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You don’t see that every day!

Update** In case you’re interested, here’s a live Webcam of Nobby’s Beach.

We’ve all had that experience where we see something familiar on TV, particularly the news. You know, you see something and say "Hey I was there not long ago!"

Well this is just such an occasion. Do you remember that wedding I went to not long ago? No, well here’s a few reminders…(Oops, I just hit the wrong button) anyway…100_2248
These were the newly-weds, we went to Nobby’s Beach to take pictures after the ceremony.

You might recall this photo, I included it in the post about the wedding.

If I turn around and face the other way, this is what you see.

OK, now for the interesting part. Remember that storm I was telling you about last weekend, the one that cause the snow just near me? Well here’s something else it did…


Yep, that’s the same beach alright, and that’s one of the largest coal carriers in the world stranded on it. To get more of an appreciation for how big that ship is, just take a look at this next picture…


I can tell you, it’s got people scratching their heads wondering how they’re going to get it out of there. But wait there’s more, another storm, bigger than last week’s one is set to hit over the next few days. They are saying the ship might break up.

If you want to Google it the ship is called the Pasher Bulker.

PS. If you use TypePad and participated in yesterday’s Fun Monday, I tried to comment but TP was broken. But what was worse was that they swore they had fixed it! It took numerous messages back and forth to get them to address the problem. Sorry. Your Fun Monday post was very nice.

32 Responses

  1. Thats a helluva boat to be sittin’ on the beach just waitin’ to break up WT.

  2. wow! that is so cool.

    when i lived in duluth years ago, the Socrates, a greek ship, ended up being blown onto the beach during a huge november storm. (google it. it was fascinating.)

    it was very near where a couple of my friends lived, and they had a big socrates party at their beach house. in november in duluth. i think it was there for about a week, and then tugs were able to drag it back out into lake superior.

    i hope the pasher doesn’t break up, but can be rescued. but in the meantime, it’s a great excuse for a party.

  3. Wow! Pretty Amazing!!

  4. What’s that building in the foreground? Is it in danger of being annihilated? I’d be scared to death if I was in the path of that monster!

    And, no, you don’t get no stinkin’ pass for TypePad’s comment feature being broken. Sheesh. Getchur butt in gear and comment til you drop!

  5. That is one BIG boat ! Wow ! Thanks for your info about TypeBitch I mean TypePad…
    I, too, visited Fun Monday “Hangers” but couldn’t post a comment.

  6. Wow, that is some scary stuff! And I know what you mean about seeing things in the news or whatever after you’ve just recently been there for the first time yourself…it’s weird right?

  7. Amazing!!!

  8. Huh. I’ll join the head scratchers.

  9. Oh that is about scary. I suppose they don’t have a bunch of tug boats to pull it out to sea.

    Probably damaged anyway.

    What an amazing thing mother nature is.

  10. I should have read the comments before I commented. I sound like parrot.
    Pamela wants a cracker…. squak.

  11. Holy freakin’ boat!! Maybe they can do like in Whalerider..get someone to go nuzzle to nuzzle with the boat and it’ll turn around! Okay…maybe not…

  12. That is pretty amazing. Wouldn’t want that problem to deal with, especially with the next storm coming.

  13. That’s ginormous.

  14. WOW, can you imagine living there and seeing that everyday. I bet the locals have a pool going.

  15. That be some ship!

  16. freaky that is what that is…

    I’ll join the head scratchers.. keep us updated and let us know what happens would you? now im curious..darn you WT.

  17. WT,
    Thank you for dealing with the Typepad folks. You probably helped them resolve the problem even if they claimed there was not a problem…but there was. Sheesh

  18. Wow. Hmmm…

    Getting that back out to sea might be even more of a challenge than the wayward whales we had by California.

  19. I had to google before I wrote. Amazing pictures both here and there. I love those “just there” moments. We have a huge coal export facility (is that the right word) around here. The huge piles of coal are impressive but so are those big boats and stacks and stacks of containers!

  20. wow that is going to be a real task getting the ship afloat again. As I am writing this 18:50 uk time the sky is black and we are in the middle of a thunderstorm (thunder, lightening and heavy rain) but nothing like the storms hitting parts of aussie.

  21. Holy tamales, Batman! That is absolutely nuts!!!! Like from some post-apocalyptic, Day After Tomorrow kind of movie. Except that everything is still really pretty. And not dead or anything. Always something interesting happening on that crazy little island of yours. . .

  22. That’s some crazy ship.

    BTW, the hubby and I have a game we play – whenever we see a place we have visited on tv, we shout, “Been there!” Of course, now that I’ve returned from D.C., he won’t be around me when we watch news channels or CSPAN.

    Of course, we do the same thing for deceased celebrities, only we shout, “Dead Guy!” or “Dead Chick!” as the gender dictates.

    And yeah, I know we’re going to hell.

  23. whew, that’s a beached whale all right.

  24. That is pretty rad. Well I hope they get it out before the next storm.

  25. Typepad was definitely broken. I tried to comment you and a few other Typepad users to let you know that I’m moving my blog! (see updated personal info). I tried to comment 3 times- the page always failed before I got to the word verification. Was afraid you’d think I’d forgotten you! Anyhow, the usual blog will stay in place until something with the job/house drama happens, and then I’ll close it down. The fun stuff is at my new digs. Come see!

  26. That is amazing! I’m glad you shared it and I’d love to see what else happens. 🙂

    PS thanks for the info on TP as I had no idea and wondered why few seemed to comment yesterday. Thought it was me. 🙂

  27. How many times have I told you to stop drinking when you’re piloting your coal carrier, Willowtree? Enough already. One of these times you’re going to do some real damage.

  28. Peter – It seems strange that there is talk about it braking up, given that it’s relatively new.

    Laurie – I will look that up.

    Robin – That’s the Surf Club, where all the Lifesavers hang out. Boy you sure are a ballbuster aren’t you.

    Swampy – It’s a shame more people didn’t let them know, maybe then I wouldn’t have had such a hard time convincing them there was a problem.

    Karina – Yep sure is, except it’s not the first time I’ve been there, I actually live pretty close.

    Pameal – A bunch of tug boats is the plan, but the weather is too rough to attempt anything yet.

    Claudia – At over 100,000 tons, nuzzling is not an option.

    Dawn – You got that right.

    Reevesfarm – There is a pool nearby but it’s too cold to swim right now 😉

    Molly – It was a bit of a struggle.

    Robinella – “huge coal export facility” is exactly the right word for it. Ours apparently is the biggest in the world.

    Sabrina – Wow, you need to cut back on the coffee or something!

    Tiff – I don’t know if you’re going to hell, but you’re sure not going to get many visitors around to watch TV.

    Shades – OK.

    Lisa – It was you. Nah just kidding, I actually tried several times to leave a comment because I had a really good one!!

    Mark – Hey a few beers won’t hurt, it’s not like I’m driving an oil tanker or anything.

  29. This picture reminds me of when I was a kid and had a bucket of toys in different scales so that one piece would obviously be out of place. Very scary.

  30. I’ve never seen anything like this. Amazing!! I imagine it’s just the angle, but it looks so close to that building too.

  31. WT, I never told you but my grandfather on my mother’s side was in the merchant marine. He was a chief engineer on one of those ginormous oil tankers. Yes, this was long before the whole Exxon Valdez incident. Anyway, I was just trying to imagine one of his ships stuck on a beach like that and what his reaction might have been. There’s are real reason behind the saying, “curse like a sailor.”

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