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Free samples..

Hey, look what they gave me at the Vet’s….


There was no photoshopping done here whatsoever, those are actually the colour of his eyes. He’s about five weeks old and was brought in by the ranger to be euthanased, but the vets asked me to take him (they know me). He’s so small he fits into the palm of my hand.


So Ferroll, looks like Africa is safe from kidnap for the time being.

Ok, I know everyone is saying "Are you crazy? You’ve already got too many damn pets!" Let me just say that I agree with you 100%. But…because Belle is so young, no-one wants to have anything to do with her (except me of course). Now she has a beau, which incidentally is what I’ve decided to call him…


So there ya go, Belle and Beau…


There is actually a method to my madness, now that I’ve had Beep up her for about 6 weeks, I know her personality pretty well. She is a solitary cat, and is happy to be curled up in her basket or in the sun all day. She still comes over for affection, but now that’s she’s feeling secure, it’s nowhere near as much as when she first got here. All of which makes her a perfect candidate for her original purpose i.e. to be MDW’s companion.

So I’ll be putting the moves on MDW when she comes up here in two weeks and try to get her to take Beep back with her. (I expect I’ll fail, but I’ll try anyway)


22 Responses

  1. TOOOO precious! They are both absolutely adorable.

    You really do have a lot of pets – what is your litter box count up to?

    And do you do that “Dog Whisperer” stuff?

  2. I must warn you now. If I come to visit and Belle goes missing – don’t come to my house looking for her. It wasn’t me.

    Fab photos! It’s time to get a new kitten (I’m still pining for our beloved cat we lost last year and no I’m not a crazy cat lady — he chose us and he was uber cool).

  3. LOL! I was wondering what the “B” name would be! If you do convince MDW to take Beep, then you’ll have an even number of each, right?

    I expect Beau’s eyes will change color -or at least start to- in a few more weeks. It’s always sad when kittens lose their blue eyes!

    Looks like you guys are having fun!

  4. oOOOhhh! I want it!

  5. Tiff – I only need one litter box, all the adult cats go outside.

    Jen – Yes, it will be 3 of each, in three pairs: Bentley/Buddy, Buzz/Booey and Belle/Beau.
    Funny you say that about the eyes, the girl at the vet’s said “Look how beautiful his eyes are”, and I replied “yeah, for a few weeks at least”.

  6. ahhh adorable…

    your such a sucker for a pair of pretty eyes;)

  7. who could say no to those oh-so-cute faces? (we know wt can’t!)
    belle looks just like my cat, who now lives with my parents and hates be because i abandoned him there even though he gets as much attn as he wants, the spoiled guy.

  8. that should be “hates me”

  9. Dear willowtree. Ahhh. You now have a pet nursery.

  10. my cat still has blue eyes.. and she is 9 – I guess

    My understanding is that most all black cats have siamese in them, which accounts for the gorgeous eyes.

    those lucky dogs and cats.
    I didn’t realize beau was so small. He is tiny.

  11. I think it is time to change your blog name again.

    How do you like:

    The B-Attitudes.

    (Blessed are the puppies and kitties… for theirs is the kingdom of oz.)

  12. Pamela – It would be terrific if his eyes stayed blue, but I don’t think they will. And yes, he’s tiny, I have fairly small hands and he fits in my palm. He’s a great little guy.

  13. Love the names (and pamela’s comment); they look pretty cute together.

  14. You are such a soft hearted sucker. I would have taken the kitten too if they said they were going to euthanase the poor kitty.

  15. Yes, you are crazy… but I’ve been saying that for a long, long, lonnnnnng time.

  16. Aww, they are so damn cute. My boys would go crazy over them.

    Great names 🙂

    I love Pamela’s blog name idea, even if it is Biblical 😉

    Maybe I misunderstood, but do you think Bobby is Belle’s daddy?

  17. What an adorable kitten! I was raised with black cats…I think your new additions are just charming! I would snap up Belle and Beau in a heartbeat!

    Fortunately, for my pocket book.. I’m still 3 horses and 3 dogs. Although I am thinking of breeding my mare by and by.

  18. Kila – You didn’t misunderstand, Bobby (Laddie) is the father. Both dogs are owned by the same hillbillies. In fact I had quite the reunion with Bobby.
    And you may recall I thought that he had been on the road for a while because of how skinny he was(still is), well it was/is just poor animal care. I’m not posting the bad pics of Belle.

  19. Clearly you will stop at NOTHING just to get a few people to comment to your blog. Sheesh…the nerve!

    I need to go to the pound….

  20. Well, thank goodness Africa has been spared from your nefarious plans. I had Jasper on extra vigilant guard duty while I was at school. He was prepared to attack your ankles with no mercy. Beau and Belle are both adorable!

  21. You are the sweetest man alive for rescuing yet another needy pet. Hugs!!!

  22. My mom had a black cat named?… Bob! Obviously a long lost “B” cousin to Beau.

    Cute cute cute, he is.

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