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Fun Monday #20

Fun_monday_2This Fun Monday is brought to you by Joy T. It’s all about kitchens. Head on over to her place if you want to see more.

I’m afraid my post is a bit disappointing, due to my kitchen being pretty ordinary (don’t forget this is a bachelor retreat up here). I spruced it up a bit when I first moved in but like a dumbass I didn’t take before photos, duh!

1_3 Almost a before and after, I didn’t get the dark blue that the walls were painted before I started, and I’ve already put in a tile splash-back. And the cupboards have been painted.

But at least it’s before I tiled over the 40 year old counter top.


Same as the first two. Again I didn’t think to take proper before pictures. This is the Fourth Kitchen I’ve renovated in the last 20 years, and I’ve never remembered to take before pictures!!

You can almost see the dark blue peeking through the first coat of paint.


Sorry it was a bit disappointing, but at least you won’t have to spend too much time here. To make up for it, I’ve got another interesting biographical post coming up very soon.


37 Responses

  1. It isn’t disappointing at all! I’m very impressed with not only the amazing renovations you did yourself, but all the cooking utensils and appliances I see. A bachelor who can renovate and cook? Nothing disappointing about that.

  2. It’s like a little “kitchenette”! How fun is that!?!

  3. The good thing about this Fun Monday (pour moi) is Wednesday or Thursday we’re going to start a little kitchen renovation (you’ve been reading me long enough to know that “little” could take, oh, about 12 years). FM is giving me reason to take BEFORE pictures!

    Your tile counter top looks great, you’ve got some serious shiny and clean going on!

  4. Would you like to pop over and do a job on my dreadful kitchen? If yours is a batch pad, mine looks like a uni student’s pad. eek.

  5. Clean simple lines very nice, you won’t like my cluttered old kitchen, that could do with a WT revamp!!

  6. Kitchens are food labs. Neatness and operational space is what counts. Nice tile top.

  7. I think you’re a good sprucer-upper! It’s amazing what a lick of paint and a few tiles can do to transform a space, hey!

  8. I suck at taking the before pictures too. Love the counter tops! I need to learn how……

  9. I had a ting stove/oven like that for so many years. And I cooked for 6 with it. Miserable. I am sure it is perfect for one.

  10. I like how uncluttered it is…so unlike mine…

  11. Dark blue in a small kitchen space? Good job at changing that!!!

  12. Very neat and tidy for a dude’s kitchen. I’m sure after seeing my kitchen, everyone will think yours is from the Taj Mahal.

  13. Look how neat and clean! Right now my kitchen looks like a giraffe threw up in my sink.

  14. For being a bachelor pad, it’s rather tidy. I’m impressed. Of course, that could be because of lack of use 🙂

  15. Yeah, that is pretty clean for a bachelor pad…

    More importantly – you’re a man that can tile – oooo.

  16. Workspace – you have it! ! ! ! Like the tile countertops! ! !

  17. That is the cleanest man kitchen I have ever seen. You never fail to impress me.

  18. For a bachelor pad, it’s amazingly well-organized and clean and functional! Very nice.

  19. Your bachelor’s kitchen is perfect! So neat and clean, it sparkles! Ad all those utensils make me think you LOVE to cook!

  20. Spiffy, WT. Looks like you actually do your fair share of cooking over there. Interesting that you call it “splash-back” and we call it “back-splash”. . .that whole upside down, backwards thing again!

  21. Do you use the countertop skillet a lot? I got one when we got married and finally tossed it because we used it like once a year.

    Can you come re-do my countertops please? Thanks.

  22. I was here this morning and was not able to leave a comment. Either typepad does not like me, or these old eyes cannot decode the word verification. I like your neat, organized, and very clean kitchen. Also, I am very impressed with your tile counter and splashback. Good work…WT

  23. eh, no worries, mate. Who wants to spend time inside when you’ve all that terrific scenery around you. Just do your cooking, then get out and enjoy. 🙂

  24. Not disappointing at all! It’s very bachelor and I like it! Black utensils just like mine.

    I enjoyed your kitchen. Now whip us up something good!

    Happy Monday!

    See you next week!


  25. I really love the tiles and would like to do that also. I saw a neat backsplash made from broken pieces of Fiesta mixed in with pieces of tile which is lurking in the dark recesses of my mind…

  26. Clean and no roaches! I’m impressed!!

  27. I like the large tiles on your countertop. I love the look of tile, but I’ve a dislike of tile from a practical perspective. (Trying to clean bread dough from grout lines). But that was a small-tile countertop, and the big tiles….. that’s a whole different game, isn’t it?

    I never manage “before” pics either, always too eager to rip things up and start over.

  28. That turned out very nice!

    People paint the weirdest colours – and yes, I’m aware that there are people out there who think the colours on my walls are weird, but I prefer to ignore that argument. Dark blue? In the kitchen? Really?? A friend of mine moved into an apartment where the kitchen was Pepto-Bismol pink. Yuck.

  29. everybody wants a 40 year old counter top now, tho. You would have been avante garde or whatever those words mean.

    That kitchen invites me over for a bowl of your slow cooked beans… and a beer.
    … and look at all your tools. Ha! you have just as many as I do.

  30. everybody wants a 40 year old counter top now, tho. You would have been avante garde or whatever those words mean.

    That kitchen invites me over for a bowl of your slow cooked beans… and a beer.
    … and look at all your tools. Ha! you have just as many as I do.

  31. Very nice!!! Now do you want to come do mine? Pretty pleae? I wouldn’t mind in the least..:)

  32. Your kitchen is very nice. I have a white tile backsplash too. Looks like you do a lot of cooking with all those utensils. Is that a bottle of Vodka beside the microwave? Just asking!

  33. Caroline – No, it’s not vodka, it’s an Olive Oil sprayer (a pump action deal), but that’s ok, it’s not a microwave either. It’s actually a multi-purpose bread maker and toaster oven.

  34. Our kitchen is small too.But really nice kitchen.

  35. I like your kitchen! If you ever get bored, you can come and “fix” mine 😛

  36. Yes. Quite clean for a man! 😉

    Thanks for the visit to my blog.

  37. I don’t know which I am more disturbed by…

    …Mom potentially spotting a bottle of Vodka from 30 paces or the fact that she now reads you faithfully.

    It’s sick. SICK.

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