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Fun Monday #17

Fun_monday_2Here we are, at Fun Monday again. I’m hosting this week’s fun and the assignment is Drinking vessels etc. It turned out harder than I thought to get the photos because I couldn’t get rid of the reflections. Before I start, if you are interested in hosting next week, just say so in your comment.

First off, here’s my non-alcoholic selection…

From left to right you’ve got your Tigger and Pooh coffee mug, then your Homer and Grumpy glasses (it was a real Sophie’s choice as they both represent me so well that I couldn’t decide), and finally the insulated mug I take when I’m doing work in the big shed.

I take my alcohol a bit more seriously so there’s no tacky stuff here…

So now let’s take a look at what they’re used for (don’t forget that you can click them to un-small them)…

Blog_cOk, you caught me, I slipped in a different wine glass. I wanted to have two things from the Hunter Valley (where I live), and both these are from there, but from two different wineries. The Hunter Valley makes some of the best wines I’ve ever had, it’s been said that it is because of all the coal that is found there. Draytons (the bottle) is only about an hour from me (I’m at the very Northern tip of the valley).

ET sent me this shot glass a couple of months back, and it immediately became my favourite. It’s from Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and is the biggest shot glass I’ve ever seen. MDW brought me back the Whiskey last time she went home.

Oh, by the way, you may just be able to make out my name on the tumbler, MDW had it etched for one of my


This pewter glass is probably my all time favourite, it was brought back from Germany by a friend of mine and I’ve never found a better way to drink Port. I’ve had it over 20 years now and it’s exactly the same as the day I got it. That port is also from the Hunter Valley and it’s wonderful!

I tried to get a really interesting bottle of beer for this pic, but sadly the general store only had VB, so I used a beer that I already had (what a waste of a trip). This beer stein came into my life the same day as the pewter cup, and it comes from Bavaria. It’s really great for keeping the head on the beer and the flies off it! That beer you see in the stein is that full bottle.

It would be remiss of me to leave this picture out, seeing a how I drink more diet Coke than anything else. I may make a coffee later and update this post…we’ll see.

But if I don’t, I hope you all have a fun Monday and don’t forget we need someone for next week, if no-one volunteers I’ll just tag someone.


PS. If you’ve only posted pictures of a mug and a couple of glasses that’s fine, in fact that’s what I had in mind when I came up with the assignment, but Melissa arranged one of her photos and it looked so good I thought I’d borrow her idea. (thanks Mel)


30 Responses

  1. OK, so something tells me you like your wine/beer/port/whiskey?

    We have a lot of Homer mugs the children buy for their dad (something to do with them both liking beer, doughnuts and being fat)!

  2. enidd loves the stein. she’d never thought of the fly-keeping-off thing – is that the reason for those lids, she wonders.

  3. Love the glass collection embee has a great collection he uses regularly, and we have several pewter but nothing as nice as yours. Like enidd I love the stein. The willowtree truck is too funny!!
    My post is done.

  4. My post is done too. I am glad that you have showed us part of your collection. Even though there was the reflection problem, taking the pictures was fun. I learned something in the process, try a new angle and take several shots. Thank you being the Fun Monday host. Looking at the drinking vessels of our online friends gives another glimpse into these faraway lives.

  5. LOVE the pewter cup!!! I’ve never had port before, but it HAS to be delicious drinking it out of that cup! I think vinegar could even taste good in it…ha!

    You’re a Chivas man, eh? Reminded me of my dad for half a second.

    Would loved to have had a picture of you DRINKING outta the Pooh & Tigger mug…or Grumpy…or both–a nice juxtaposition ;).

    Nice way to handle this…it’ll be a while before mine’s up. Headed out for the morning and when I return I’ll take pics and post something.

  6. I want that stein (filled of course) desperately.

  7. Were you offering us a shot? I like vodka, slightly chilled please. If you feel generous you could coat the rim of the shot glass with sugar.

