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Fun Monday…postscript

I’ve learned a few things this Fun Monday…

  1. The simpler the assignment, the better.
  2. The older your kids, the more likely you are you use glass instead of plastic.
  3. A lot of you prefer not to wash up, so you drink from the bottle(can).
  4. My pewter seemed to be a big hit.
  5. Some of you have weird drinking vessels.
  6. Numbered lists are fun.

Seeing as you liked my pewter so much, here’s a bonus picture…

The smaller ones I got in Thailand when I spoke at a conference there a few years ago (that’s why there’s elephants instead of horses), and MDW gave me the hip flask.

Now to the reason for this post:

  • There were a couple of stuff ups in the list, a) I got Katie’s address wrong and b) Benthany doesn’t exist.
  • Gawilli is a late entry.
  • Two people offered to host next week’s round:- Karmyn and Nikki. Karmyn generously offered to do it if no-one else came forward (just Like I did last week), but seeing as she has borne the responsibility once already, next week’s Fun Monday will be hosted by that fabulous jewellery maker Nikki over at What the Hell…..

7 Responses

  1. I don’t know anything about pewter – does it change the taste of the liquid in it?

  2. I can’t get over how cool those are!!

  3. Oh my, I missed fun monday. And, what a fun topic, too! Consider me flogged with wet noodles. Very cool glasses there. They make me wish I could come over so we can have a drink! 😀

  4. Oh I loved seeing these, I think I will post a picture of embees if you don’t mind!! His are all very plain.

  5. Melissa – No, not at all.

    Claudia – They don’t impress me, I’m an ultra cool guy.

    Pear Lady – I was wondering about you, but the whole point is that there is no pressure, so I didn’t chase you up.

    Chris – Post away! I’d love to see them.

  6. The pewter is gorgeous. The next Fun Monday’s challenge is posted. Go sign up.

  7. I was going to offer and then I lost computer connection …

    All afternoon and evening.

    I really enjoyed the theme… much more than I thought I would.

    Now that it is morning here, I have computer up again … and now I have to go to work… so I still haven’t visited all the entries.

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