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Gratuitous Pet pics Pt 276

I’ve got a heap of pics and a few videos (that I’m trying to figure out how to upload) so here’s a couple to whet you appetites.


This photo looks static, but Belle is actually dragging Beau across the floor.


Belle doesn’t always look like Eyore when she’s eating.


16 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree.

    [Insert gratuitous pet pic comment number 276 here].

    What can I say. I’m speechless.

  2. I’m officially suckered by the cuteness factor.

  3. Too cute for words!

  4. Hmmm…

    Although I could never engage in the porn wars that have consumed you and Marnie (since I blog for a newspaper), I may challenge you to a cuteness contest: your adoreable fuzzy babies against my almost walking baby girl!

    Nahh! Why bother? Let’s just bask in the cuteness all around!

  5. Love the pictures keep them coming.

  6. “I’m trying to figure out how to upload?” I don’t believe that at all – a computer savy chap like can’t make excuses like that. You’re just holding out on us. Come on, WT. Nice pictures too.

  7. Oh my. So cute. Makes me want to post some of my own. Guess I’ll have to wait until my boys wake up to take some more pictures. . .

  8. Stephanie….a cuteness war, you may have something there

  9. i LOVE seeing puppies and kittens growing up together. which hasn’t been quite enough to make me get a kitten.

  10. Yeah, okay “upload problems” – nice try. I’m going to need a video of Belle dragging Beau around the floor.

  11. I wish I could come babysit them!
    I thought Beau was the dog and Belle the cat, but now I see it’s reverse. Oops. I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate my gender swap.

  12. Wild times at your place! Cute!

  13. I’m hooked on coming over here and seeing these two. Well you too of course. But them more :o)

  14. Thanks for the adorable baby fix.

  15. you probably are tooo close to see … but I can tell how much beau has grown since you got him. Unbelievable!!

  16. Mark and Melissa – It’s true. I only got broadband yesterday so I’ve never uploaded before.

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