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Fun Monday #19

This week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by Karmyn, the crafty blogger. For the full list of people who have nothing better to do with their time, click on over to her site. The assignment is ‘to show your crafty side’ or something like that. I can’t help thinking I’ve posted these before, but I’m not motivated enough to go back and find out if and where I did.

100_1521 This is something I made from some scrap plywood, a Mustang grill ornament and a souvenir. I’ve had two Mustangs in the past and I rather like the Pony. ET sent me the emblem a few years back, he had a Classic, My favourite is the ’67.

100_1522Staying with the car theme for a bit, this is a genuine Wyoming licence plate. It’s mounted on the same plywood off cuts as the first one, and I did it because our our place on the Coast is in Wyoming. Bizarrely I bought the plate at a five and dime (although there’s actually no such thing in Oz) in Gosford.

Again, using the off cuts from the same piece of ply (I forget what th actual project was), this little number satisfies my geeko-nerd passion and is either a 386 or a 486 motherboard. This motherboard came from a computer I once owned. When I upgraded I cannibalised it for parts. Strangely it’s one of my favourite decorations.

What do you do when your wife has a really cute T-shirt that no longer fits, you have some wood left over from another project, and you just can’t find a picture you like? Well I suppose you’ve already guessed the answer.

At this point I was going to show you some of the construction projects I’ve done, like decks and outdoor furniture, and some bathroom renovations. But they’ll have to wait for another time because I just remembered a smaller construction job I did a few years ago, and I found some photos of it so that’s what I’m going with…


This is a doll’s house I made for my niece a while ago, there are more pictures of the outside, but essentially it’s just a plywood box with some windows and doors and a hinged roof on a solid wood base.


But this is what I wanted to show you, check out the kitchen (click for full size). I made the kitchen, including the fridge (again out of plywood off cuts). But most of all I love the clock, that was an ad in the newspaper so I cut it out and glued it to a small piece of, you guessed it, plywood.


I’ve included this pics to show you some of my mum’s craft. She handmade everything you see, the quilt for the bed, both floor rugs, the curtains, and even the cushion on the rocker. Actually mum and dad really got into furnishing the place with stuff they bought from the toy store. Dad even copied my idea of the clock and made a few pictures for the walls.

You know I almost didn’t do this one because I didn’t think I’d have anything.


45 Responses

  1. Awww…you built a dollhouse! I was not expecting that at all. Unless it was a dollhouse of barbie prostitutes being slaughtered by a masked assailant.

  2. very creative!I love the doll house! Fabulous work all around!

    I missed another Monday! I can’t even remember what day it is anymore

  3. I so love this. I love that refrigerator, WT – so creative. I can’t believe you thought you didn’t have anything! Pshaw.

  4. Willowtree,
    You are the man. You know how to do so many things. All of your crafts are very nice. What clever idea for that special T-shirt picture.

  5. I like this post! The doll house is really neat! You managed to dig up all of the awe I felt as a child when my parents surprised us one Christmas with a dollhouse they’d put together from a kit, and then decorated and furnished themselves in similar creative manner…


  6. any WV yet?

  7. I really like the Mustang creation. The ’67 is nice, but my favorite is a ’65 fastback.

  8. Jenny – I made the Barbie one for myself.

    Katie – You Gypsies are all the same! Get a watch or a calendar or something. Or maybe not.

    Melissa – Thank you, I was rather pleased with the fridge myself.

    MJD – I’ve got some really good Tshirts stored away for just this purpose, one day I’ll get around to doing it.

    Jen – Glad to be of service.

    Daddy D – Who are you? Dan August?

  9. That’s so great!!! I love the dollhouse. Where are the secret passages?

  10. Min – Sorry, but I think you may have me confused with Jenny. Now that’s a dollhouse with secret passages!

  11. that is to cute for words!!! Do you want to make one for my kids? Please? Please… The details are amazing!! I love the fridge and the stair case !!

  12. I can’t believe the fridge is made out of plywood….no way – it looks great.

    You have a sweet side, WT! (Making a dollhouse for your niece. That was too nice).

  13. The motherboard I remember. What a, um, unique wall-hanging. The dollhouse, wow, now that caught me by surprise. Well done. I wouldn’t have pictured you doing that. The frame for the T-shirt is a very nice frame. Could you make me one? I need a new frame–the boys knocked one of mine down and broke it.

