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Commenting on current affairs and politics is something that I do rarely (if ever), but this morning’s news so stunned me that I couldn’t help myself. Please don’t take this a political statement or that I in any way support drug use but…


George Bush today used his powers to overrule the American judicial system and granted Scooter Libby a partial pardon. Bush commuted the 30 month jail sentence that was handed down to Libby for being convicted on four counts including obstruction and perjury, saying that he thought it was a bit harsh.

The thing that amazes me, is not that Dubya is ok with putting a CIA agent’s life at risk for political gain, or committing perjury to cover it up, or even that he sees a 30 month custodial sentence as being a bit harsh, no, what really amazes me is that he believes that  these sentences and these sentences are appropriate! The first lot are women, the second are men, all are prisoners of the War on Drugs.

I finally understand the saying "A fish rots from the head"


30 Responses

  1. Disgusting, isn’t it?

  2. I think he’s in league with the sherrif who went soft on ol’ Paris Hilton.

  3. tone deaf.
    that’s all i can say. the man is tone deaf.

  4. I’m horrified by the stories some of those women tell, not to mention the length of sentences. I fully accept that drugs are a problem, but sentencing mothers to jail for 25+ years as part of someone else’s plea bargain is not the solution.

  5. drugs are big business for our government. so are prisons. it’s disgusting, the lot of it. it’s hard to even be surprised anymore.

  6. Wow, I can not believe that monkey let him off… even though I had a feeling it was going to happen. Crazy that I hear it first from around the globe… but I try to not keep up with news daily as it infuriates me.
    I also was unaware of the situation you linked to. All I can hope for is someone will be elected that can bring about all the reform that is needed in this country. Lil’ old me can only help by spreading the word about this, like you, and trying to vote for the best political schmuck in the bunch! Thanks for getting this out there.

  7. don’t even get me started on the incompatence of some of the “people” in office.

  8. Commenting on current affairs and politics is something that I do always (in real life, not on my blog), so I have to tell you, I was not suprised, not in the least. That man is completely predictable and anyone who thought he would do anything different is ignorant about this man, his ideology, and his administration. Frankly, though, if you’re not a wonky person you couldn’t be anything but ignorant about those things, because the administration works diligently to obstruct and confuse everything they do.


  9. Nothing he does surprises me!

  10. He’s an utter disgrace.

  11. my paper did a big series about 10 years ago about the overly harsh sentences that women were getting for drug offenses, especially since generally their crime was not selling drugs, but merely refusing to inform on the sellers.

    one of the women we profiled, serena nunn, had her sentence commuted by clinton. by then, she had already served ten years of a 14-year sentence.

    her crime? refusing to inform on her boyfriend, who was selling cocaine.

    after her sentence was commuted, she moved away from minnesota, graduated from college, and then graduated from law school.

  12. Did you go back and add some to the last paragraph or was I just too tired to understand it last night?

    I didn’t read much of the website, but I do wonder how much of that stuff Bush or any prez knows about. If they do know about these things, I wonder if it is really at the forefront of their thinking what with everything else that’s going on in the world that they have to deal with.

    I voted for Bush. I can’t say I’m entirely pleased, but I can’t say I could have done better. I really don’t think Kerry would have done better, and I’m not a party line kinda gal, that’s just based on my overall impression of the guy. I wasn’t happy with Clinton, either, but again, who’s to say I could have done better.

    One thing I do know, I would not be influenced the way these guys seem to be. I don’t think we have any entirely honest, doing it for the love of their country kind of politicians out there any more. Even those who *seem* to be also seem to be swayed in one area or another by special interest groups or their own selfish interest. It’s disgusting. I think I’ll go watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and wax nostalgic for a bygone era that may never have been.

  13. I surprised that Sky News thought that what they were reporting was a Breaking News Flash ! Didn’t we already know he was one of the worst U.S. Disasters a long time ago ?

  14. I really can’t wait to see him leave office. He is proof that people can be created without brains.

  15. I figured he’d do it… was actually glad that the justice system flushed him out and made him do it now, instead of as a quiet act as he leaves the presidency. Makes me furious.

    I don’t figure he was just “ok” with outing Plame. I’m guessing he was in the decision.

