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I’m getting there.

It’s about 2:00am Sunday morning and I’ve finally downloaded just about all the stuff I need to be able to get back online safely. I had to download around 180Mb of Windows updates and virus definitions, and on a 56k modem that’s just not fun.

I’ve been around to a lot of blogs but I’m not leaving comments at this stage because I’ve still got a few bits of software to get to make that a bit easier. Tomorrow I’ll spend most of the day re-installing drivers and software for my peripherals.

I thought I’d give SeaMonkey a try for a change, but so far I’ve found that there aren’t as many add-ons and themes available as there are for Firefox and Thunderbird, plus it’s eerily similar to Netscape so I’m wondering how up to date it really is.

Anyway, time for bed…..


13 Responses

  1. Looks like this is going to be the BIGGEST Fun Monday EVER – either people really like WillowTree OR – we really like to drink.

  2. Oh – and you have Bethany down twice (Ice Cream Mama)

  3. Now that’s all gobblydegook to me but I’m glad you’re getting there. Fri night I was downloading updates and it took so long I gave up and went to bed and that was long before 2am!!

  4. I was wondering how it’s going for you. Good luck on Sunday.

    Are you gonna use AGV for anti-virus? A computer person told me it’s currently the best.

  5. Poor WT. It looks so wide open on here now.

  6. Jenny – I know I’m a bit batty as a result of sleep deprivation, but even if I had my wits about me I’m not sure I’d understand your comment.

  7. Unless of course you’re referring to the fact than my computer no longer has anything on it!!

  8. uggh. sounds really ugly. I hate the downside of all of this convenience!

    hope you’re back soon.

  9. 1) White noise White noise….

    2) Would you like some cheese with that w(h)ine?

    3) Sea Monkeys? Did someone way SEA MONKEYS??? I think I ordered a ton of those out of the back of “Tiger Beat” magazine back in the 70s!!! For some reason, they were always dead when they arrived. IF they ever arrived (freakin’ conspiracy… where was 20/20 when I needed it??).

    4) You’ve got a harem going on your sidebar.

    5) This is your most boring comment section EVAH! Then, again, it wasn’t exactly your most interesting OR entertaining post, either.

    6a) Do you say “EEither” or “IIither”?

    6b) When I looked at this comment in “Preview”, the last word in the above comment (now 6a) looked like “lither” since your type in post-mode is sans serif.

    7) I guess I should say “thanks” for keeping us apprised of your progress. Thanks.

    8) Do I win a prize for the BEST comment EVAH for the Lamest Post evah???

    Hope you’ve made good progress…I wouldn’t be able to do what you’re doing; that’s why they keep coming out with new computers…:/.

    I’m done. And I’m not drinkin’…no matter WHAT this sounds like!! 🙂

    Hey…remember when you accidentally forgot to close the italics on a comment you wrote at my blog a while back and the rest of the comments were italicized? I think I’ll do that now 😉 Ed. I fixed it.

  10. Ha ha ha I was wondering how come everything was italicized! However you are a little but mistaken, from memory I made everything boldfaced.

    PS I’m glad you told me because I wouldn’t have put two and two together!

  11. SeaMonkey?? I thought they only sold those in comic books…put them in water and you can have the whole family….

  12. Why, I think you’re correct, WT, now that you mention it:). I see you fixed it, but it’s kinda fun when everyone else wonders why their comments are bold or italicized or whatever.

  13. My eyes crossed and rolled back into my head. Im glad you can fix your problem!! I’d be so lost

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