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I surrender.

I admit it, I’m out classed and out matched. I could probably could have sustained my campaign for a few more days if I was only fighting Marnie. But I’ve recently discovered that Miss Snark herself has been pulling the levers behind the scenes. So there’s just no way I can compete with that kind of onslaught…I give in…uncle…no mas.

You may think I’m making this up, but I’m not! A friend of mine who lives in Canafornia just sent me a poster they found at a comedy club recently, which proves without doubt that my suspicions are totally well-founded…


Now I know I could have got all crazy after Marnie’s outrageous photoshopping of me and my boyfriends, but you guys know that’s just not my style. Besides, why would I go to all the trouble of editing a photo to make her look silly when I could just use this one. And yes, those are rubber gloves she’s wearing.

Hey Melissa, I think you need to get out in the sun and get some colour!


17 Responses

  1. Sorry, ladies, but that is damn funny.

  2. Okay. I’m officially in love with you.

    Marnie, I need that picture in button size. To go next to my wild squirrel award.

  3. Okay, Pete – I have officially snorted Diet Pepsi through my nose, thanks to you.

    Well done

  4. I can’t get over how midget-esque Marnie looks. It’s seriously magical.

  5. Melissa – I know, it creeped me out while I was doing it!

  6. I’m glad I waited until midnight to look at this.
    Now I won’t ever go to sleep
    s.c.r.e.a.m look at Melissa’s hand. ha ha ha ha

    I can’t wait to see what one of them does with your bare bottom. I mean in photo-shop.

  7. OH MY WORD! Melissa has MAN HANDS! Depending on what she’s doin’ with the hand that’s out of sight (using Marnie as a ventriloquist doll???), NO WONDER Marnie looks like “that”.

    Tsk. Tsk.

    (And surrender my behind…you just upped the anti 😉 ).

  8. This is indeed very scary. Look at the frightened look on Marnie’s face let alone the ghoulish tone to Melissa. I would wager Marnie will not be frightened very long. Beware WT…beware.

  9. Thats just to much for real… *snort* .. ohh what’s marnie going to do next huh?… this is sooooo going to be entertaining to watch!!



    I don’t know, WT – this one is hard to beat!


    Boy, oh boy, this post just made my day…

  11. Peter, you should know better than to mess with Canafornia.

  12. uhoh…I think you’re in for it WT

  13. laughing… too funny and twisty! 🙂

  14. That lesbian-lover thing looks kinda creepy – and painful for Marnilicious.

    However, I think Canafornia may have you beat!

  15. Hey Dingo Man. I think you have been owned.

  16. Oh my Got. That is the scariest, most awesome thing I’ve seen all week.

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