    He figures anyone who contradicts him is an enemy. Doesn’t tolerate differences of opinion.

    I hate him for what he’s done to our country – and to so many others.

  16. Back to let you know I answered your question about why our houseboat was banned at my place.
    Also noticed, I let off the ‘m on I in my first comment. Oh well, since you’re dylexic too, I’M sure it made sense anyway.

  17. I have no words. This does not happen often in general, but almost always when it comes to Bush. Sputtering rage or no words. The damage that man has done to the U.S., to the situation in the Middle East, to the world. I wonder if we’ll ever recover from it?

  18. I’m never surprised anymore. In fact this stuff is getting predictable.

  19. I’m never surprised anymore. In fact this stuff is getting predictable.

  20. I knew he was bad news Day 1 of his presidency when he reversed some critical Environmental programs that Clinton had put into place prior to leaving office.

    Everything is political. I am sick of it.

  21. Laurie – When I read the stories of the women, it was just as you say: most were convicted of conspiracy rather than possession, and all of those that were charged, were charged because they would not co-operate with the DEA and accuse family members or boyfriends.

    Jenni – Yes, I added (changed actually) the last paragraph as people didn’t seem to be seing the link I put in.
    The Presidents (this only relates to Clinton and Bush, as the “War on Drugs” was started by Clinton in 1993) must know about this as it’s driven by the White House through the ONDCP. However, given that Bush is intent on destroying world stability, he may have taken his eye off the ball.

    Hayden – Good point, it was going to happen anyway, at least this way the Democrats get some mileage out of it.

    Karmyn – What he did to the Environmental programs was minor compared to what he did to FEMA prior to Katrina (which was part of the reason they fucked it up so badly).

  22. I kinda figured you’d comment on this 😉

    “Dubya is ok with putting a CIA agent’s life at risk for political gain.” That doesn’t make sense, sorry. All of high society and the media in the Washington and New York area knew who she was and that she was CIA. It wasn’t a secret. No one has ever been charged with “outing her”.

    I think Libby just ended up taking the fall for much ado about nothing, started by those looking for any chance to smear the President. There was never much to it, the media just went completely nuts with the “story”. After years of investigation, it went nowhere.

    Libby is still facing the $250,000 fine and two years probation. Not to mention, his life is over. “”The reputation he gained through his years of public service and professional work in the legal community is forever damaged,” Bush said. “His wife and young children have also suffered immensely. He will remain on probation. The significant fines imposed by the judge will remain in effect. The consequences of his felony conviction on his former life as a lawyer, public servant and private citizen will be long-lasting.”

    I basically agree with Roy Blunt who said, “The prison sentence was overly harsh and the punishment did not fit the crime. The sentence was based on charges that had nothing to do with the leak of the identity of a CIA operative.”

    I find it very amusing to hear so many liberals whining about the Libby pardon. They didn’t whine about President Clinton selling well over 100 pardons to just about anyone and everyone.

  23. Kila – I’d have been disappointed in you if you didn’t write something like this.

    If she wasn’t outed, why was there such a big deal about it, including an FBI investigation?

    While that charges were specifically ‘outing the agent’ (they were perjury and obstruction, as I’ve said in the post and in the comments), to say they had nothing to do with the outing is somewhat disingenuous.

    But this is all just to be expected, my main point was the harsh sentences being handed down to everyone else in the country.

  24. the headline on the news picture should be

    bush THE WORST disaster to hit the U.S.

  25. oh my god I love that K-9s picture. So much.

  26. oh my god I love that K-9s picture. So much.

  27. Melissa – MDW took that picture last time she was up here, it’s my favourite too.

  28. I think Mickey Mouse would still run this country better than a monkey.

    I am voting for Goofy next. Can’t go wrong with a talking dog. *Rolls eyes*

  29. this is cronyism at its best (if you can call it that.)

  30. Hi Aussie. I’m a Yank (who lived in Brisso when life was a lot simpler) and found your site by all everyone’s favorite method. You know, surfing from page to page.
    On to Dubya and his betrayal. I can only apologize for our president (although I don’t). The SOB is in big barney rubble with me.

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