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You don’t see that too often.

I went out the back to play with the dogs yesterday, and as I was walking down the hall I heard a helicopter that sounded pretty close. By the time I made it out into the yard, I noticed this…


"Hmm, interesting" I thought. "I wonder what’s going on?"
The chopper isn’t as close as it looks, I’ve actually zoomed in. It had landed on the highway about a half a kilometre away.

Next I noticed this…


That’s an ambulance and a fire truck. If you click it, you may be able to make out a wheel pointing up next to the guy in the safety vest.

And finally, I noticed this…


There was a line of cars and trucks backed up for miles in each direction, I guess landing a chopper on a two lane highway will cause that. Thing is, I didn’t even hear it (that’s not unusual, I’ve tuned out the cattletrucks that bounce over that rickety bridge), and wouldn’t have even known about it if I didn’t go out to play with the dogs.

And now, just because I can, here’s some live action footage.


I don’t know what happened to the people in the car, I’ve asked but no-one knows (and no one particularly cares it seems). They weren’t locals and the helicopter took them to Tamworth. I drove past the scene today and couldn’t even tell for sure where it the crash happened.


19 Responses

  1. Many times we have such a glimpse into people’s lives, but we never know the results especially with accidents. We live near a busy intersection, and accidents occur frequently. I used to try to find out what happened to the victims, but there is usually not even a note in the newspaper.

  2. If they weren’t locals, they were probably driving on the wrong side of the road. Or maybe, they were driving on the right side of the road and everyone else was driving on the wrong side. Great video and love the scenery.

  3. Never a dull moment in the life of a willow tree.

  4. Well that made the topic for a good post but I do hope the people are OK even if you can’t find out. We quite frequently see a police helicopter where I live as they use them to track people and cars. They hover overhead and if it’s dark they shine a strong beam on the person they are chasing. It’s quite good fun to watch.

  5. …I always wanna know what happened. If I were a cat, curiosity woulda killed me a long time ago :/.

  6. I used to work as a traffic reporter, and I always shuddered when they sent out helicopters because it usually meant something really bad had happened. However, being where you are, a helicopter to get to the nearest hospital is a probably a wise idea! Sad as the crash is, it was nice to see a little of the scenery around your place.

  7. yikes.
    i’m sorry for them.
    glad your dogs were nowhere near the road.

  8. Hey, WT, I didn’t notice you had been blog stalking me until you mentioned it;o) Nah, I get up from the computer not realizing I left a window up all the time. Ree probably really thinks I’m stalking her because she has that second window pop up for comments and I forget it’s there when I click over to another site on the other window. Now, I came back to your blog several times yesterday just to watch that video. I showed it to Danny and the three older kids and we all laughed hysterically over it.

    The helicopter doesn’t always mean something “really bad” has happened. Sometimes it just means it’s too far to the hospital or too difficult to get an ambulance in there. Jo got a helicopter ride, but looking back I’m not sure it was necessary. They weren’t able to get the helicopter much closer than an ambulance could have gotten anyway. I hope things turn out as well for the folks in that car accident.

  9. Sad and scary. I’ve been up close to some really terrible accidents as we are right outside a major tourist town. Not only cars. As the traffic increases there are a few pedestrians hit every year. It’s NOT a quite little beach town.

  10. the helicopter here does mean a critical patient is being transported from a local hospital to one in seattle, spokane or portland.

    everything looks so beautifully green there WT.

    I often leave a blog on my computer and go away and come back hours later and think “Ooops”

  11. So things happen even in the middle of nowhere!

  12. Hmmmm… those sorts of incidences are always interesting.

  13. Huh. I wonder if it will show up in your local paper.

  14. I’m stopping in to say “hi.” The accident and ensuing drama looks exciting–I hope everyone ended up okay. Love your new pics of the pups. Belle is too cute for words.

  15. Between the dogs and cats and now helicopters, RePete thinks your blog is the best.

  16. The last time I had a helicopter over my house it was because some guy robbed the gas station at the end of the block and took off on foot. That was scary. Hope everyone is all right in your case.

  17. I went on a chopper ride once those things are loud the view is cool though..

    hope they end up being ok.

  18. I hope they are OK. Keep us posted.

    Your location isn’t as remote as I had imagined.

    Pretty scenery.

  19. No,it is not something that happens every often, for sure. Nice colors on the helicopter.

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