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WT’s weather report.

The Central Coast of NSW (where our place is) has just been declared a natural disaster area due to severe flooding caused by the worst storm in 30 years.

Meanwhile, where I am has finally got some rain, actually, lots of rain! We also got some of this…


And a touch of this…


And a little more of this…


But here’s the kicker, this is the first time in my life (apart from
Canada and Lake Tahoe, but they weren’t my houses) that I’ve been able
to get my house and snow in the same photograph!!


Oh, and the rain? Here’s the dry creek behind my house. That’s from just two days of constant rain. I got 70mm the first day and 90mm the second.

So guys, WT’s weather report is Cold and Wet!!


29 Responses

  1. Well you needed rain but not like this, we get a lot of flooding in parts of the UK so I feel sympathy for those affected in NSW; I’m not clear- are you actually saying this is first time you’ve ever had snow there since you’ve lived there. It makes pretty scenery though.

  2. Wahooo!! Showertime!!! 😀

    Is your home in danger? Is YDW okay??

  3. Cold and wet. Not a forecast I enjoy. I hope everyone is okay.

  4. Snow? That’s not snow! You don’t even need boots! Let me know when you get a foot of the white stuff.

    That said, I hope your home and furry friends stay safe.

  5. I’ll trade ya weathr reports;)

    hot and getting hotter by the min ..

    snow.. so cool. Congrats on the rain, i hear ya’ll really needed it!!

    Stay safe.

  6. Wow, you have a beautiful view!

  7. That’s an astonishingly gorgeous view. Congrats on the rain and snow (such as it is – I’m trying to not let the Canadian in me snort).

    Hope everyone is safe.

  8. famine gives way to feast… hope everyone/everything stays dry and secure. Looks great, though!

  9. I hope you’re all doing ok. Is it wrong that I hate how much space you have? Probably.

  10. nice pix.
    but i don’t see anything that i recognize as snow. do you mean that white dusting far far in the distance? it’s aint snow unless you have to shovel it.

  11. Pretty country you live in. When we lived in WA state, the view was kinda like that. I’m hankerin’ for some more of that.

  12. I bet it’s nice to have some water in that dried out creek bed. It is beautiful where you live. I cannot imagine waking up to the view in the first two pictures.

  13. I hope you keep safe.

    Nice pics 😀

  14. Chris – Yep first time it’s snowed, ever.

    Robin – MDW’s place is safe from flooding as it’s on a hill, but it’s surrounded by big gum trees and the winds have been fierce.

    Mary – We’re fine, thanks.

    Nikki – You mean like Texas gets?

    Wolfie – Yes sir, that rain was real welcome.

    Reevesfarm – Thanks, I made it myself.

    Lene – Snort away, I’ve lived in Ontario so I know what you mean. Actually I thought it was just frost, it was only when it was still there in the afternoon that I realised it was a dusting of snow.

    Hayden – Yep everyone’s OK, a bit of mud being tracked into the house but otherwise we’re fine.

    Melissa – Not at all, I appreciate how lucky I am. But then you do have two beautiful kids, so that makes up for it.

    Laurie Ok, sure I know it’s only half-assed snow, but it’s all I’ll get to see.

    Robinella – I’ve lived in WA too, great place.

    Gawilli – The water is fantastic, and the view doesn’t get old.

    Debbie – We’re snug as a bug in a rug.

  15. Hi WT, hallelujah!!!!!!!!! for the rain, the storms along the coast… not so good, and I can believe the snow (half-assed as it may be) cos even here in Qld. we are getting some cold (half assed cold) weather too.

  16. I am so pleased to hear that…
    The rain has come to Australia.

    (however, I’m not clapping for the floods where “MDW” is. Hope all is fine for her)

    ps. my first pimping job. My blog will be 1 year old next week. I may also surpass 5000 comments (I know, not that big of deal BUT) I’m excited and plan on a small gift to that person.

    Now, back to the regular scheduled program… Happy dance happy dance happy dance.

    The grandkids and us are also happy dancing…. even though I had to share them tonight with their other grandma

  17. Hurrah for the rain, but man, that bites about the cold and the floods. but, hey! rain!! Like Robin said…you can shower now!!

  18. Yeah! Rain, beautiful rain!!! okay, the flooding – not so good, but you guys did need a little. Gorgeous snow-capped hills!!!

  19. Wow! That’s crazy! I take it it isn’t summer over there? I’m clueless about other countries’ weather schedules…

    It made for some pretty photos, though!

  20. So, DubYaT…how long did it take you to apply all that Cool Whip to those hills? Great photos ! Glad you are getting some much needed precip. Just checking in as I have a few seconds to visit. Please let Pamela know that Pop Up Blockers prevent me from commenting at her place.

  21. Hey DubYaT…It’s not anyone but me that BloggerBooger won’t let me comment at Debbie’s. Anytime “no anonymous comments” are up, I can’t post because Blogger doesn’t recognize my user name and password anymore. I didn’t change them…GlobBlog just doesn’t like me.

  22. When it almost never happens I imagine it is pretty darn exciting! Did you go play in it? Did the dogs?

    Looks like the week of non-stop rain we had recently went to visit you. It would have arrived there about now. 😉

    You folks measure rain in mm’s?! Why not cm? I guess it sounds more impressive to say SEVENTY MM of rain than seven cm.

  23. Snow. It’s like 100 degrees here and you flaunt your snow?!

    Damn you.

  24. Kila – It’s not a matter of being impressive, millimetres are a more accurate measurement than centimetres. In centimetres there’s only a mark every 10 mm, which means you’d have to estimate anything in between

    What you should be asking though, is why does America use fractions of a percent in it’s financial reporting, they are two totally different measurement systems. Or why do they use not one, not two but three different measurements for electrical cable (awg, the zero to triple zero sizes and metric). Or why they decided to use a different sized gallon to everyone else, now those I’d like to hear the answers to. While you’re at it, why do you call a cent a penny? Come to think of it, how come you went to decimal currency at independence, but have steadfastly refused to go decimal on anything else for 200 years?

  25. I have a calculator that does fractions.

  26. I was wondering how your central coast place would be. We drove to Forster on Thursday night through the worst weather I have ever driven in for so far. It was a real experience.
    What a bunch of whingers we are – first we whine about the drought, now we’re all whining cos our houses are underwater 🙂

  27. You crack me up, WT.

    Back when I was a young child in school, we were told that our country would soon switch to metric, and our generation grew up learning metric (along with inches, yards, etc.). Still waiting for the big change!

    Why do we call a cent a penny? We can blame the British for that one, LOL.

    We measure rain in inches, such 3 1/4 inches. Not quite as accurate as the nearest mm, wow.

  28. Wow! Finally drying up here after all of our rainy weather!

  29. Beautiful pictures. So glad you’ve gotten some rain.

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