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Why I’ve been slack on posting.

I felt a bit bad yesterday just posting that haiku, but then it got more comments than I normally get, so at least you guys had fun. The reason for the short post yesterday and why I’m not posting the next instalment of Willow’s Bug Bus Trip is revealed in these photos….


Doesn’t look too happy does he? Even for a pug that’s a soulful expression.
This next photo shows why..


I found a lump the size of a marble while I was petting him the other day so I booked him in for a biopsy. In the end they didn’t even have to send it away as it was just fatty tissue. But I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry, particularly where it was, if it was malignant and it grew, it would have been a bitch to get out and he may have lost a leg.

Now, as to why I haven’t written the next episode. I just about ran out of wood yesterday (and it’s darn cold) so today I have been getting more. This may not look too bad but believe me it was a bit scary…


If you look at that ladder you’ll see that I was about 10ft of the ground holding the chainsaw at chest height and the branch (secondary trunk actually) I was cutting was about 40ft long and very heavy, not the safest of environments (each rung is a foot apart)…


But, luckily everything when well and I didn’t end up either in hospital or on Funniest Home Videos (or both). And even better still, I didn’t take out the corner of my shed (refer to earlier pic)…



Just threw those two pics in for artistic effect. 

Belle is shaping up to be a real good little dog (if she’d just stop crapping in the damn house!), she goes everywhere with me, but she disappears purty durn qwik when the chainsaw fires up…



Ok, I admit it, I called her so she would turn around an look at me in that last photo, but the sawdust is real!


29 Responses

  1. BELLE IS ADORABLE!!! I wanna snuggle with her!

  2. That face!!! She’s SO adorable!

  3. I love Belle.

    I hope Buddy is recovering well.

  4. Aw, poor Buddy. Hope he’s doing better, but I imagine he’s a bit grumpy and will be for a while.

    As I was reading and saw the first picture of that trunk leaning over the shed, my first thought (before reading everything, duh!) was that you had in fact crashed in the corner of that shed. Excellent lumber jack skills, dear. “Oh, I’m a lumberjack….”

  5. GLAD Buddy is on this end of that, but I might be grinning instead of looking forlorn if someone sliced some fat off my legs!

    We found FIVE lumps on Aussie yesterday…but they were ticks {{shivers}}, a pain but nothing more sinister :/. They’re HORRIBLE around here this year, as well as fleas (the vet said dry weather would exacerbate both…nothin’ we can do about that). I should film Aussie after her bath…she looks more like a Tasmanian devil than an Australian Shepherd when it’s over.

    Ummm, Peter, you DO have a cell phone in your pocket while you’re doing incredibly DANGEROUS AND STUPID firewood cutting like that, right? So you can call someone to come pick up your mangled body when the saw kicks back, you get knocked off the ladder, and both chainsaw and metal rungs and whatever’s left of the tree branch or trunk comes tumbling down on top of you….R.I.G.H.T.?

    At least give someone your TypePad I.D. so we can know where to send get well cards…….;).

  6. boscoe gets those lumps now, too. he has three or four of them. our kent-hrbek-lookalike vet assures us they’re just fat deposits, but doug always thinks they’re cancer.

    glad your guy is OK but that incision looks like no fun at all.

    and that small dog who apparently is named belle but i thought was named bentley (im a little slow) IS RIGHTFULLY MINE. tell her she can crap in our house any time she wants.

    (though riley woudl have something to say about that, i think.)

  7. So glad Buddy is ok and it was just a fatty lump. Looks like Paul Bunyan doesn’t have anything on you. (DubYaT with a chain-saw…now that’s scary.) Belle is adorable even if she does poopey in the house.

  8. I want Belle. No seriously.

    Glad Buddy is nothing more than just a bit chubby…hey, just like a lot of us!

  9. Swampy – In my dyslexic state I though you were talking about Olive Oil, I thought you said “she does popeye in the house”

  10. yikes! a chainsaw whilst up on a ladder leaned against a dead tree? Yikes! That is WAY to scarey for me to think about.

    adorable shot of Belle….

  11. Oh poor Buddy I hope he recovers quickly. Belle is just too cute!

  12. my pokey had one of those once.. kinda scary till the doc says it’s ok. poor baby

    hmm that sucks having to cut your own firewood..can’t you just hire someone?

    if I blow will some of our hot weather to you?

    ok that just sounded so wrong

    hope the pup is better soon!!

  13. Oh, poor wee pug! So glad it wasn’t anything serious.

    Belle is seriously too cute for her own good. I woldn’t be surprised if most of us have half-baked nefarious plans to go to Australia just to kidnap her. Except, I’ve just ruined those plans now by mentioning, haven’t I? Damn…

    And I’m with Robin. Carry a cellphone, dude.

  14. Buddy, darling, hope you feel better soon!

    I helped cut wood when I was young and it is no joke. Although, I loved splitting the wood since I had great aim.

  15. I agree with Robin. I think a chain saw needs a buddy system (and I don’t mean your beagle, either)

    speaking of beagles, one of my co-workers got a 6 week old beagle pup. brought it in to the office and I was smitten.

  16. Poor pug.
    Yeah, my husband has pulled a chainsaw up on unsteady ladder stunt before, and I nearly had a heart attack.
    And I love Belle!

  17. poor poor dog.

    the tree thing. i cut trees yesterday. i have this new nifty lopper thing that’s racheted. so you can cut down limbs pretty good size. now I want my own chain saw.. a little one. brian says that is out of the question he can’t afford an emergency room visit.

    i’m going now to read what i missed out on.

  18. poor poor dog.

    the tree thing. i cut trees yesterday. i have this new nifty lopper thing that’s racheted. so you can cut down limbs pretty good size. now I want my own chain saw.. a little one. brian says that is out of the question he can’t afford an emergency room visit.

    i’m going now to read what i missed out on.

  19. I want them both. Buddy’s grumpy mug would fit in well next to me here on the couch.

    Good to know you didn’t take out any of your property while keeping warm.

  20. I hope Buddy is okay.

    When Zeus has his leg surgery, they removed a fatty tumor from his back (it was huge) – and lo and behold – there was cancer underneath it. (even though they had biopsied the tumor before and found nothing)

    It is a very low growing cancer type so the vet said we had two choices – to watch and wait or to radiate. (Right now we are watching – but after vacation is over I am going to check into the whole radiation option.)

  21. Only people with ‘our condition’ will be hysterical over that one. I probably spelled popeye in my ‘first draft’ and corrected it when I did my roofpreading. Should have left it popeye and you would have read it poopey.

  22. Awww… That last photo is ADORABLE!

    You’ve added lumberjack to your resume. I had wondered if you would buy wood somewhere…

    Glad everyone is safe. I was a bit worried that you hadn’t posted more yesterday. Feel better soon, Buddy!

  23. That 3rd to the last photo keeps calling me back. Love it.

  24. 39 comments on your haiku? I bet you didn’t even miss me while I was gone?


  25. 39 comments on your haiku? I bet you didn’t even miss me while I was gone?


  26. Poor guy. What a relief it wasn’t anything serious, though.

    Belle is beautiful!

  27. Poor Buddy! Belle is a cutie!

  28. Sheesh Willowtree, I am glad that you were not hurt doing the tree cutting. That Belle is one cute dog.

  29. poor Buddy. I am sure he is being well spoilt to make him feel better.

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