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Errr, I won a prize, ummm, Wow!

Recently I won a contest held by Tiggerlane, the Neophyte Blogger. Upon identifying the mystery object (notice I didn’t say ‘guessing’, I knew exactly what it was), I received an email requesting my mailing address and informing me that my prize was one of great value.

Now being the mercenary prick that I am, I naturally assumed that meant it was worth a lot of moulah. It never entered my mind that Mrs Tiggerlane meant intrinsic value. So after a couple of weeks passed, my priceless prize arrived…

O.k.a.y…so it’s not as big as something very valuable should be. Wait! I’ve got it! It’s her grandmother’s antique gold and diamond wedding ring! Must be, unless it’s shares in the Real Estate Agency. I know, I’ll check the customs declaration, that will tell me…

Ezqueeze me?? A photo of a dog and a button?! Ok, the photo can’t be worth much, but it must be one of those rare "I voted for Dewey" buttons, they must be worth something…

Hmmm, this damn thing’s getting smaller by the minute, must be the even more classy and rare lapel button rather than the gaudy and more popular chest job…

WTF!?! Where’s the fucking button?!
Oh wait, there’s something else…

It’s a goddamn box of paper clips! Hang on, there’s a Post-It note stuck on the box, what does it say?…

So by now I’ve gone way past excited all the way to "boy do I wish I had kids so I could break some of their toys" pissed. Now I’ve got to go back and read the card…wait there’s a card?

Well I did what I was instructed and here’s what I got

. If anyone can correctly identify it, and by that I mean exactly (just like the original contest said) I’ll give you a prize that’s just as valuable, but you must be exact.

Oh yeah, there are four things I should point out: 1) the coin is mine, 2) there never was a photo of a dog, 3) eleven fucking dollars for postage! and 4) I think the prize is pretty neat.