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A troubled bridge over missing waters

A big thank you to Simon and Carbuncle for the inspiration for my title. So now it’s onto another riveting post about life in my little bit of country.

Idyllic isn’t it, but having to use it on a daily basis can be challenging…

Yessir that ole bridge sure does look purty! Especially from a distance. Up close it’s a slightly different story…

There’s no two planks the same height, which makes for an interesting ride. While Sabrina talks about getting her rocks off riding her bike over a cattle grid, that has nothing on this baby. A cattle grid is like sex without foreplay compared to this 60ft pleasure machine. You hit this baby at 40mph and it will take some time to wipe the smile off your face! Unfortunately my tyres don’t feel the same devotion, largely due to these bastards (a riveting post, get it?)…

And finally, this is the reason that I rarely hit this bridge at 40mph…

Probably between 10% and 20% of the planks have this kind of damage. But here’s the thing, while I crawl across the bridge hoping that it won’t collapse under me, trucks like these cross it at speed all the time…

These guys must be new, they are parked there while they walk across the bridge deciding if they should cross it. In case you haven’t seem them before, they are cattle trucks and they can get really heavy. Each cow weighs over a half a ton and they really pack them in there…I guess you could say they pack them in like cattle.

If the landscape looks familiar, that’s because I took the picture this arvo from my front verandah, so its the same as the Fun Monday pics from a couple of weeks ago.


22 Responses

  1. So did they venture across? And make it over safely?

  2. Oh my, that is a troubled bridge. I am rather afraid of bridges. If I had to cross this one, it would throw me into fits. I would still go across unless there was another way to get to the other side. Have many tires been punctured while crossing the bridge? Great title for your post

  3. We have a similarly scary bridge near our house. Some years back (long before we moved out here), the main bridge into town collapsed killing several people. I think a semi was at fault. I don’t know. I’ve got to get the straight story on this someday. While they were rebuilding the main bridge, people on this side of the river had to use the old bridge. I’ve only been over it a few times and it scared the buhjeezus out of me each time. It sure is pretty to look at, though.

    It doesn’t have such a pretty past if the stories I’ve heard are true. Let’s just say it has a colorful nickname that has to do with the KKK. Pretty chilling, but I find myself wanting to know more about that, too.

  4. Wow! Love it!!! 🙂 I find old bridges to be cool… ok.. I find a lot of old things to be cool! 🙂 Love to be out exploring over there…

  5. Such a tame safe post compared to yesterday. I’m heading over to Marnie’s to see what she has come up with for retaliation.

  6. I don’t know – this is the type of bridge which I would rather speed over with my eyes closed – assuming that the faster I flew by the seat of my pants, the quicker I’d get to the other safe side.

  7. hate bridges like that. For me it’s better not to look closely at the details, ignore them and just cross.

    we have an antique bridge leading into our small town. It isn’t pretty, and it crosses over a gulch with commuter train tracks, not water.

    After the earthquake in ’89 it was accessed (eventually) and declared unsafe. Last year they finally started building it’s replacement – and that entailed long months of midnight pile-driving. It’s scheduled to be done this fall, and will even sport a sidewalk for pedestrians… a huge improvement!

  8. how far would they drop?
    I didn’t realize they had to come so close to your house to load and travel.

    Must be kin to your bag of beef from a few days ago?

  9. Now I’m feeling guilty that I dread crossing the bridge to Arkansas Songbird’s house. It looks like an architectural wonder compared to this bridge.

    Those rivets must play hell on your tires!

    And I’m confused…I don’t speak Aussie….arvo?

  10. hmm ‘to cross or not to cross’ that is the question. I guess there isn’t a choice!

  11. I just wish I had that much space between my house and the road.

  12. Bridges like that terrify me. I’m scared for you. That’s one troubled bridge!

  13. I used to live by a bridge similar to that… fun stuff watchin the big guys go over it teee heee… so did they make it? or did they turn around LOL

  14. Just consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to try and make that bridge comply with the Americans with Disabities Act. And I’ll bet Ralph Nader would bring the noise over that bridge.

  15. I hope there’s pictures when one of these big rigs plummet through the bridge. Not that I wish anything bad because I like cows and love hamburgers even more. But what a picture that would make.

  16. Uh. I guess those trucks are what caused the damage?

  17. Your first sentence made me smile…:).

    Then I saw lots of splinters and winced at the thought of walking over it barefoot.


    Totally unrelated, but I read one of your comments over at Karmyn’s….SINCE Christmas??? WTHeck is up with that???? The black dog will beckon if you don’t take care of that before________ (crap, I was gonna say Independence Day, but since that’s an American holiday, it doesn’t fit… I don’t know what other one to mention, but I imagine you get the gist of the comment :/).

  18. They don’t have bridge inspectors in Australia? 😉

    My boys would have a blast doing stupid stunts on that bridge.

    Whatever happened to Carbuncle Frank? I miss him.

  19. Is that bridge the only way out? If not, do you have to cross it often?

    Those rivets are huge — must be hell on the tires!

  20. That’s what you need, a bridge inspector!

  21. Beccy – I think so, I didn’t hear any loud noises.

    MJD – I’m not sure about the tyres, all the locals drive very slowly.

    Jenni – Hmmm your bridge sounds like it was a popular place to hang out.

    Katie – There is some interesting exploring to be done around here.

    Nikki – I’m starting to get a bit nervous, she hasn’t said anything yet, so we can assume she’s planning her strike.

    Karmyn – You could speed over it but it would shake the crap out of you.

    Hayden – No bridge is safe in an earthquake, just ask the people on the Bay Bridge.

    Pamela – They’d drop about 15 feet. Yes they were kin, those trucks are going to the guy’s place that I got the beef from.

    Tiff – arvo = afternoon

    ChrisB – That the thing, there actually is a choice, but it adds a bit of distance. Plus this way they avoid the weigh station.

    Melissa – It is nice. Plus the road only really gets used by a few people anyway, and cattle trucks.

    Sabrina – Thanks, I’m scared for me too.

    Wolfbaby – They made it.

    Mark – That Act has been renamed the Presidential Act.

    Joy T. – I’ll see what I can do;)

    Jen – Yep they cause about 99% of it.

    Robin – Yeah, but right now is not a good time. And that would be the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

    Kila – Frank had some kind of problem with people finding him, he wrote a post sort of explaining it but I didn’t really get what he was talking about. I think Mary might know about it.

    TLG – There is another way, but this is the most commonly used. Yeah I hate those rivets.

    ToBear – How about a Fat Controller?

  22. dear willowtree. Aren’t I rude I didn’t comment on how clever you are to have a riveting post oh har har. I love Simon and Garfunkel.

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