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Now with even more Brain!

Oh — Oh — shucks, folks, I’m speechless!

Well fellow Dingoers (or should that be Dingoites), you’ve gone and
done it! You’ve proved that age old adage that a good excuse will
always trump a poor result, (sometimes translated to ‘if you can’t
dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit).  This
sets a new benchmark for IQ measurement, it’s only a matter of time
before all IQs will be measured in the number of readers a person has.


Woohoo! I feel smarter already!!

And just to show my appreciation, I’m having a mini contest. I’ll
award a prize (3D of course, one that you can actually hold in your hot
little hands) for the first person to correctly answer the following.

Who said "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an
isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side."
and how does it relate to this situation.

I’m expecting bazillions of correct answers, so I’ve hidden a
cryptic clue in the post, whoever finds it and includes an explanation
in their answer will be the champion, if I get a few correct entries at
around the same time, I’ll draw the winner from a hat. Fuck! It’s going
to be harder to win this than the actual award (but then the prize will
be better).

Important update~~ While all you wimmin bloggers were busy patting yourselves on your collective back just for being wimmin (except for Jenny who at least broke with convention), Joy over at a Spot of T. did the honourable thing and found an award for us guys (unlike Jenny who made one up). Turns out the person who came up with the Rocking Chair for Women award, or something like that, also made one for guys. And I was just awarded it, so there!


Ok, so I’ll admit that I only got it after whining to her, but it’s still an award right? Besides, she ran out of people to award it to after only three, and still didn’t give it to me without my crying about it!!!!

Thank you Joy, you’re a good bloke after all.


21 Responses

  1. I might not have won the contest, but I do recognize the two quotes from my very favorite movie of all time! From the cowardly lion after receiving his medal and the scarecrow after he receives his degree. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.. and congratulations on winning the contest 🙂

  2. “Yibidy yibida that’s all folks” – Porky Pig

    Not point in going on, Judy won. But hey, feel free to leave a comment if you like. And don’t forget to tell me how wonderful I yam.

  3. Yes, the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz said it. And it relates because…he wanted a brain? “If I only had a brain….”

    “If I only had Stephanie to blog-sing this for me….”

    I think I know the clue. Should I post it? I’ll move down

    (It’s “Oh — Oh — shucks, folks, I’m speechless!”; I should explain that I watched this movie over and over and over again for a class project my first year in college. My professor declared we used too much footage in our presentation, too. Bitch.)

  4. I didn’t really explain the clue. Duh. The scarecrow said that line in the movie.

  5. Or one of the other ones said it. I’m not sure. Oh hell delete all my comments, I have a headache.

  6. Can we just make up haikus for this post too? Thanks.

  7. that melissa is one talky chick.
    my sister used to quote that line all the time. so actually i should have won. whatever you send to judy, just send one to me, too. c/o Riley, in St.Paul. thanks.

  8. Well, hell. I thought it was pythagorus. I’m not brainy or cool.

    Congrats on the brainy award. I hoped to be brainy someday, I’ll aim lower.

  9. There once was a man from Nantucket.
    There once was a man from Australia.
    Who had a 3-D prize he would mail ya.
    But we are all too late
    Judy stepped up to the plate
    And answered his question without fail-ya.

    Ok, so it sucks.

  10. You’re a winner.

    I’m a loser.

    You’re brainy.

    I’m not “Most Talkative” after all. Wait a second, does that REALLY mean I’m a loser?

    Melissa is crackin’ me up…

    Congratulations, Einstein ;).


    I can’t decide which award fits you better.

    How quickly you added them to your sidebar! And those new pet photos are adorable. Your kids are almost cuter than mine 😉

    I think the Scarecrow said it, but he got it a little bit wrong. What he said isn’t possible.

    Are you saying that we all got it wrong by voting you the brainiest and that it’s not possible?

  12. since you are the wizard of OZ….
    I know where all that hot air came from in the balloon.. bwaaa hahahahah

    Okay.. I had to be mean because I just got here and didn’t get a chance to win… sniff sniff ..

    oh dear poison poppies…. awwwwwwwwwwghhhhhhh


  13. LOL the comments are to funny. Now see. I was shooting blanks again so like usual I wouldn’t have made any sense. ahh well.

    whats the prize anyway?

    just ya know

  14. and I’ll get your little doggie, tooo!

  15. P.S. There is something for you on my Thursday post. And, I am not the Wicked Witch of the East. West, maybe. But not East.
    How is Buddy?

  16. If I only had a brain. LOL!


  17. I see I’ve joined this party a bit late but I can pretend I knew the answer and would have won…most definitely…go on, prove I wouldn’t have!

  18. Dear willowtree. You said the comment (well, typed it, more precisely) and it relates to this situation because it’s a brainy comment (well, supposed to be) and you’re brainy. Is that enough flattery of you, for you to send a jar of Vegemite to me in Ukraine?!

  19. Congrats.

    I think.

  20. enidd just thought you were misquoting pythagoras, which shows she needs to move her cultural life forward a few thousand years. sigh.

    p.s. if you’re sending vegemite out…

  21. yeah cause enidd’s an Aussie. At least, to sanfriskans

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