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Fun Monday #25

Fun_monday_2_2This week’s assignment is brought to you by Tiggerlane and she wants to see our rides. Over the years I’ve had over 30 cars (not all of them winners), so I’ve decided just to show a small sampling of them. These ones all have something slightly interesting about them. If you want a closer look at any of them, you can always ‘click it to big it’.


This ’64 Chev Bel Air was a great car! Leather upholstery, nice big V8 and best of all, I lived in the middle of NSW where you could drive 50 miles in a dead straight line in any direction. The car belonged to a farmer who got killed when he pushed his grain auger into a set of overhead lines (a more common occurrence than you would think).

I drove this ’74 Chev Custom 10 from Omemee to Newfoundland and back to Sudbury. The car at the far left of the picture is an Oldsmobile Rocket 88. I was a passenger in it when it was totalled by a drunk driver in another car.


The one one the left (with the high top) was the first car we owned as a married couple (and the 3rd kombi I’d owned), the one on the right is the second VW camper we owned.

And this is why I love VW campers so much. We lived in this one for 9 months as we travelled around Australia (waiting for my green card to be approved). This is far north Qld and that’s us in the foreground.

The little ’74 Mustang in front is the car we drove non-stop (except for gas) from Cooperstown to Montebello. The  piece of shit Mercury behind it was lucky to make it to the end of the street without having a spasm.
Something you may find interesting, the 74 Mustang came with a 2.6lt Ford Cortina motor that was made in England.


The one on the left is a ’74 Toyota Crown, the one on the right is a Mini (with a fridge tied to the back). The Crown was a great car, the Mini not so much. In fact, the gearstick broke off in my had one time while I was driving. When I went to get it fixed I was told it was fairly common!

Meet Blaise, she’s not actually mine, she belongs to ET, but I did have her for a year (which is way longer than a lot of cars I actually owned!) I couldn’t possibly do a car post and not include her.

And now for some dream cars….


The car on the left is an original 1949 FJ Holden, the one on the right is a Holden Efijy  and was made as a concept car in 2004 or thereabouts, but due to increasing pressure from consumers, it may eventually make it to production.

But everything in this post is just crap when you compare them to my all time Dream Car.

Oh Geez! I can’t believe I almost forgot this one! It’s a 1990 Feroza that I bought new (and yes, that means I’ve had it for 17 years)…


And a late inclusion…


It was brought to my attention while reading some posts, that Tiff did say that you could post lawnmowers, so here’s mine (with a load of wood that I just cut).