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Happy Blogiversay to me!

This kinda snuck up on me a little bit, in fact I was doing another post for today when I realised that my first blogiversary had rolled around, so I had to scramble to come up with something. In keeping with my usual high class prose crap, I did a quick picture and I’m also including my first post.

I won’t make you click on a link to see my auspicious first post, it’s right here…

23rd June 2006
What the Hell do I do next?

I’ve been reading a few blogs lately and judging by the comments,
everyone seems to have a blog of their own and I was feeling a bit left
out. So I got the brilliant idea of getting one myself.

Jeez, its harder than you think. First off I had to come up with a
name….sounds pretty simple but think about it; if its really stupid,
people will think I am too. If its really clever, people will expect
clever entries.

So that’s why I chose something middle of the road.(for those of you who haven’t been here long, it used to be called "Once Upon a Blog"). I just hope I can remember all the stuff I entered (username and password) so I can get back in. 

[There were 2 comments but they were added some weeks after I wrote it.]

Pretty good don’t you think, showed some real promise I did! Even after a year it’s still good fun. I’ll never forget the first comment, the first time I saw my site linked to on someone else’s blog, the first time I saw my name in a blogroll, the first time I got more than ten comments in one post, my first award, and the first time someone attacked me for something I wrote.

Thank you all for making this so much fun (I don’t think I’d do it without you), I really enjoy all the laughs I get from reading your witty, and sometimes just plain crazy, comments. And if you usually just lurk, that’s ok too (but a bloggiversay comment/wish would be nice).

For those interested in stats: 450+ posts, 7500+ comments and 40,000+ visits (that’s not as many as it sounds; 25,000 were me fixing typos and 14,500 were people googling  swear words).