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It’s too late to say sorry.

Marnie hurt me deeply by posting private pictures of me and Bubba on her blog. The way she made it look, she turned an innocent tick inspection into something that almost looks pornographic.

I must say I’m shocked and offended by her actions, in fact so much so that I’m tearing up the photos she sent me recently of some of her dates. But before I do, I’ll just post them here for old times sake…

This is Butch. (before Kobe).

Marnie! Put that tongue away.

Here she is with Melissa.
Melissa seems interested don’t you think?

And this is her big date with K-fed.
I knew he’d get into her pants one day.

And finally, at the beach.

I’m not certain, but think Marnie is on the left.


18 Responses

  1. whooooooooo boy.

  2. Gee, I didn’t realise K Fed was so short.

  3. I looked so good that weekend.

  4. I saw this the first time around…before these apparent revisions. Know what? I was thinkin’ her “pants” picture would be a good one to use…

    I can’t imagine our minds ever thinkin’ alike!!! 😉

  5. lol you do keep us entertained!!

  6. HA!!!!!!! I’m lovin’ this Willowtree/Marnie war. Good laughs.

  7. ohh my goodness… i laughed so hard I snorted.. ya’ll are to much for real. to funny!!

  8. Well…I’d say you got her back, just by saying she’d ACCEPT a date offer from K-Fed.

  9. Well thank you very much for ruining a perfectly good song! I’ll never think of Brad Paisley’s “Ticks” the same way again. It was such a romantic song before you put that lovely picture in my head. Now I’ll have to change my ringtone for Danny’s calls.

    Of course no offense if you still consider the song–and picture–romantic, that’s no judgement on you, just my personal preference. Just don’t give too many details about goin’ hillbilly deluxe with Bubba, ‘kay?

  10. Remind me never to post that many useable photos of myself on the ‘net, lest I enter a war with you or Marnie.

    I’m surprised she didn’t show off your tattooed genitals!

  11. I asked it before and I didn’t get an answer. You should be able to answer the question Stephanie and Kila posted on my blog – are there bugs in bubba’s bush?

  12. LOL! The KFed picture is FUNNY!

  13. hee hee – like Robin – I got to see the “bloglines version” before these revisions. I am enjoying these every minute….oh yeah, and remind me NEVER to piss either you or Marnie off!

  14. I’m just diggin the umbrellas in Marnie’s hair.

    Priceless post. LMAO

  15. A tick inspection? With what, his tongue? He was too close to see them.

    Your photo on May 19th is my favorite of them all.

  16. HAHAHAHAHAAA! You’re at the top of your form, WT!

    And a great big ditto to what Karmyn said 😉

  17. He, he…but really Willowtree, nobody wants K Fed in or out of their pants. Do they?

  18. Damn. I guess that means I missed “blog everyone else”. Looks like it was wild though.

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