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The Awards keep coming.

Well, in case any of you are feeling neglected, overlooked, left out and unappreciated, and are wondering how to get blog awards, I have the secret! Just tell everyone that you don’t like them, don’t want them, don’t agree with the concept and would refuse them if they came your way, and then just sit back and wait for them to come rolling in.

Seems I’ve just been awarded another one, this time it’s the prestidigitatious Swampy’s Award. Now in truth, I’m not really sure what the criteria is (I kinda speed read the explanation when it was awarded to Marnie, short attention span), or why I was awarded it (unless it has something to do with having an abnormally large penis, then in that case I know how come I got it).

After some minor modifications I think it looks kinda spiffy in my rapidly expanding Award cabinet, if this keeps up I may even be able to stop awarding myself stuff.

Thanks Swampy, I’ll treasure it, unless I got it for being a fuckwit, then maybe I won’t.


28 Responses

  1. WT, you crack me up! Did you ever ask your peeps why they adore you? I’m still waiting for the response on that one. I want adoration.

  2. Well, it wasn’t awarded because I thought you were a fuckwit…until I saw that you are at it again with Photo Shop… and since when do I have to have a reason for doing anything? It’s the Just Because Award and you pretty well filled in that reason yourself. I wouldn’t know about that particular appendage on your body. Love that you put the Old Witch at the top of your
    ever-enlargegening list of awards.

  3. P.S. No pun intended.

  4. Wait, Marnie has an abnormally large penis?

  5. Well, thanks to Swampy, I have a new add to my blogroll…You are too funny.

    Congrats. or not. on your new award.

    Nice to ‘meet’ you!!!

  6. Congratulations that’s a much coveted award!!

  7. Congrats on yet another award…soon you won’t want to mingle with us lowly plebs!

  8. I don’t know whether to congratulate you on the award, or on the – uhm – large pole.

    Either way – you rock;).

  9. I’m quite amused by this one. You’re going to have to create a blog “mantle” on your template so you can display all of your awards and honors…

  10. Isn’t it against the blaw (you know, blog law) to alter an award icon?

    I think you’re headed to jail…

  11. I’m with Robin – Swampy all gives you an award (and we KNOW how pissed you get when you are left OUT of an award), and you go and photoshop her face!

    Tsk, tsk….

  12. FINALLY got my Fun Monday up. Come have a peek and see what you think of my bonus ‘material’.

  13. And while we’re getting all upset, I am HURT that I’m not in the blog buddies list…after you made me put your blog at TOP of mine.


  14. Omg if you go to jail with a schlong that long, does that mean you’ll be somebody’s bitch or somebody will be your bitch?

    I’m not too clear on these matters.

  15. Hey, I’m not on the blog buddy list either.

  16. you better be careful about messin’ with a swamp witch.

    You may find out how the swamp got so full of frogs!!!

    and you said I was mean (:

  17. Well, obviously I’ve missed out on the photoshopping – I can’t see it anywhere…it must be REALLY small. Bummer.

    Congrats on the Swampy.

  18. (I am just guessing what you did to the Swampy – really, I can’t see it.)

  19. Dear willowtree. You didn’t spell fuckwit with a double tt. That’s what i love about you.

  20. Simply Jenn – That’s an easy one, I’m just adorable.

    Swampy – Yeah sure, I know you meant that pun!

    Jenn again – Yes, I believe she has.

    Janet – Hello and welcome, I’m not normally this funny, I’m usually much funnier.

    Chris and Beccy – Hey a mother and daughter act, cool. Thanks.

    Tiff – It was the alphabet that put me at the top of your list. You complaint has been fixed now.

    TLG – That means I get to go on top. You’re on the second list, it takes time to bubble to the list above.

    Pamela – You are mean, in a nice sort of way.

    Karmyn – I really don’t know if you’re making a joke, or can be classified as legally blind.

    LMM – Yes, I love that about me too.

  21. I skipped these ones, sorry…

    Jen – You mean like the one in the sidebar?

    Robin – All awards become the legal plaything of the Awardee.

    Tiff – Where the hell did you get the idea that I get miffed when I miss out on awards!?!?!

  22. Oh that is to funny. An honor indeed. Now for the long dong…. dude.. ouch.

    on top, on the side… to the ahh im gonna stop now;p

  23. I think the name of your blog deserves an award.

  24. Awards, meh. But I am very impressed that you have an abnormally large penis.

    And hey, I’m at the bottom of the bottom list! I guess you did get that awared for being a fuckwit! heh

  25. I really can spell award, I was just too busy laughing at how jolly funny I thought I was. Oh and I have an idea – I could change my blog name to “AAAA Uncaringbear?” Hey, it works in the yellow pages…

  26. Sheesh, with all these awards you keep getting I feel like I’m being left out by not giving you an award. Maybe I should expend a few braincells coming up with something suitable to award you with. Hmm…

    Congrats on all the winning man, now if only I had the time to read all your back entries 😦

  27. Congratulations Willowtree!!! 🙂 I’m sure that you deserve this most prestigious award!


  28. Long time reader, first time commenter. Ok I lied. It hasn’t been that long at all. But congrats on all the awards. I especially like the Sour Grapes Award.

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