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Willow’s Big Bus Ride pt 4

If you just got here, there’s another three parts to this story (they’re in the sidebar). However, if you don’t have the time to read them all, I’ll give you a brief summary:- I’m on a bus.

The longer Lily (not her real name) and Willowtree (my real name, but at the time I simply went by ‘that real cool Aussie dude who is travelling around the world having fabulous adventures and meeting very nice people while seeing lots of sights’ , although WT may have been easier) spent together, the more their feelings for each other grew. Could they be soul mates? Both had a desperate yearning for love, to lavish their affections on another, to be held by another, and both felt a stirring in their loins at the very thought. Ha! You people are such girls! That’s the Mills and Boon version, here’s what really happened…

After we sorted out that little misunderstanding about me being a pervert and her being a lesbian, we got on really well and spent the rest of the trip together. At every stop we would grab a coffee and have a cigarette, and at the long breaks we would share a meal. I was pretty certain that unless I said something really stupid, I’d be in with a chance.

Lily, it turns out, was Cajun and at the time I had no idea that could refer to a person (I had been a fan of Dr. John for about 10 years, so I knew about Cajun music). Ok smartarses, before you all go saying "how could you not know that Cajun is an ethnic group as well as a style of music", when was the last time you met a Zydeco?  So anyway, after a couple of days of laughing and dropping hints, Lily invited me to spend some time with her in Phoenix, where she lived. At that point I think I may have got a woody. So I graciously took her up on her offer and broke the trip in Arizona.

She lived only about 20 minutes from the bus station, and by the time we got to her place it was around 2:30 in the afternoon. She asked me if I’d like to take a shower, and after three days or so on a bus, that was about the only thing on my mind at that stage. She seemed to have something else on her mind because about 5 minutes into the joy of having steaming hot water bringing me back to life, she suddenly appeared in the shower with me. So, I did what you’d expect me to do in that situation.

Now if you think I was surprised by that, you should have seen the look on my face when her husband came home later day and she introduced us. He was a pharmacist, and a really nice guy, and I wasn’t too pleased to discover I had just committed adultery (I may have a few vices, but that isn’t one of them), although I maintain that as I honestly didn’t know she was married (something she had neglected to mention over that past three days), my conscience is clear.

We all went out for Mexican food that evening, and had a great time. Had it not been for the serious bonking session we’d had, I would have stayed in Phoenix for a while, as they were both a lot of fun.  But really, I had no choice but to cut my stay short and leave the next day. Which was a shame because they had some really kickass wacky tabaccy.

Bonus! I found this the other day while I was looking for photos of my old cars for Fun Monday. I had forgotten all about it…


Yep that’s a picture of Lily alright, it’s also a picture of the bus. I don’t know how she and the pharmacist ended up, all I know is that while we were waiting at the bus station, she told me to call her when I got settled in California and she would come and join me. Yeah right!

So it was back on the bus for WT.


27 Responses

  1. Oh the wiles of women WT, and you trying your best to be good too.

  2. Hahahaha. What an absolute kack!

  3. Holy moly WT. I must say, I didn’t see that coming;).

  4. stick to dogs. they’re far less complicated. more honest, too.

  5. More, More, More!!!

    I’m such a sucker for bus stories, and I don’t know why. Nothing better than riding the Greyhound (you know what that is, don’t you?) cross country…

  6. I think I met a Zydeco yesterday.

  7. Fast and loose heh? Well sorry that didn’t really work out for you. But you did get something out of it.

  8. …and a good time was had by all, mostly. I’m glad your conscience is clear, dear. It should be, after all, how would you know about the husband. Although, it does sound a little like the plot of a porn film. “And then the pharmacist walks in…”


  9. Can’t wait to read the next chapter!!

  10. Oh my goodness. That was unexpected. I was still thinking she was a lesbian. Did I forget something from an earlier post?

    A pharmacist with some great drugs, huh? And you went out to dinner with the two of them afterward? Wasn’t that awkward? I suppose if you had got the hell out of there right away he would have suspected something. Of course, I’m just wondering what would have happened if you would have stuck around. Did Lily and her pharmacist have plans for you? Ewww! I think I just creeped myself out.

  11. I did not see that coming either. I can’t wait to read more.

  12. I did not see WT doin the dirty comein at me…. snikies.. you caught me off guard.. way to go WT LOL

  13. If you’d stayed around that might have become a menage a trois (sorry don’t know how to put in the accents) particularly with wacky tabaccy about!!

  14. “We all went out for Mexican food that evening…” HUH?! Her husband didn’t suspect anything? And you could stand to be around him knowing what you had done? I’m just trying to picture how you handled that meal, LOL. You must have a better Poker face than I do.

  15. Oh, and I loved the story and can’t wait to read Part 5!

  16. Bonking session. Classy.

  17. Dude. Boinking session. Mexican Food. Bonus Picture. This is the best story ever.

  18. hey, maybe he actually knew about it…

  19. Hmm, and the pharmacist husband was okay with a strange male (strange like unknown not strange like weird) in his home that his wife met on a long bus trip. Seems to me that Lily and the pharmacist were looking for a threesome. Oh well, WT, that was a good story. Is there more?

  20. I’ve wondered about this on and off over the years. The Pharmacist wasn’t the most manly of men that I’ve met but that doesn’t necessarily mean he was a switch hitter. Whether he knew about his wife’s shenanigans or not is another matter, perhaps he was cuckolded. But in the end I think he was just being hospitable to a traveller.

  21. Keep telling yourself that WT. Keep telling yourself that. I had to come back and see if I was the only one who had that thought. It looks like I was just the first to say it, LOL.

  22. he may be the father to your son or daughter. who knows.

  23. Love Pamela’s comment, how does that make you feel WT?

    I too think they were looking for a third house ‘mate’!

  24. Oops, eh? 😉

  25. enidd wonders what the conversation was like over your mexican meal. great story, wt!

  26. I’m so glad I made the time to come back and read part 4 – oooh lala!!! and then some…

    remind me to tell you about the guy I dated in college who neglected to tell me about his wife and kid.

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