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I’ve run out of words.



24 Responses

  1. oh nooooooo…tooo funny….I put you on my blogroll…cuz you are making a difference- and I really like your blog….

  2. Hilarious.

    I’ve often wondered what foreign-language tattoos REALLY say when I see Western people sporting them. I often giggle to myself thinking it probably says something really rude.

  3. Wow. Just….wow. I’ve got nuthin’.

  4. ah it is looking like old sovetskoye posters that saying sshhh dont talk to new people on the street or anyperosn asking you questins our maybe you like dying. i like it pretty bastad!

  5. That’s good WT! That is good.

  6. So funny (laughing)

  7. Can I just say that I love reading zhenya’s comments?

  8. That is too funny.

  9. oyyy i leaft wrong internet address so was thnking my new friend mr tree didn not visit boo hoo but now you will please!

  10. I’m not sure which is funnier: the tatoo or Zhenya’s comments. Since you’ve run out of words, maybe she could guest write for you.

  11. I clicked on Zhenya – but no success.

    That cartoon does make one stop and think about what might be advertised on their biceps or backside.

    Reminds me of an old limerick about the women from grail,

    Sn interesting fun monday would be to show us your tattoos. I would have to sit it out. My only body marking are scars or stretch marks (a pregnancy tattoo??) oh.. and age spots.

  12. I like that. Very much.

  13. hahahaha!!! good one!

  14. oyy my name is YEVGEN it is boy-name! but i am liking girls a lot, but I not the funny boy girl gril. you know it. not me.

    if i was girl i am being YEVGENYA but not me. jsut zhenya and pretty ladys.

  15. Now see if I had that tat it’d be ok… not that i would. I stick with the pertty pictures;)

  16. What the…..?

  17. I have a friend who has a tattoo of some Japanese or Chinese symbols. He said the tattoo meant family and friendship first…or something like that. Now, I wonder…He,he.

  18. Oh, you’re clever today!

  19. Who doesn’t love cock?

  20. Oh Wow to funny!

  21. Enigma – Thanks, it’s nice to get some positive feedback instead of all the abuse I usually get.

    TLG – I know a guy who got a tat that had the wrong symbols.

    Jen – Me either, that’s why I posted the cartoon.

    Zhenya – thanks bastad.

    Jenni – Yeah he’s one crazy dude.

    Zhenya – It wasn’t the wrong address that stopped me visiting!

    Swampy – Zhenya’s a guy.

    Pamela – I’ve got a tat but it’s not that interesting.

    Wolfie – So you’re saying you’d prefer a picture of a penis?

    Jenny – I know I do! At least I like mine anyway .

  22. That is sooo funny, thanks for the laugh!

  23. Hahaha, super! This is a reply to Caucasian liking of sporting Asian/Sanskrit character tattoos, I guess?

  24. reminds me of a friend’s chinese character tattoo (this is not a joke). when i asked him, he said it meant joyous/happy. then a chinese old lady said it meant “gay”. he was fkn astounded.

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