    If you don’t get any takers then I will host Fun Monday next week. Just let me know.

  8. Wow! I love all of your “mugs”!! Yours puts mine to shame. But I too am a fan of Diet Coke – it’s the only thing I drink. 🙂

  9. Dear willowtree. Ooerr such a selection! I think I might become an avid glass collector if I had the space. Unfortunately, I have broken 5 glasses in the seven months I’ve been here :o(

  10. I am impressed! lol.. such a vast range in your collection! Love it! 🙂

  11. Well you have enough vessels to serve us each a drink in them! Sadly I don’t but I do have my post up. It’s slightly more sparsely populated with drinking vessels than yours though.

  12. Nice topic. This really gives some insight into the drinkers’ personalities (Not implying that you are Grumpy, but only that you have a sense of humor).

  13. hmmmm disney characters;) Seems to fit!! That is a seriuos selection you have going!!!

  14. a very informative post wt

    the things that you have collected in your travels are always interesting (and your acerbic dialog)

    I love etched glass. Most of our wine glasses (we don’t have THAT many) but most of them have etching.

    My favorite glass for drinking ice tea etc broke earlier this year. It was a cheap huge 24 oz promo designed for a hot air balloon festival.

  15. fun post! I was going to join in, but yesterday my camera went wacky. Hope its nothing serious.

  16. The first thing I noticed is that you also have a grumpy and turquoise! 🙂
    You’ve got me thirsty for beer and port first thing in the morning…I really like the pewter cup; I can imagine a bunch of people sitting around the table drinking and cheering with those (and knowing that they won’t get broken!)

  17. Oooh – I’m stealing the etched tumbler idea for my husband’s next gift!

  18. You are definitely a man that takes his drink seriously. A glass for every occasion – gotta like that.

    My favorite is the Grumpy glass!

  19. You had me at “Tigger” mug…

    You are so creative! My favorite is the Willowtree truck mug.

  20. Great Homer glass!

    Oh boy – my husband would LOVE that Stein. It even has a flip-lid. Too nice. (If we had posted our partner’s favorite drinking glasses – my post would have included his huge beer mug)

  21. My favorite is the NYY mug.

    Sorry for the lame post I have, but I will post better photos when everything is out of storage. Hope to have a house update this week, which means we are a little closer to getting stuff out of storage. 🙂

  22. Of all the times for me to not have a Fun Monday post, and your the host. Bummer. I will do this assignment in the future just because I like it so much. As you know, Typepad is giving me fits with comments and deleting my posts.
    Will be back to visit later when life isn’t so hectic.

  23. I especially love what you drink your diet coke from…

  24. Chivas. Rocks. I’m coming over so have it ready.

  25. I love it! I will even forgive the Yankees cup since you have a Peets shot glass. I wish I had a hutch or some kind of display case to keep all our strange wine glasses/goblets in. They’re mostly stored away so they don’t get dusty.

    Your setups are great – hope mine didn’t cause you to get trashed at 9am. Although you’re welcome to have Absolut, soda and lime with me any time.

  26. Waaaaaaa – as my husband was trying to load the photos onto our computer, the battery in the floppy thingamajig went dead!

    So, I WILL post them tomorrow after we get a new battery (one of those round jobbies).

    I feel awful coz people are stopping by and no photos of my fav drinking vessels.

    BUT. I am posting an update on an orphaned fox cub, so not all is lost, I guess.

  27. Love your glasses, but love your alcohol more. There was a great Shiraz we could get out in WA! Miss it badly! (sob) Can’t believe you would show a Pooh mug when you have BUFFY!!

  28. Wow, you have quite a collection of glasses. Sometimes I find my glass really being a foam coozie, but that is not what I included in my choices. I’m late, but I had fun with this anyhow. Thanks for hosting.

  29. I’d knew you’d have a great selection. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  30. Hey, I was drinking that very same Chivas Regal last night whilst watching Heroes. My bottle looks much emptier, however…

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