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My kind of football

It occurred to me recently that most of my readers aren’t from around here, and consequently may not be familiar with my kind of football. Oh wow, look at everyone saying "yeah, yeah we know all about your football", but you’re probably mistaken.

Maybe you’re thinking of this…


which is occasionally followed by this…


The first picture is a Scrum and the second picture is the celebration after scoring a Try. Both pictures are of Rugby League.

Or  you could be thinking of Rugby Union, where there’s a lot of this…


and even more of this…


The first picture is a Lineout and the second one is a Maul.

There are similarities between the two codes, both are a combination of Greco-Roman wrestling, Piggy in the middle and street fighting, and both are boring in the extreme. The most significant difference is that the belligerent, brain-dead buffoons in Rugby Union generally have University degrees, whereas the belligerent, brain-dead buffoons in Rugby League have criminal records. If you look closely at the photo of the Lineout, you’ll notice that the guy up in the air has actually been lifted up there by his team mates, using something similar to a reverse atomic wedgie.

All this is in stark contrast to the next series of photos. This sport used to be called  Australian Rules Football, but is now the Australian Football League (AFL), as it’s the only truly national code. In these pix, all of the guys have got in the air under their own steam, which makes for some thrilling footie…



Yes, you’re allowed to use the other guy to get up there, but coming down can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes…


They land on their heads more often than is good for them. So why do they do it? (aside from it being quite spectacular), if you catch it from a kick it’s called a Mark, and that means that you get a free kick where no-one can tackle you (like this guy is about to do)…


The guy in the red and white is on my team the Sydney Swans. Go Adam! So there you have it. If you are interested at all, and have the time, this is a very good link to explain the game.


20 Responses

  1. I’m not much into sports, but footie rocks!

  2. Aussie Rules looks like “Aussie No Rules” to me.

  3. That rugby or foot ball make out foot ball here in the states look tame in comparison.

  4. Dear willowtree. You know. When I was travelling back to Oz in March, I was sitting between a northern Irish girl, and a southern (Shannon) Irish old fella with two teeth and stinky breath. And… our video screens didn’t work. So we were chatting to each other for about 13 hours (me in the middle with both of them, each whispering to me at some point, “I just can’t understand that northern / southern accent”. Like me, as an Aussie, could do any better.)

    Then the old fella pops out with – “You know, I know a boy who lives in Sydney. He plays the Australian version of gaelic football. Recently his team won a big competition. He comes from my village and we watched the winning match with his parents and when he came home, we had a big party for him.” He was talking about Tadhg Kenelly. It was funny.

  5. Gorilla – Ah, but that’s the beauty of it. Besides, Union has more than enough rules for both of us. How else do you explain a scoreline of 38 to 28 without a try being scored?

    LMM – Q. How can you tell if an Irishman is bullshitting you? A. His lips are moving.

    I don’t know where stinky breath was on the 24th Sept 2005, but Tadhg Kenelly’s parents were at the MCG watching Sydney beat West Coast in the AFL Grand Final. (if he was there I would have thought he might have mentioned it)

    I guess the acid test as to whether he really knew them or not would be if he mentioned how lucky it was that his dad got to see him play, as Tadhg’s father (himself selected All Irish numerous times), died just 3 months after the Grand Final.

  6. About the ONLY thing that interests me in football are the tight ‘ends’ and the six pack abs.

  7. ah, you forgot to represent the kind of football where they wear big helmets and get paid trillions of dollars and when they’re not on the field the athletes are getting in serious trouble with the law, usually involving drugs, alcohol or spousal abuse.

  8. Definitely different! 🙂

  9. you aussies are a tough bunch. Talk about walking over someone! hahah!! And you have Target down there?? I didn’t know.

  10. The good thing about aerial ping pong (Aussie Rules) you didn’t mention is the tight shorts. Mmm!

    Actually, I quite like Aussie Rules, and watched the last 2 finals at a sports bar near my place.

  11. I’m going to be slaughtered for saying I have no interest in any kind of footie but I know embee watches some Aussie matches on one of the TV sports channels. They do look incredibly ‘fit’ though!!

  12. These sports are SO much more interesting than what we have over here. . .I miss watching Ireland’s rugby team already. Makes me almost want to get cable to try to get some decent sports channels. . .Very informative post!

  13. amazing photos. I had no idea. Interesting.

  14. My ex bosses son played rugby.. and I think it addled his brain. He said really weird stuff to me when he’d stop in the office. After a Berkely education and a few years as a stock broker and a lot of rugby, he went to work in a call center that answered customer calls for Qwest and MSN computer lines.

  15. Interesting. I did read your link.

    Do you think it’s more or less violent than American football? DH says the reason guys like football is because it’s “controlled violence”.

  16. Kila – The first two codes are similar to American Football, except without all the armour, in fact American Football evolved from Rugby Union. The third one (AFL), while being aggressive is not very violent as the penalties (financial) are very severe, however it does take a toll on the body as it’s very physically demanding.

  17. Dude, if I was in Oz I would SO be a fan!! As I’m here in Texas, my attention is full with our Astros (*sigh*) doing their usual lull for the first half of the season and our Dynamo (*sigh*) not living up to the talent on the roster.

    Hmmm…If this keeps up, I’m totally going to start downloading Aussie footie!!

  18. That looks painful. They should wear more clothes. The very idea of rug burns, turf rash, etc… is making me uncomfortable.

  19. Some station here in Toronto used to run Australian Rules Football games every Saturday and I’d be glued (and laughing). Now, *that’s* football! Not that wussy American style where the players are encased in bubblewrap, yet there’s absolutely no action whatsoever. I miss that game.

  20. Good post WT, very informative for strangers to the game if they went to the link.

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