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So where was Bentley going?

So here we go, the solution to yesterday’s riveting mystery. In yesterday’s video you can hear some jingling in the background, that’s Bentley’s name tag. What I’m about to show you happens fairly regularly unless I remember to close the door. What he likes to do is run from one end of the house to the other continuously until he gets tired (he does the same thing at both houses, but the other one is almost twice as big so he doesn’t get in as many laps), or unless he gets distracted. Anyway, see for yourself…

Now you see why I’m not sad at the prospect of my cute little puppy growing up and not being silly. If you have a Beagle, you always have a puppy. Oh, do you like the way he wiped his jowls on my sheets? (I had made the bed incidentally), lucky I sleep near the window (on the other side of the bed) or it might have been a bit moist. Just kidding, I washed the sheets.


25 Responses

  1. Um, are those clouds on your sheets?

  2. Heather – Yep.

  3. LOL you know my dogs would do the same thing if they had half a chance. they think they own the house. And the kids and everything else.. turkeys.

  4. Ah, I was wondering what the jingling sound was.

    How old is Bentley?

    Thanks to him, you probably have very clean sheets due to frequent washings.

    Do your floors get scratched up from the pets’ claws?

    I had cloud bedding once. I liked it. DH didn’t.

    My boys request more kitty videos, please.

  5. my old video camera died in the closet at Amanda’s house.

    My digital camera has an option for short movie… and I did it accidently once but I need to learn how to do in on purpose.

    dog slobber
    …. hmmm. I miss my dog.
    he makes your dogs slobber look insignificant by comparisonh

  6. Holy christ that is a funny video! I love the “fight”.

    I don’t let the animals in my room so nobody does that in my house. More please.

  7. It never fails does it? They always do something like that just after we’ve cleaned or after they’ve been bathed or whatever…

    I still can’t figure out why I keep absently handing Leo the junk mail to shred just after I’ve vacuumed… maybe that’s why he’s taken to eating it all…

  8. Kila – Bentley and Buddy are both going on 6 years old. The floors don’t seem to get too scratched up, I did worry about it at first but it’s OK. Stay tuned for a kitty video…

    Pamela – Bentley can be a bit moist on a his day.

    Melissa – If I didn’t need them for company, I’d probably keep them out too.

    Jen – We had a cat that used to shred newspapers, we called it ‘reading the papers’. I’ve got pictures somewhere.

  9. I’m just hankering for a Beagle now….(and a new kitty)!

  10. Jo’s Aussie, Bear, is ten years old, and he still acts like a puppy. He throws his bowl around in the kennel and jumps at squirrels and tries to play basketball and soccer with the kids. Sometimes he seems like an old man and I wonder how much longer he’s got, but then he does these crazy things and I think he’s got a good while left.

    Josh’s goat, Sheba, tries to bully Bear, but he shows her who’s boss. It’s kinda funny to watch them establish and maintain pecking order. Na’s dog Hamish, a Westie, bosses everyone, but Bear’s really in charge. Sheba scares the hell out of Caleb’s dog Bo. She’s a pygmy goat and he’s a bloodhound, so that’s hilarious to watch.

  11. Hee-hee!!! And that’s reason 242 why I want Bentley to come live with me!!

    Athough I think it’s hysterical that Buddy just looked at him like, “I have no idea what you’re implying. What do you mean? Why is your tail in the air? Whatever. I’ll share the bed, but you’re not getting any pillows.”

  12. I’d be more worried about the other ones ass on my pillow then the jowl wiping.

  13. Poor Buddy – just minding his own business trying to sleep in the sheets when he is attacked by Bentley, who has more energy then he can handle. It’s a good thing you have a new puppy – in a few months, he can entertain Bentley….Buddy, then, can get the sleep he deserves.

  14. FINALLY! I hadn’t been able to see any of your videos until today, and I have no idea why. Miraculously this morning all of them appeared and I got to catch up. Way fun. More.

  15. Ah, that’s cute. I like the “talk.” I bet he’s teasing Buddy…”come on! You can’t get me! Come on! What are ya? Chicken?? Ohhh, these sheets are niiice…”

  16. I agree with the ass on the pillow comment, but that is just me. I like the clouds. Oh, the dogs are cute too!

  17. Puppy bum pillows and slobbery sheets LOL Love how they play together. I’m surprised no one gets hurt. Can’t wait for the kitty video!

  18. The remind me of some couple on TV but I can’t place it…

    Gosh, I wish I had Bentley’s energy!

  19. Hi WT, good to hear you have been let into the??? 19th century is it?? I’ll promote you to the Aussie section of the blogroll and put you on bloglines so I can keep up with you

  20. This has reminded me we took in a Beagle that was picked up on the street and no one claimed. I got the vet to check and paid for all the injections and then someone claimed it was their dog and do you know to this day I’m not convinced theguy was genuine owner as the dog didn’t seem to show the level of recognition I would have expected. The videos are great and it’s nice to know whose in charge in your house; I’m sure they will appreciate the clean sheets!!

  21. Sorry for hitting on your blog so many times. It’s my techno challenged self trying to link you to my blog. I forgot to take out the extra http and couldn’t figure that out! sheesh. Thanks for your kind words when I left, but I’m back baby! Plan on having me on your site for a few days so I can finish reading who the hell you are. So far, so fun. ~R

  22. lol.. your puppies are just too darn cute Peter! Loved seeing them play!

  23. Love the clouds on your sheets…evidently, so do your dogs. I kept waiting for him to drag his bu++ across them. Also, impressed that others let their dogs play on the bed…evidence of a good person.

  24. oh man great dog video.

    there’s nothing better than a play bow. except maybe a play bow that’s not on your bed.

  25. Oh, that’s funny! We used to have a beagle and boy, are they… erm… um… full of personality is a diplomatic way of putting it. But very, very funny dogs.

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