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A collage

Flushed with my recent Youtube success, here’s a little teaser. What do you think is going on here?

The answer will be revealed tomorrow, but you can have a guess if you like.

Now, on to more impotent issues (no, that’s not a typo), seems news of my erectile dysfunction has reached the Internet, and over the past couple of days I have received numerous offers of help. While I know most of you are ladies, a lot of you do have husbands (and one Canadian has a Daktokan toyboy) so I’m posting these as a public service to you all. The tittles of the emails are in boldface. I’m not including any of the links but if you want them just let me know. No corrections have been made to the spelling.

Wanna Have Harder E-rection?:
Introducing E-rectiion Pills "Vigramax" which guarantees long lasting pleasures and cure premature ejaculation. Safe to take without any side-effect. Satisfaction guuaranteeess…or your money back without question ask.
I get the distinct impression that the author either has English as a second language, or they ditched a lot of classes.

If you don’t know how to allure the women – Penis Enlarge Patch knows.
With Penis Enlarge Patch you will never have problems with your tool of love.
Ah yes, my tool of love…I sure have a love of my tool.

Does 8 incches Enough 4 U?:
The Only Clinically Tested Penis N-largement Pills that works..
– add 1-4 inches to your peniis
– 20% thicker
– 5x more enjoyable orgasm
– or your monneyy back without question ask!
Join miilliions of delighted users which has been benefited with "ManXL".
Now you’re talking, not only can I add 4 inches to the ole love tool, I can make it 20% thicker too! Not to mention the exponentially more enjoyable orgasms. Sign me up to be an Xtra Large Man.

Multiple The Sexual PLeasure:
Here’s latest "ManXL" formula has been proven to add inches to the sizes while multiplying
orgasms like never had before. Our products is light years ahead of our competitors which has millions of happy users. Check us out..You won’t regret.
Hey I told you I was sold, but seeing as you’ve added multiple orgasms to the offer, send me two boxes of these as well please.

Does  Ur Cock Hard Enough?
"Vigramax" is better than Pfizer Viiagrra because:
– Guaaraantees last 3x erection than Viaggra
– Safe to take, no side effects at all
– Boost and increase se-xual performance
– Haarder e-rectiions and quick recharge
– Proven and certified by experts and doctors
– only $0.94 per tabs
What kind of a dumb question is that? If my cock doesn’t long enough, it certainly doesn’t hard enough either. But hey, quick recharge at only a dollar a pill (you could almost say that’s a buck a fuck), sure I’ll have some of those too.

Why Pay More?:
Why pay more for originals when replikas are  look 99.9% alike?
Highest quality of replikas assured which can’t differentiate the difference with originals.
And available at 95% original prices. Try us out today..
Wait a minute, are we talking sex pills or watches here? I don’t know about this one, how can I be sure to get longer, thicker, harder woodies and still be able to fire off orgasms like a machine gun if I buy replikas of fake Viagra.

Update: I was proofreading this after I posted it and suddenly realised what it actually said. I can buy a fake watch at 5% discount off the price of the original article. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Latest in Market:
Scientist revealed that "Vigramax" known to:
– cure premature ejectulation
– increase sensation during orgasm
– 5x long-lasting erections
– increase sexual stamina.
Even if you dont have impotence, Vigramax will  greatly increase your sexual performance.
I almost signed up for this too, because that damn premature ejectulation thing is a real pain, but then I though,"hey, if I can now have tons of orgasms, why do I need to worry about premature ejaculation?" Specially since I’ve also got the quick recharge pill.


25 Responses

  1. Lemme guess:

    He’s trying to tell you to COME look at the two new additions who are wreaking havoc in another room?

    Dude, sorry you lost your mojo. Hopefully one of those links will sort you out. Quick like.


  2. its Bentley’s favorite show coming on?

    Hey.. let us know if the Viagramax is all that.

  3. I know. You asked Bentley, “Does ur cock hard enough?” And he ran off in shame. At your grammar.

  4. uh….well…gee…

    Your email needs to be bleached!

    I cannot believe this stuff gets circulated. No, that’s not true, I believe it’s circulated, but does ANYONE buy it in response????!!!!

    Bentley’s running far, far away…I don’t blame him!

  5. Hmm, time for a ride in the car.

    After reading your informative e-mails, makes me sorry that I have hastily deleted all of my spam messages.

    He, he… “Buck a Fuck,” WT you never cease to make me laugh.

  6. A few of you have intimated that Bentley is trying to tell me something, are you freaking crazy! This is a beagle, not Lassie. If I was trapped down a well, he would just sit there licking where his balls used to be until someone showed up.

    Daddy D – I’m glad you appreciated that, I have to confess, I actually laughed when I wrote it.

  7. My guess is that you’ve just jiggled the dog’s leash signaling him that it’s time for a walk. That or you opened his food.

    About those emails…

    I get them as well and I don’t even have a penis.

  8. I’m a guessing that once all of your packages arrive we won’t be hearing from you for a bit. 🙂 Be sure not break anything. lol

  9. Don’t all those little claws in your house scratch up the wooden floors?

    Food would make a dog take off that fast. Did he hear or smell food? Did you open the refrigerator door, or rustle a bag? Or squeeze a tube of something? 😉

    Good luck with those pills.

  10. SO … Bentley is not trying to get you to follow him to save the tube cake make from meringue.

    okay. Next answer:
    Bentley heard you say “bath” and he’s running for his life.

    Bentley heard the can opener so he knows it’s din din.


  11. damn your house is clean.
    Is that a side effect of the vigramax?

  12. I think somebody’s leg was getting humped in the other room.

    (hi willow!!)

    I got a great spam email from a woman asking me if I wanted to maximize my multiple orgasmic experience. I called that woman that very second and gave her my credit card number!! ha ha

  13. I reckon Bentley just realised wot effect those little blue pills have had on you.

  14. Well, it sounded to me like Bentley was playing pin ball in the other room once he got there, but he seemed oh-so-anxious to get there, so I’m guessing it was a lot more anxious than pin ball.

    Heeyy!! You did some sort of Pavlovian number on that poor fuzzy baby and gave him some of that scary new medicine of yours and then trained him to ring a bell every time he…ya know.

    Didn’t you??!! You’re a mean one, WT!

  15. I want your wooden floors. So. so. much.

  16. I can’t WAIT to see the google hits for this post!!! I suspect you are going to get A TON of traffic your way – maybe not the kind of traffic you were looking for, but still TONS of traffic!

  17. Oh – and its quite obvious – Bentley is rather camera shy.

  18. “and one Canadian has a Daktokan toyboy”

    What the HELL? This is my standard response…

    “Isn’t it possible that two bloggers of the opposite sex hang out and just be friends?”

    Sheesh. You people have overactive imaginations.

  19. Oh please, Marnie. We all know you never have good intentions. 😉

  20. Yeah Marnie, what Melissa said!

  21. You. Guys. Suck.

    Commencing 30 minute silent treatment NOW.

  22. He’s comming to tell you it’s dinner time…

  23. You love us. And we know it.

  24. I knew there was a reason I read odd stuff in the news. It is for you. Chilean Black Widow spiders are now being researched – seems a side-effect of being bitten (if you’re male and don’t die) is side-effects that include long-lasting erections and an ongoing increase in pleasure. NY times. look it up. Spider love.

  25. Hey WT, late response so I won’t enter the Bentley thing but when are you gonna publish the clinical reports on all those sex pills you’re using?

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