. My DH would be in heaven.

  15. I’m coming for dinner. I’m bringing highspeed internet with me.

  16. You could SO go on Dave Letterman’s show, and pick the category, “Know Your Cuts of Meat.”

  17. I have a deep freezer taking up space in my garage. We’re a match made in parallel universes.

  18. Cool gift. I wish I had neighbours like that!

  19. yuum! If I’d known you had such a beefy overload I would have invited you to our barbie in kiev yesterday!

  20. What’s that thing in the middle? Looks like some sort of skinned zombie chicken.

  21. Nice Neighbor! I have one with an avocado tree, but your neighbor is better!

  22. That is a riot!

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