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Yet another award

Rhino_002_2 Yesterday I received this in the mail. Hmm, I wonder what it could be? Surely it can’t be my replika Viagra I only placed the order this morning. Maybe it’s that replika Marnie doll I ordered some time ago, yeah that’s most likely it.
So I flipped it over (getting in some practice for the doll) and saw a customs declaration stating it was 1 plastic trophy. WTF? I know a pretty young bride is sometimes referred to as a trophy bride, but this seems a bit of excess hyperbole for a blow up doll!

There’s only one way to solve this mystery, open the fucking package you dimwit! So I unwrapped it and here’s what I found….


That’s some purty box you got there…Yep sure is! And it looks like it’s tied up with tobacco pipe floss, the furries will love that. But what’s inside for gosh sakes!!! Ok here goes…


Well if that don’t beat all! Mindy sent me an actual 3D award. This is a real unique handmade trophy, now all I have to do is figure out how to
unglue the lid of the shaker box she used for the base and I’ll have
somewhere to keep my stash.

But you know me, I like my sidebar bling, so if you look over to the right you should see my new award….Thanks Min.


21 Responses

  1. And NO ONE is more deserving than you, my friend!! Hee!!

    Oh, did I ever tell you I tagged you at Mama Drama? ‘Cause I did. But I don’t blame you for totally ignoring it. ‘Cause I’m sorta tired of memes, myself!

  2. Short, fat and horny. I freaking love it.

  3. Where does Min get this stuff??

    Yeah…you and your sidebar bling…you always DO manage to add your little touch to it! 🙂

  4. I love it!!!!! Min’s the best.

  5. egads…. the box was beautiful, too.

    congratulations W.T.

    Thou art Worthy.

  6. Does the plate on the award actually say “for correctly guessing Min’s tattoo”? It’s a little hard to read the left side. Next question: Does Min’s tattoo say “short, fat, and horny” underneath it? Min sounds interesting! What a great award!

  7. ohhh Congratulations!!! 🙂

  8. Wow! She didn’t even tell me! What a perfect award! Congrats on yiour new family members (the living ones) too!

  9. Willowtree, I get the impression that you are neither fat nor short. As for the other…well, let’s wait for the Viagra.
    Sorry the pkg didn’t turn out to be some type of sex-in-a-box, but I guess a gold Rhino is the next best thing.

  10. Aww! That was nice of Min!

    I like the box, too!

  11. LOL, a rhino would be a perfect award for being short, fat, and horny. Only a guy could come up with that.

  12. Forget the Viagra or Viramax or whateverthehellothermeds – you’ve got a RHINO now. Chop a bit of it’s horn off – grind it up and consume it —– you’ll get your horn back on.

    I’m especially diggin the blue accents on the Rhino.

  13. That is a very special award. That Mindy is quite the girl, and gosh Willowtree you must be quite the guy.

  14. Looks somewhat familiar….hmmm.

  15. I think what Min means when she says she gets the feeling you’re neither fat nor short is … video post starring Willowtree. Yes, that’s clearly what she means.

  16. The rhino award is just about the coolest ever. Absolutely hilarious!

  17. Kila – Yes, the plaque actually says ‘for correctly guessing Min’s tattoo’.

    Jenny – Are you saying that you love short fat and horny guys? ’cause if you do….

    Marnie – yeah sure.

    Melissa – nice try.

    Min has obviously made this, an I’m totally impressed, not only with the quality of the finished product, but that she had time to do it while being a single mom with teenage kids and a blogging habit!

  18. Hmm, well deserved I am sure. I mean, you’ve had to work hard at being short fat and horny.

  19. To funny for words;)..

    congrats on another award!!

  20. As you were my first comment(and second) I wanted to stop by and say thanks! Little did I know what I was stepping into! Congrats on the award! The discription sounds like my Pugsley!!

  21. Why get Viagra when you Rhino horn?? *LOL*

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