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Fun Monday #26

This week it’s hosted by me, so just leave your coats by the door and come on in. I think everyone know the drill so I won’t go over it again. This week it’s either my Best friend or my worst TV character (or both if you like).

Oh, I almost forgot two important bits of housekeeping;
Firstly, Fun Monday is Six months old today, and secondly, we’re looking for a host for next week.

My Best Friend…


It will come as no surprise to anyone who has read the Dingo for a while, that ET is my best friend. I’ve already written about how we met (if you want to read about it, here’s the post). In fact I’ve written a few posts about him, and there is a lot more that’s best left unsaid.

We met just on 30 years ago and clicked immediately. There was just something about our friendship, and no amount of time or distance has had any effect on it. We are pretty much total opposites, he likes classical music, fine wine, good food, art and literature. And I like to call him a faggot for liking all those sissy things!(which he’s not by the way, not that there’s anything wrong with that). However he also likes beer, old cars, girls, baseball(Giants) and football (49ers) so he’s not all bad.

We have spent hours just driving around spotting old cars, we’ve watched hundreds of baseball games, both on TV and at the park, and we’ve been thrown out of a few bars along the way. We have the same politics, and are both Unitarians, although we don’t really talk about either very much (except about Bush, I mean how can you resist!).

We don’t see each other all that often these days (we have visited each other since I moved back to Oz, but not for a few years now). However,  I do have a constant reminder of him, you see, ET actually introduced me to my wife of 27 years (I lived with ET and his wife for two years before I married MDW). Plus we talk for hours every week. Do you know it’s only 2 cents a minute to talk to the States? It would cost more than that in gas to go and see him if he lived near by. But I’d gladly pay it if it meant hanging out with ET for a while! Another thing that we do for hours on end when we’re together, is just throw a ball back and forth (I play baseball, he plays softball). We just stand there tossing a ball back and forth to each other and talking crap.

Finally here’s one little interesting piece of info that I haven’t mentioned before…He has two brothers, as have I. He doesn’t really talk to his, I don’t talk to mine. He’s the same age as my oldest brother, I’m the same age as his youngest brother, so what we’ve done effectively is simply swap brothers. I think it’s this more than anything that has kept us best friends for so long.

And now for part two.

If there was ever a person who could cause me to be incarcerated for pre-meditated murder, it’s that whiny, self-centred, impossible to please, total fucking bitch, Allison Dubois from Medium! God damn that woman is annoying! It’s all about her, and that poor schmuck of a husband is virtually raising those kids single handed while she’s out being a legend in her own mind! I have never, I repeat never accepted the total stupidity of some brain dead moron saying that his wife deserved the beating he gave her, but in Allison’s case I could make an exception (nah).

But here’s the rub, I recently saw Patricia Arquette in a film that was made about 10 years ago and she was the same whiny bitch in that too, just a lot younger, plus the real Allison Dubois got divorced! So it may be life imitating art or vice versa, who knows.

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