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Can’t see tree for the forest…

I’ve got nothing of interest (seems to be a lot of that going around lately), so I’ll just leave you with a series of photos. See if you can figure out why I thought they were worth taking…


If this had been real life you would have seen immediately why I thought it was interesting, it’s only because the photos are one dimensional that it’s hard to see. Melissa sort of came the closest by saying what it looked like but wasn’t (huh?)…

This first picture puts it in context, yep it’s a tree fallen in a paddock. What’s a bit harder to make out is that the tree-line in the background is about 500 metres (or yards for those metrically challenged) away. The fallen tree, and the one next to it are the only ones in that part of the paddock, and have been left there for shade

So now, looking a little closer. You can just make out the green both underneath the fallen tree and behind it, that shows the gap between the fallen tree and the tree-line. At the right of the photo is the best view of the grass. Again, the camera has foreshortened the depth of field.

Finally, if you now look at the fallen trunk itself, you’ll notice that those trees in the background are actually branches of the fallen tree that have grown perpendicular to the trunk, making them look like trees in the background. The best way to see it is by following the trunk to the left of the photo, there you see that they are growing way above ground level.

What I found interesting was how nature adapted to a changing environment, there are no branches whatsoever growing below the trunk, yet there are a heap on the top. That in itself is pretty amazing, given that branches normally sprout all around a trunk. And if you think about it, the branches (which are doing quite well) are on the opposite side of where the capillaries that are still intact, i.e. the trunk is snapped on the side facing up.

It wasn’t until I posted these pics that I realised how deceptive they were (I wasn’t trying to be tricky), in real live it’s as plain as the nose on your face.


32 Responses

  1. Dear willowtree. Don’t know why they were worth taking… because it’s a eucalypt?

  2. you saw a fallen tree and wondered if it made a sound as it fell?

  3. Dear LMM – Ah, this is Australia, the chances of finding a eucalyptus are pretty good. You need to look closely at the last picture. And maybe another look at the title may help too.

  4. Is it that the dead tree looks at first like it has leaves, but the leaves are really the foliage from the trees behind it?

  5. You felled this tree yourself with your handy-dandy chainsaw because Einstein was ‘hanging’ in it? OR The tree is not visible in the first photo because of the forest ?

  6. Has it got something to do with the blue Kombi?? parked behind the fallen tree?

  7. My friend sent me a birthday card one year that said: If a tree falls in the forest and then springs right back upright as a joke, do the squirrels freak out?

  8. wlel now it is a streatch but as it is down the smaller trees in the back ground kinda blend with it cause it was so big and it’s branches now look like a part of the forest in the back ground..cuase the trees in the back ground are like the same size as the brances 🙂

    never said I would make a whole lotta sense it is early morning ya know LOL

    bedsides can anyone say

    free firewood?

  9. it is looking like JAWS pipping up at the under the photo. it was taken at the coast was it not? I am loving the photo thanks cool.

  10. After studying the last phto for some time, I have no idea. And feel really stupid.

  11. Have you altered the effects to make it lok like a painting!

  12. or even ‘look’

  13. A shark! A shark!

    (insert JAWS theme music)

  14. You know. The last time I studied a picture so hard over the internet, some blasted ugly beast came screaming on the screen and I wee’d my pants. So I’m not looking.

  15. I have no idea. But I like all 3 pics, and I was thinking it was neat how the fallen trea makes a right angle with the upright one, then in the second pic it seems to be at a right angle with the fence, and for the third pic, I got nothin’.

  16. The dead tree has leaves. Even if that is not why, you have taken an interesting series of pictures.

  17. You are actually in the third picture disguised as a Koala Bear?

  18. It looks to me like all those trees are growing out of the fallen tree. Unless the loch ness monster is now on land and stalking the Australian countryside.

  19. Okay I am totally stumped…okay bad pun…but seriously does it require glasses ? magnifying ? urgh…this is going to bug me all day…

    I have seen your comments around and now I am adding you to my blogroll- because you are a creative soul….

  20. love it. I never saw a eucalyptus do that here.

    I love seeing the broken trees up in the redwoods, they sprout new groves from the trunks and the tangle of life becomes so intricate, difficult to figure out which tree is which.

  21. Yes, it is very interesting how the environment is ever changing and nature has no choice but to adapt accordingly. Nice photo series.

  22. Are you making fun of my nose?

  23. Very cool. It does look like a whole forest.

    P.S. It arrived today! Thank you!

    P.P.S. If you need some excitement, I could loan you my middle son 😉 Did you see what he did on Friday?

  24. okay… day late, dollar short. I was going to say that you “could not tell a lie” and you cut down the cherry tree.

    I saw many trees in the casade or the olympic mounts that have numerous flora growing out of the side. Your’s nearly looks like a group of trees feeding off an old trunk.

  25. Swampy – Witch nose?

    Kila – Yes I did see that. What a handful!
    PS. I’m glad it made it safely.

    Pamela – Technically that’s what’s actually happening.

  26. Now that is cool!

  27. Maybe you could give the impression that you are indecisive. Not being able to make up your mind seems like a hindrance in deciding the outcome of a trial. On the other hand, making snap decisions might be liberating. No, wait a minute, I cannot decide, or yes, the S.O.B. is guilty as the day is long…maybe.

  28. So, what I thought was the optical illusion was the real thing? I have to stop staring at these pictures. It’s making my head hurt.

  29. Willowtree ~ Thanks for your question! ~ I guess that you bring up a point that I neglected to include. In San Francisco the crookedest is not Lombard Street. According to the “San Francisco Neighborhood Guide”, it is the drive south on Vermont Street from McKinley Park is actually the crookedest Street in San Francisco. And, as for the world… according to the folks at “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”, they have titled “Snake Alley” as “The Crookedest Street In The World.” “Snake Alley” is located at the 600 block of Washington St., in the historic Heritage Hill neighborhood of downtown Burlington, Iowa. I hope that helps?! ~ lz///

  30. darn Wt I musta been shooting blanks again LOL

    make it harder much;)

    it’s still pretty pic no matter what else it is

  31. Molly – I think you have mistaken me for Swampy!

    LZB – Thanks for that, however I’m going to stick with Lombard St as the crookedest, since all reference sources say that it is, including the San Francisco Neighborhood Guide in their Russian Hill section. The fact remains that Lombard has 8 switchbacks to Vermont’s 7.

    I take your point though, plus I looked at both streets in Google Maps and the lateral movement of Vermont is greater than Lombard. Of course, this is all academic and doesn’t really mean much in the scheme of things, but it is interesting all the same.

  32. Indeed, I have mistaken you for Swampy. Not that the two of you are anything alike. Other than you both are two creative bloggers that interact graciously with your reading public. I must have had your blog open in one window and Swampy’s in another. I did wonder what happened to my comment on her blog. You have solved that mystery. Thanks

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