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Musical dogs.

No, the title doesn’t refer to the fact that my dogs are so talented that they can sing in three part harmony, it’s a reference to that party game where everyone swaps chairs.  This morning Belle’s father showed up for a parental visit. I snapped a shot so you can see where she gets some of her looks from…

The mother was the beagle. I locked them outside to play with each other (not just these two but Buddy and Bentley too) because as you can see there’s a lot of mud around these days.

I noticed that Laddie was limping, so rather than let him find his own way back home I decided to drive him (it’s about 2 miles). When I went to get my guys I found this…

I’ve had to add a strip of mesh along the bottom of the fence to stop them from getting out, but every now and then they manage to pull it away from the main mesh. Oh well, maybe someone will bring my strays back while I’m taking Laddie home.