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A couple of questions

I’ve completely ran out of ideas (that’s not strictly true, I’ve actually run out of motivation) for a brilliant new post. So instead I’ll just leave you with two questions, one rhetorical (but you can answer it if you like) and the other, more of a teaser.

This first question came about last night as a result of watching TV.
Do you think butterflies ever get tattoos of women’s butts?

This one has intrigued me for years.
How do you pronounce ghoti, and why?

UPDATED*** I’ve just been to Marnie’s blog and as a result, I’d like to share with her this picture of New York, and it’s proposed new skyline.



24 Responses

  1. I usually do not pronounce ghoti, but there is an answer given on Wikipedia. The article refers to the strangeness of the the English language. For example, the ti makes an sh sound like in nation. I am wondering if ghoti sounds differently when spoken with an Australian accent rather than a Hoosier (person from Indiana) accent. As far as the butterflies, we will have to conduct a survey of the insect population. Very funny WT…

  2. MJD – Et difinitely sounds duferrent ef a Kiwi suz ut.

  3. So I may be dumb but what is a ghoti?

    I would pronounce it goatee (as in the beard).

    Why would a beautiful butterfly get a tatoo of a female butt surely they’d choose something more aesthetically pleasing to them, maybe a caterpillars balls?

  4. This is one reason that if/when I get my tattoo, it will not be a butterfly on my backside. It’s just cliche. No rose on the hip or ankle either. If I were to get a butterfly tattoo, I don’t think it would really be a butterfly but a luna moth. I’ve always thought they’re more beautiful than most butterflies.

    I don’t know what ghoti is, so I would avoid saying it altogether. Although I hope to one day get my tattoo, I will never, ever have a goatee and probably not a ghoti either.

  5. go-tee, go – she.. someone has to go pee.

    lol.. sorry I was lapsing.. what was your question again?

    ohh no.. the answer’s no… butterflies would more than likely put ladybugs on their bums. 😉

  6. I’m giggling. This fight with Canada? You’re outmatched, I’m afraid. And why NYC? Is it located so that Marnie can see the skyline? I was thinking of a more Canadian landmark…

    As for ghoti…I must have Italian in me. I was thinking of pronouncing it like “Gotti.”

  7. Laughing @ beccy.

    So glad none of my tattoos are a tramp stamp. I hate those butterflies.

  8. This entire post is too Fishy for me.

  9. enidd smells something fishy too. must be cod butterflies.

  10. ya know, glancing at your awards column, i realize that one of those does not belong.

  11. If I were a butterfly, I’d stay well away from anything resembling a needle or pin!!

  12. Bwhahah! Nice try but Canada still wins.

  13. ghoti = fish

    gh = “f” sound in cough.

    o = “i” sound in women.

    ti = “sh” sound in motion.

    Now I’ll scroll up to see if anyone else got it…

  14. Okay, I’ve just come from Marnie’s…

    If you’re running out of material, just keep up this little duel with Marnie – it’s VERY entertaining.

  15. they might do a womans boobs but not her ass

    as for the other word..don’t have a clue.

    now for the duel… just to funny for words.. what’cha gonna do next i wonder?

  16. Now I wonder if Susan has been googling if not she’s pretty clever !!

  17. LOL! The tattoo question was great!

  18. I never understood the whole butterfly tatoo thing.

    If I got a tatoo it would be of something powerful, not a fragile and short-lived insect.

    Perhaps a female butterfly would get a tatoo of an exotic flower, to entice the males butterflies.

    Love the skyline, LOL. But not at Marnie.

  19. Kila, my big tattoo is of a dragon. I think it could eat a butterfly. Or maybe burn it with it’s fire breathing.

    Pete, I know you can do better than this. I have faith in your paint, er, photoshop skills. 😉

    Don’t let her off this easily. I’ve been writing about cancer all week, I’m counting on you.

  20. And of course, I mean counting on you for snarkishness.

  21. how do you pronounce:


    just a little more fun for your morning.

    No idea on the ghoti
    but I would go with the aw and e sound

    as for the tattoo. It would have to be a might big BUTTerfly.

  22. Well done Susan for explaining it, and also to Karmyn and Enidd who knew but didn’t spoil the fun. If you could call this fun.

  23. Thanks, WT and Marnie, you two are entertaining two continents. I am not sure that the New Yorkers would be flipping the bird to Marnie. We Americans love Canadians as we love Australians.

  24. Wow. I just don’t get it at all.

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