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Stephanie’s shady past

A lot of you know Stephanie from the Mamas with Dramas, and those of you who know her should know that she came relatively late to motherhood. What you may not know, is why she came so late. The reason is both simple and spiritual, motherhood was her second calling, this was her first…



I could make a habit out of this. Thank you Sister Agnes for supplying the outfit. You know, I thought I did a post about her once, but when I looked I couldn’t find nun. Too bad, she was a really great person who always made people laugh, and a link would have been good.

Update** After a couple of you confirmed that I actually did post about Sister Agnes, I went back and looked harder. But if you don’t want to go there, I’ve included the original Sister Agnes next to Sister Stephanie, they could be twins! (Sister Agnes is on the right)

Just in case Steph gets mad at me, I guess I should include a cute pet video too…

Hope that distracts her.


27 Responses

  1. That reminds of my boys. And the little one always ends up mewing at the end. Or maybe it’s the little one torturing the cat. I can’t remember, they are small and they all look alike.

  2. aww poor kitty was crying!!!!

  3. Don’t worry, it goes both ways, the next video is the ‘Revenge of the Kitten’.

  4. well, it distracted me…..

    waiting for the kitten’s revenge. 😉

  5. I seem to remember sister Agnes…I’m thinking, November??

  6. yes, I remember you posting about Sister Agnes…I think the pup and kitty video are an excellent vehicle of distraction

  7. Dear willowtree. Nice slippers.

  8. Now who would want to be distracted from their habit!!

    aah poor little kitty wonder how long it will be before ‘someone’ get a bite on the nose?!

  9. I had to big the picture of Sister Agnes. At first I thought you had Photoshopped some kind of weird effect on the eyes to make them evil zombie like with no irises or pupils, but then I realized she’s just squinting. Thank goodness. It was very frightening at first. The cute pet video made me feel all better though.

  10. late to motherhood? but isn’t that a mother?

    and love the video. damn. i love the way puppies play. GET THAT CAT!

  11. Who’s Agnes? I was distracted. Like the new look!

  12. {insert bad pussy joke here)

  13. Kitten squeals! How horrible! I may have to rescind your prize.

  14. I was going to come and tell you that you have done a post on Sister Agnes, I remember, and did you check your old blogger site, but I see you have a link up. Are you talking about a different one?
    Anyway, what kind of dog is Belle?
    And Beau did not look so happy this time.

  15. nothin’ like have a the Gingham cat and the Calico Dog playing at your feet in the morning.

    I remember Sister Agnes, too. But I see that you have updated that.

    Mother Stephanie has a very nice ring to it. I hope she brings her thermometer (An*l) to her next post just for you… hee hee

  16. WT, that wasn’t nice. Slap with a wooden ruler.

    The pet video was cute and fun. Poor kitty, though.

    I love your floors.

  17. I remember the last time you posted on sister agnes.. have i been reading that long? i still think of myself as a newbie;P

    cute video.. just wondering though… are ya goin to be pickin a fight with everyone?

    just curious;)

  18. I too remember Sister Agnes – I think it was with a post of you as a boy too – I might be wrong.

  19. Another perfect example of why I will not share photos of myself on my blog. Poor Stephanie.

  20. ohh your good.

    how have you been? Tell me you have missed me terribly and you are so thrilled I am back to blogworld that you MUST write a post about how much you missed me and how it’s just not the same without me commenting….


  21. Min – Actually it turned out to be December, I thought it was longer ago than that.

    To everyone who remembers, and those who don’t – I ended up putting in the link to the post, but I changed the colour (of the link) so you may not have noticed.

    Laurie – Only the boss nun is called mother, all the rest are sisters.

    Sabrina – Thanks, you’re the only one who noticed.

    Tiff – As I said earlier, it’s not one way in the squeal department. Beau gives as good as he gets. Plus it’s a bit confusing sometimes because he makes squealing noises when he’s attacking too.

    Heather – Nope, it’s the same Sister Agnes. Belle is a Beader Collie (I made that name up, she’s a cross beagle and border collie).

    Pamela – Don’t go giving her ideas!

    Kila – Ah…ouch, yep, and me too.

    Wolfie – Time flies doesn’t it? Hey I’m not picking a fight with Stephanie! She was attacked yesterday in her blog for being insensitive and I was just showing what a saint she really is. That said, I do have some neat pictures of you though…

    Karmyn – Yep, you are wrong, I wasn’t in the post at all, but there is another post that has pics of me as a boy with nuns.

    Mark – You big chicken. Anyway, if you don’t like what they do to your pics you can always sue (a bit of practice wouldn’t hurt)

    HRCW – Hmmm a post about you, that’s a good idea…muwahahahahhh

  22. Damn Peter, when are going stop putting Vegemite on that little kitten, just so you can post the “Cute” video’s.

  23. little miss moi completely distracted me and I spent the entire clip waiting to see your shoes. I hear there were some cute animals involved?

  24. “I could make a habit out of this.”

    OMG. That is soooooooo bad… I laughed though.

  25. Durn…I leave town for a few days and all kind of newbies are poppin’ up over here. You must be visiting a thousand new blogs since you got broadband.

    Hmmmmm, I don’t see any comments by Stephanie…

  26. Does this make me a horrible person because I thought that was so funny!! A real live squeaky toy for the pup LOL

  27. Oi!! I found it!! Late…

    Sorry, obsessed with “motherhood” and inlaws and all. Not that my former in-laws weren’t great, too. It’s just really hard to live up to their example.

    (Sorry. Really bad nun joke. Can you tell I didn’t make my confirmation?)

    BTW, Willowtree, this is the highest complement you’ve ever given me. You said Sister Agnes was one of the nicest people you’ve ever known, and to compare me to her…

    I’m all teary-eyed here.

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