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Fun Monday #19

This week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by Karmyn, the crafty blogger. For the full list of people who have nothing better to do with their time, click on over to her site. The assignment is ‘to show your crafty side’ or something like that. I can’t help thinking I’ve posted these before, but I’m not motivated enough to go back and find out if and where I did.

100_1521 This is something I made from some scrap plywood, a Mustang grill ornament and a souvenir. I’ve had two Mustangs in the past and I rather like the Pony. ET sent me the emblem a few years back, he had a Classic, My favourite is the ’67.

100_1522Staying with the car theme for a bit, this is a genuine Wyoming licence plate. It’s mounted on the same plywood off cuts as the first one, and I did it because our our place on the Coast is in Wyoming. Bizarrely I bought the plate at a five and dime (although there’s actually no such thing in Oz) in Gosford.

Again, using the off cuts from the same piece of ply (I forget what th actual project was), this little number satisfies my geeko-nerd passion and is either a 386 or a 486 motherboard. This motherboard came from a computer I once owned. When I upgraded I cannibalised it for parts. Strangely it’s one of my favourite decorations.

What do you do when your wife has a really cute T-shirt that no longer fits, you have some wood left over from another project, and you just can’t find a picture you like? Well I suppose you’ve already guessed the answer.

At this point I was going to show you some of the construction projects I’ve done, like decks and outdoor furniture, and some bathroom renovations. But they’ll have to wait for another time because I just remembered a smaller construction job I did a few years ago, and I found some photos of it so that’s what I’m going with…


This is a doll’s house I made for my niece a while ago, there are more pictures of the outside, but essentially it’s just a plywood box with some windows and doors and a hinged roof on a solid wood base.


But this is what I wanted to show you, check out the kitchen (click for full size). I made the kitchen, including the fridge (again out of plywood off cuts). But most of all I love the clock, that was an ad in the newspaper so I cut it out and glued it to a small piece of, you guessed it, plywood.


I’ve included this pics to show you some of my mum’s craft. She handmade everything you see, the quilt for the bed, both floor rugs, the curtains, and even the cushion on the rocker. Actually mum and dad really got into furnishing the place with stuff they bought from the toy store. Dad even copied my idea of the clock and made a few pictures for the walls.

You know I almost didn’t do this one because I didn’t think I’d have anything.

Sorry, it’s all my fault.

I have an apology to make. After posting the spam emails about the sex pills, I’ve been inundated with spam comments trying to sell me, guess what? So it is with much regret that I’ve had to turn on Word Verification. I’m truly sorry for this, WV really pisses me off, but then most people seem to have it on anyway.

Why do idiots exist??