    There’s a Wyoming in Australia? I have to look that up.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m sitting this one out. I’m not crafty, though I long to be.

  14. I was surprised to see such a gorgeous doll house after the… erm… interesting motherboard wall hanging. But it is done so well – I used to just LOVE my dolls house as a kid.
    Now I feel bad that my fun Monday is going to have to be a photo of whatever I make for dinner. Unless I get inspiration to make something this afternoon.

  15. I haven’t had wv yet. 🙂

  16. Ahhh, Uncle Willowtree – the dollhouse is a big hit. You are a master with plywood – fantastic work and great detail!

    One question…what is that black device on the kitchen counter?

    I really like the little rugs in the upstairs. Your Mom does nice work.

  17. No doubt about it WT you are a crafty bugger when you get some scrap plywood in your hands

  18. No word verification yet!!!!!!!
    thank the lord!!!!

  19. I’m impressed. that is detailed and time consuming.

    hmmm…I’ve got a few grandaughters…..(:

  20. Beckie – Hahaha! that was dad’s idea. It was some kind of gadget that came with a magazine or something, I think it was a little digital stopwatch, he thought it looked like a kitchen radio!

  21. I’ve seen everything but the dollhouse on old posts…

    I like surprises…well done, friend :).

  22. Good God, you are talented. I had no idea. I thought you just did computery stuff. We especially love the dollhouse at my house. And your mum and dad are pretty talented too.

  23. I’m SO impressed, WT. Those stairs are impeccably made! And the detail. I bet your niece loved her doll house;).

  24. You are very crafty keeping such talent hidden! I particularly love the dolls house, I have one made back in the 60’s that needs renovating- how about it!!

  25. This is all sooooo very impressive!!! [I personally love the bear in frame best….but, the USA Wyoming plate is awesome too, for the fact I lived less than 100 miles from the Wyoming border in Colorado, years ago]

    Mine’s shared

  26. Wow, WT, very impressive. Very crafty, you.

  27. How cool is all that!!!

    I love the doll house. Great job!!!

  28. What a lucky niece you have! That is definitely a hand-me-down keeper. Things that nice must be made, impossible to buy. First rate.

  29. Dear willowtree. I thought you were going to say you’re so crafty that you made the number plate. While you were in prison.

  30. You are like totally the craftiest dude I know. At first, I thought, “Dude is just glueing things on wood,” but you definitely got my attention (and respect) with the dollhouse. WAY cool.

  31. All great projects. That bear is too cute for words! But the dollhouse is unbelievable! From the clock in the kitchen to the little handmade rug. Unbelievable. Did I say that already? Because I really mean it.

  32. Too bad the dingo ate your Barbie, that is a swell house!

  33. … and then there’s the ‘sweet’ side of DubYaT…the one that builds a dollhouse for his neice…there must be an award for this !

  34. Great dollhouse!!

  35. The dollhouse? Amazing…

  36. Can you help me with trailer trash furniture? I have a mini travel trailer and no place to sit.

    Nice job.

  37. Funny thing is, I didn’t’ even remember the dollhouse until I was about to hit ‘publish’.

  38. I’m impressed. That dollhouse is amazing.

  39. i love the wood crafts, my hubby is a woodworker so we have quite a few of his projects in the house (and the new deck of course).
    but i LOVE that dollhouse. what a great idea…i’m going to save this to show him!! we DO have a little girl who would love a dollhouse soon 🙂

  40. Love the doll house! As far as the car stuff, well I used to date a guy with a ’69 Mach1. Loved that car.

  41. Sweet! You know we all secretly think you made the doll house for yourself. 🙂 I am sure Marnie does! 🙂

  42. MY uncle built me a dollhouse once, but it wasn’t as pretty as yours.

  43. I am SO glad that my new grandbaby is a boy – I built a dollhouse for my daughter years ago and it’s not a project I want to repeat.

    I was so curious as to what “crafts” you did and now I know. 🙂 I love woodworking, believe it or not, and have helped with my fair share of decks, walls, framing, drywalling, siding, etc. I have a few license plates I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with.

  44. You are a star!! What beautiful things!

  45. Do you build “life-sized” houses, too? Hook me up!

    p.s. I LOVE your blog’s title! heehee

    Peace to you on “Peace Globe Day” 2007!

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