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A Bobby update.

Those who are very new to the Dingo may not have been around when Bobby came to stay, here’s a brief recap. Anyway, Bobby left the building after staying on an off for several weeks. You may also recall that there was a Beagle with him, but I couldn’t get her to come to me and she just disappeared. Bobby was a really great dogs and I just hoped that he found his way back home.

So now for the update: After going to several properties close by, I never did establish where he came from, and I just hoped he was alright. The Sunday before last, I was getting the Sunday paper and a guy came up to me and asked me if my beagle was a boy or a girl, to which I answered "neither, but it was a boy once". He then went on to tell me that he had a beagle himself and that it just had pups, but he would like to put a begle over it so that he could get purebred puppies to sell (he was a nice guy, but there was a strain of banjo music that seem to follow him around).

I asked him what kind of pups they were, and he told me that they were cross Border Collie and Beagle (I already knew the beagle bit). In theory that should make a pretty good dog, as the Border Collie will give them some sense. I was at home watching TV when I had a Eureka moment…"I wonder if Bobby was the father? After all, he was running around with a beagle!" So there you have it folks, mystery solved, Bobby’s real name is Laddie and this is Belle, the newest of the Willowtree family…..



We’ve got an appointment with the Vet tomorrow at 9:30, as she’s in a pretty bad way. As I said, the people are nice but they’re hillbillies.


27 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree. NO WAY. Not another terribly cute animal for you to post photos of. It’s just not fair. I really do hope she’s alright though. She’s SOOOO CUTE! Must be cause she’s a girl.

  2. I’m officially in love! Belle is ADORABLE!

    And that banjo music that follows that guy around line made coffee shoot out my nose. Gotta stop sipping my java when reading your blog(!).

  3. Aww, that is one fabulously cute puppy. Bring slow on the uptake, I had to go back and read the banjo comment…sheesh funny

  4. Stinkin’ adorable.

    Rachel got an Australian Shepherd pup for her 13th birthday; we named her Bella because she was the single-most BEAUTIFUL puppy we had EVER seen!!!!!

    She died less than a week after we got her. Parvo. I cried the hardest.

    And I just remembered, that was less than a month before I started blogging and I actually journaled about it and thought about making an early blog entry out of it. Never did.

    Geesh….saddest comment evah!

  5. Belle is just the cutest. I hope the vet visit goes ok and Belle is back in full health soon.

  6. Oh that is a happy story and I’M STEALING YOUR DOGS. The cuteness is damn near unfair.

  7. Awww! What a sweetie. Why can’t they stay little like that anyway?

    Ya know I actually *heard* the banjo music as I was reading your post. I thought, “Man, either WT is a really great writer or I’ve got a great imagination!” Then I realized I actually was hearing real banjo music.

  8. Oh that face! I totally just melted.

  9. Holy crap is that a cute puppy. I hope she is okay. You collect animals like I collect shoes.

  10. SOOO sweet it’s making me yearn for another dog but I expect I will get over it by the end of next week (I’m looking after a dalmation then).

  11. Beautiful baby!!!! 🙂

  12. Ahhhh, too cute. I want a doggy.

    Banjo music – that’s funny!

  13. It’s official. You are the Crazy Dog/Cat Guy.

    Belle is SO CUTE! Those eyes… begging for cookies and scratches behind the ear.

  14. I LOVE HER! But since she is in a bad way, you absolutely must send her to a special vet here in Texas so she can fully recover. I can suggest one that is good. And even can offer some boarding facilities for free. Wow! Hugs to Belle!

  15. You unarguably have the corner on adorable pet photos. Congratulations on your domination of that arena and on the new pup. I bow to your greatness.

  16. Oh my word!! She’s adorable! Precious! I almost want her for myself!

    But I wouldn’t want to break up your perfect little posse – 3 dogs, 3 cats – nice and balanced 🙂

  17. Oh. My. God! Cute puppy eyes, even for a hillbilly puppy. Is that a bit of hillbilly she’s trying to scratch off? You’ll get Belle all cleaned up and she’ll be the Belle of the ball then. Get it? K that was bad. But she’s a cutey. Congrats!

  18. OH – Belle is SOOO CUTE!!! (that was my high pitched girly squeal)

    You’ve hit new cuteness levels with this post. Welcome, Belle!!!

  19. Awww, she’s darling! You’ve got some sleepless nights ahead of you!

  20. oooh, she is sooo cute!!

  21. She’s beautiful. There’s nothing finer than a puppy. Except when they figure out where to go to the bathroom.

  22. absolutely adorable! what a little sweetie Belle is!

  23. what was wrong with the pup?? fleas? ear mites? ???

    You can’t resist those fuzzy lil faces… I’m sort of jealous. NOT that I don’t have a fuzzy little face, but that I can’t bring home every sweet cuddly puppy or kitty I want. You are lucky, blessed, or whatever term you prefer to use… that you can enjoy your penchant for animals. I guess you get to enjoy them for me, too.

  24. Aww she is so cute!!!!!

  25. Belle is adorable! I love her name.

    Yea, I agree with Marnie. You are probably the crazy cat/dog man that the people of WT talk about. 🙂

  26. Oh Bobby! Well if his offspring isn’t the cutest thing! I want one. Keep us posted.

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