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For Kila

This is just a quick post to fulfil a promise I made to Earth, Fire and Star via Kila. If you’re not a cat lover they will bore you shitless, which may not be a bad thing after all, what with the cost of toilet paper these days.

So here ya go guys, some cat videos.

This one is Booey and Buzz being friendly…

This next one is Buzz hunting…

And now Booey joins the hunt and screws things up…

Yeah, I know, not all that exciting, but the intended audience is pretty young, (right Kila?)


22 Responses

  1. Ah, geez Booey! Patience is a virtue.

  2. Poor kid got carried away…

    (p.s. I cannot believe I sat watching these barely breathing in order to not startle the prey. It wasn’t until I’d finished the last one that it occurred to me that not only am I on the other side of the earth, but that these were VIDEOS, ya moron, not live. It’s quite possible I need to get out more)

  3. ‘Bout time for a post. I figure they had you locked up b/c of my gift.

    The only videos I could show of my gnarly cat are when she plops down in front of the television to lick her butt.

  4. Sure hope THEY enjoyed ’em WT.

  5. I like the last video. Almost meditative. That’s a word, right? I think you should do commentary, like a National Geographic special.

    *whispering* “And now, Booey will enter the area and completely f things up.”

    Where ya been? And now you’re ignoring my blog altogether? Is it because I won’t send you any of Marnie’s Manpons? It is, isn’t it.

  6. Aww, thank you so much!

    We spent the evening at a water park, then stopped at McDonald’s to eat, and these videos were the perfect cherry on top to complete their evening.

    Star (age 5), while watching the first video, “Are they in love?” LOL

    They were suprised at how slow and sneaky and patient the cats were. The boys aren’t quite that patient when they try to catch birds, LOL.

  7. gawilli – Booey is normally the better hunter, I guess he just got carried away.

    Lene – You may just be on to something there 😉

    Tiff – No sign of the contraband yet. I’ve got a few of those butt licking clips too.

    Peter -There’s always next time, plus mice are so much easier.

    Melissa – At this point I’d like to quote the great Homer (Simpson) “Just because I’m ignoring you doesn’t mean I’m not interested”.

    Kila – They used to be a lot more ‘in love’ before I got them fixed. Now it’s just grooming.

  8. Picture this: You produce a weekly feature – “Willowtree’s Wednesday Wisdom”. Or you and Marnie could have dueling video blogs wherein you videotape yourself photoshopping x-rated items onto each other: “Pete & Marnie’s Porn Emporium”.

    See, I’ve already done the research & development for you. This is a great idea. When you’re ready, I take payment in USD, used horse condoms, whining, snark, and pet videos.

  9. the wind was blowing…. and then the birds scolding calls sounded like they were aware of the cat.

    My eyes couldn’t quite see them until they flew off.

    of course I’m the bird lover – so I was happy.

  10. First off, why didn’t you tell Booey and Buzz to go get their own room or just turn away and give them their privacy. Yeesh.

    Wait, you have butt licking videos? Why in the world did you video tape yourself doing that?

  11. that was like watching the finale of sopranos…. where’s the blood and death?

  12. DubYaT…You are such an old Softy…how sweet of you to post this for Kila’s kiddos…Surely there is an award for such sweetness.

  13. All that stalking for nothing but I’m sort of glad they didn’t catch the prey. I’ve just been watching a TV prog ‘Spring Watch’ and it showed how baby birds ate each other for survival (not a pretty sight just after eating!!).

  14. I wish my cats were in love like that. When they are not destroying my furniture, they are hell bent on destroying each other.

  15. Can we watch you boil a pot of water next?

    Wait…nooooo! For my kids, can you video some of those wicked lizard creatures you stumble across sometimes?

    They’d probably be just as entertained watching you squirt stuff out of all those tubes of food y’all have down under…

  16. did you get Buzz and Booey around the same time? did they always get along so well? I’m watching a neighbor’s cat for a while and it’s war around here. Do you think they’ll eventually get along??

  17. I think Melissa’s on to something! Go Melissa! WT: nice cats

  18. Well, my 3yo and I have just been mesmerized by these videos. He did have questions about the dingo/barbie thing. I guess your site is over his head.

    I just finished a mental video of my cat staring at me for a half hour. I don’t even think she blinked. Cats, so much to do, so little time.

  19. I don’t have the patience either Booey. I would have jumped the gun too.

  20. dude i bet buzz was pissed

  21. I can see it now: Willowtree’s Kitty Games, now on Animal Planet!!

    LOVE those kitty games…

  22. There’s nothing sweeter than two grown cats licking each other. Unless it’s two kittens being held by Emanuel Lewis. That might be cuter.

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