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Willow’s Big Bus Ride pt 1

Well folks, time for another serial. This time it’s Corn Flakes…Ha! Boy do I kill me sometimes! No, this one is about the time I caught the bus from Marshall to Los Gatos, for those unfamiliar with those places, try Miami to San Francisco.

But before I get started, here’s how I got to Florida in the first place. To tell the truth, I got sidetracked today talking to ET and didn’t get anything done, hence the link to a previously written story, but it is a reasonably interesting one (if you haven’t already read it).

Hopefully I’ll get my shit together and write something tomorrow.


18 Responses

  1. You were talking to ET? As in the Extra Terrestrial? I think I have a picture for you in my post for later today. I’ll try to put it close to the top.

    It looks like an interesting story. I’ll have to come back and read it after morning dentist appointments. (Yay!)

  2. Okay, I had time to read after all. (Look at that!) That was a great story.

    Danny once hitched from around Dayton, OH to Austin, TX to see me. He has a story about getting a ride from a truck driver that was higher than a kite. I think the truck driver was also sidetracked by talking to ET while he was driving.

  3. Hey, can you a give me ET’s phone number again? I lost it and I really need to phone home.

  4. I think I read that. I’ll go check.

    Yes. Good. I just didn’t comment! Good for me! 😉 See you tomorrow.

  5. You are a nut! Being a woman, I would never consider hitchhiking and you’ve just sold me on why. Good story, WT. Hey and don’t be so sensitive on my blog. I said I was sarcastic. I should have mentioned I am also a smart ass.

  6. I didn’t read it the first time and I’m glad you directed me there. Quite the adventure. Too much hitching is bound to get you in trouble. The more you do it the better the odds against you. Scary.

    And BTW what mean car recipients. They gotta know you need a place to stay or at the very least a ride somewhere. Doesn’t seem like a fair deal to JUST get a free ride. Should be some compensation.

  7. ok wolfbaby here firing blanks as usual 😛 Now for the florida and gator thing. Seriously.. didn’t you know gators can be seen on the side of the road there? i used to live down there and ya just didn’t wander off the road good thing you didnt!!! (well that was before the boom in population of peoples.. i hear tell the got that a bit better under control now a days though) foreign accent and red necks? come on… it aint that bad if ya wanna see that bad head up to alabama and georgia.. teee he or better tennesseee

    crazy boy hitchhicking in the first darn place!!

    now.. for gathering your shit together.. are you going to wear gloves for that? please do you don’t want the shit on the keys ewwwww

  8. Okay Willowtree – I’m hooked, that alligator story was scary – waiting for this one with interest!

  9. Has anyone mentioned that there is a fine line between being adventurous and stupid? The reason I know about that fine line is because I’m married to theHansMan and that makes his dad my father-in-law. I certainly hope your paths don’t cross. S-c-a-r-y !

  10. My mom surprised me once and picked up a hitcher. She only felt bad for him because he was on a bike, and my dad is an avid cyclist. ME? I would drive right on by and only feel guilty for a second.

    Scary stuff! But good read. xoxo

  11. Happy Blogiversary
    Happy Blogiversary
    Happy Blogiversary
    Happy Blogiversary
    Happy Blogiversary
    Happy Blogiversary
    Happy Blogiversary

    Seven times because I am late.

  12. Corn flakes are good. please avoid bran unless you like the sense of eating twigs and are ready for some unpleasant effects.

  13. I hadn’t yet found you when you posted that story. First time reading it. Glad you survived the night. You were persistent, I’ll give you that 😉

  14. Jenni – ET is my best friend, I put a link in the next episode.

    Mark – Trust me, you don’t want to talk to my ET.

    Melissa – Ah OK.

    Robinella – This was a long time ago. I felt bad when I thought I screwed you story up.

    Mary – I totally agree, they were really mean bastards. There’s some ethnicity involved but I’m not going to raise it.

    Wolfie – No, I didn’t know about the gators at all!

    Merry – Don’t get your hopes up, apart from the alligators it’s pretty boring (mostly).

    Amanda – Nice to see you!

    Swampy – Agreed.

    Marnie – How touching! Such heartfelt sentiments.

    Claudia – Ah, yeah, OK.

    Kila – Well I guess persistent is another word for it.

  15. ok, where’s my comment? you delete my comment? i’m pretty sure it wasn’t obscene. and i went through that annoying code-word-verification process. goldarnit. i’m sure it was a pretty good comment, too.

    guess i’ll have to read your new story and see if you’ll let me comment on that one.

  16. Ok…two things:

    1) LOLOL–You read “A Dingo’s Got…”! Huhfreakinglarious.

    2) Love the K9 portrait…stinkin’ adorable times three :).

    3) Haven’t I read everything you’ve ever written at some point??? You’re recycling now???

    Ok…sorry, that was three things….

  17. Damnit – my comment went missing.



    Hitchhike much since?

  18. Yikes.

    Hitchhike much since then?

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