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19 Responses

  1. ha ha that is so so funny but i don’t know what means the word fart is it like fat? i look at my girl frind mind gap and she has funny words for you called dingos and barie. ha ha cool bastad. i like you cats my friend dima has cat but no tail.

  2. Lol where do you find them!?!?

  3. *sigh* Willow Tree, male humourist extraordinaire. LOL, you’re a goof.

  4. The illustration for the fart is a coiled-up spring? What had that man been eating? A Sealy-Posturpedic mattress?

  5. Talk about breaking wind.

  6. hee-hee. that’s funny

  7. After our beans last night, I’d have no problem with the first part, but I think the dog is on to me, can I throw it at her?

  8. I think you chose that joke because of the recipients resemblance to you.

  9. enidd wants to know what the game is so she can buy it for the man for christmas πŸ˜‰

  10. So you’ve gotten this card too?!?!?! And I thought I was the only one.

  11. That DID make me laugh…

  12. You need a hobby. Bad.

    One that doesn’t involve me.

  13. Oh! That was great!

  14. Thanks for the comments about my ever-growing menagerie. I really need to put up more pics of the furry part of my family. πŸ™‚

  15. Is that a lump on the other guy’s head or some kind of hairstyle? His undeveloped twin, perhaps. He should get that checked out.

  16. Melissa – Have you never seen The Adventures of Tintin?

  17. From wikipedia: “Contemporary use of the ligne claire is often ironic. For example, van de Boogaart used the simple, clear style to set up a conflict with the amorality of his characters, while Tardi used it in his AdΓ¨le Blanc-sec series to create a nostalgic atmosphere which is then ruthlessly undercut by the story.”

    Since you’re using it today I’m calling it a contemporary use. Therefore I can only conclude the guy’s head is somehow ironic. Or maybe his head is ruthlessly undercutting the message on the card by screaming “look at me! I have an undeveloped twin!” Which, I believe, beats tornado farts in games similar to “rock, paper, scissors”.


    (I hadn’t heard of The Adventures of Tintin. Thanks for the link!)

  18. dude that would be one rank twister

    can you take me off the fun monday list? sorry and thank you

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