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A couple of pictures and a clip.

Belle is finally starting to wear down Bentley’s defences. After a week of him keeping well away from her, followed by a week of him growling at her and telling her to keep well away from him, we’ve reached this stage…


Don’t let the photo fool you, Bentley is still not happy about the situation, but that Belle is just so darned persistent!

Now, as for Beau…well that’s another matter entirely! Getting him was a really big mistake, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something odd about that kitten…


And finally for those who have been concerned that Belle has been roughing Beau up a bit, you’re right he has, but Beau can handle himself. While I was watching this video on my computer to make sure it was the right one before I uploaded it, I was amazed at how realistic the sound was. That is until the monitor suddenly  went blank and I realised that the two little bastards were actually under the desk fighting…

And yes, they did pull out some cables.


24 Responses

  1. ah, i love that top picture.
    reminds me of when we got boscoe, the world’s cuddliest border collie.
    my old guy toby was not very sociable. boscoe would trot over and curl up next to him, and toby would get up and stalk off and go lie down in another room.

    boscoe would just happily trapise after him and curl up next to him again. it didn’t take too long before he completely wore down toby’s defenses.

  2. Too cute!

  3. I stopped by the other day and watched one of these videos! But, sadly, didn’t have time to comment.

    While normally, I’d pull for the kitty, I just can’t resist the precious little face on Belle. I’m waiting for her to raise her paw and smack little Beau in the face….but she’s too much of a lady to do that.

    On a semi-related note, when I was a kid, I thought all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. Then I started watching Tom and Jerry and it totally messed with my brain. I still have issues with cats being cast as boys in cartoons – so you can understand that I’m having problems keeping Beau and Belle straight.

  4. They are all sooooooo cute!!!

    I use to have a cat that was the devil’s spawn. He hated everyone except for robocop.

  5. Belle is so adorable!

    We have a new dog here… although only until we can find her owners or a new home.. she’s bigger than my Bella who is already bigger than Bandera.. who as you might expect , was born bigger than Binkie is now at age 2. That just had to be said! lol…

    I love your critters! Thanks for sharing!

  6. they look like they’re having a wonderful time! It never occured to me that raising a puppy and kitten together would be such a spectacularly good idea!

  7. How fun!

  8. Holy crap, the cuteness is killing me. I am a puddle of goo on the floor.

  9. Oy. So cute. Also, I heard the TV in the background and went, “Oh, he must be watching the travel channel. Something about Australia.” Duh.

  10. I can’t imagine that you will ever had a bad day with all that cuteness around you. Anytime you feel the curmudgeon coming on – just look at those two adorable babies playing and your heart will melt into a puddle.

  11. Another fun little clip and the cozying up picture is rather cute.

  12. Feeling better now that Beau is getting some revenge. Wondering, tho, when will they become permanent members of the sidebar clan?

  13. awww… they are to cute.. though i think i missed out on the video?

  14. i live vicariously through your video clips of belle and beau… they should have their own sitcom. i can’t have animals around, they make me chafe in my suit.

  15. Awww! Great pics! The video is so cute and I bet the whole surreal sound effects and blank monitor thing was hysterical!

  16. I don’t know what I’m going to do if you ever stop showing these Belle and Beau clips and pictures. Geez they’re just so darn cute. And evenly matched in the ‘gang up’ department too it seems.

  17. That picture of matching beagles? Melt, I tell ya. Completely awww-inspiring. And the video, too. Sigh…

  18. That photo of Bentley and Belle…Awww…

    Like Susan, my brain wants Belle to be a boy, and Beau to be a girl, despite their names.

    All that wrestling around is similar to what goes on here, except that it ends with someone REALLY injured and crying.

    So cute, thanks for sharing.

  19. Laurie – Puppies are just relentless (and clueless)

    Susan – I still consider all dogs to be boys and all cats to be girls. I can do that because I get all mine neutered anyway.

    Debbie – We had an evil cat too, luckily for me, I was the only one it liked (even after I ran over it). It took fourteen years, but it finally died.

    Katie – Go on, keep it!

    Hayden – We’ve done it a few times now, and it always works well.

    Shauna – Hey how are you? Exams finished yet?

    Nikki – Depends.

    Melissa – Try to keep up.

    Karmyn – If my heart doesn’t melt into a puddle, Belle can make one pretty quick. Then it’s not so much fun.

    Tiff – When they get a bit bigger.

    Wolfie – It’ll show up, it always seems to.

    Raffi – Welcome! and get some cream for that.

    Jen – It was funny after I got everything hooked up again.

    Joy – They grow up so quick, you’ve really only got a couple months of this stuff.

    Lene – Yeah, it’s taken a while but Bentley is finally starting to warm to her.

    Kila – You’re welcome. Next one is for you and the boys.

  20. kittens and puppies.
    Gods of frolic. Indeed.

    Tessy has been entertaining us with hairballs recently and I’m sorta worried as she is losing weight, too.

  21. Waugh! Stupid busy streaks and blog hiatuses (hiati?). I completely missed out on you adding to the Willowtree Zoo (or is it a national park at this point?). I had to backtrack entries to find out all about Bobby, Belle, and Beau. Awesome little pup and kitten play action going on there, thanks much for the pics and vids. Good job saving little Beau. And it’ll be interesting to see over time whether the beagle or the border collie influences Belle’s personality more.

  22. Zombie kitten. *giggle* okay, I forgive you the snow flaunting.

  23. Oh, I’m so confused!!! You’re format changed a bit, you’re new fuzzy baby is either possessed or the living dead, and there’s snow in June…

    I’d like to go curl up with Bentley and Buddy until this all sorts itself out.

  24. Too cute!! You don’t really think getting Beau was a mistake, right?

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