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A little light entertainment

The bus trip ended up being very tedious, and I don’t want the story to get that way too, so we’ll just take a short break now. Instead, here’s a clip of Bentley the world famous duck hunter.

Those who have ever owned beagles will nod their heads in agreement, and those who haven’t will shake theirs in incredulity when I tell you that he did this for six hours straight. It would have been longer if I didn’t drag him out of the water.

What was really funny in a twisted perverted sort of way, was how all the ducks (they were mostly ducklings), just collapsed on side of the pond once I finally dragged Bentley away. They had to keep swimming as they were too young to fly. Anyway here goes…

He never got any of them, as you can see when he got close to them, they just dived under him and came up behind him (for six hours).

**Updated: Mary asked if I was worried about crocs.  While there are freshwater crocodiles in Australia, they are much further north than where I am, plus they are more common in rivers, this is just a little pond. If you want to learn a bit more, this may help. And to put things into perspective, this clip shows the pond and where it is in relation to my place (that’s my hous in the background)…