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Another pet update

Just thought I’d let you all know how the new members of the Willowtree clan are getting on. As you will see, both Belle and Beau have grown a fair bit, but they’re still dumbasses.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the sound working properly so you can’t hear what they were saying, however from memory it was pretty much as follows….

Beau: Hey Beep, you wanna play this really cool new game?
Beep: No thanks, I’m happy just lying here.
Beau: Come on, you’ll love it.
Beep: I said I’d prefer to just lie here thanks.
Beau: Ok, have it your own way (sheesh what a bitch!)
Beep: Zzzzzzzzzzzz
Beau: Maybe if I just show her, I know she’ll like it……
Beep: Fuck off you little punk!
Beau: See, I told you you’d like it.
Beep: Don’t make me come down there and beat upside yo head!
Belle: Hey, you blokes got anything to eat up there?
Beau: Beat it dog, we’re playing.
Beep: Yeah fuck off you turd eater. And you fuck off too you annoying little pussy.
Belle: That’s a great idea, maybe there’s something in the litter box. Thanks, Beep.
Beau: Who are you calling a pussy?
Beep: Leave me alone you little shit!
Belle: Did you say Beau just shit?
Beau: Hey Beep, was that your nose?
Beep: Goddamit, piss off you little prick!

That may not be word for word, but it’s as near as I can remember. Anyway, here’s the clip, so you can see for yourself….



27 Responses

  1. hahah!! that sounds a lot like me and my sister growing up (minus Belle)

  2. Loved the look on Beep’s face that one time Belle got a good surprise hook in. Poor kitty – finally get a good, quiet and padded spot in the sun and the kids go and ruin it all. It’s a miracle she (he? I don’t know) doesn’t have more grey hairs…

  3. Lene – Belle is the dog. I know I’ve made it confusing by having all the names start with B, but that’s part of the fun! Beau is the kitten. Following French convention, as the kitten is a boy and the pup is a girl, their names are gender correct.

  4. How is it that you aren’t a famous screenwriter?

  5. I really enjoyed your commentary and the video! I have 2 cats, one looks like your Booey (I know he is not in the video), and 2 dogs. I never thought to videotape their fights or playtime! Thanks for the laughs!

  6. I thought I heard light snoring in the middle of that one. You didn’t nod off in the middle did you?

  7. My boys are going to love this video tomorrow (it’s 11:35pm here).

  8. Kila – The answer to your question is written in the post!

  9. I love the commentary to go with the video. Animals sure can be entertaining can’t they?

  10. I said “cheese: when I saw Bently taking a shot of us.

  11. Pamela – I was hoping no-one would notice that, thanks for pointing it out. Hey you and Bentley have something in common, while you were saying cheese, he was cutting it.

  12. Just when I think you couldn’r possibly have cuter pets…

    I wish I had a video camera to record my cat chewing on my dog’s face and ears. It’s truly priceless.

  13. cats don’t usually make me laugh or smile in any way whatsoever but i laughed at them. that black cat (beep?) is hilarious, swiping out at everything from his little covered area.


  14. Seeing what the subject of most of WT’s videos is, I see only two possible genres he might go for if he did become a famous screenwriter. However, his penchant for foul language precludes the genre of films for young children about talking animals who embark upon incredible journeys. What do you suppose that leaves him with?

  15. Jenni- Animal Porn!!!! (okay that was wrong, really, really wrong)

  16. Sigh. I knew that. It was very late and I clearly should not be allowed near a keyboard after 10pm.

    My apologies. Now, what about Beep? Boy or girl?

  17. Love the video and it seems your memory was correct. I heard every word.

  18. The bad thing about having all those pets is the clean-up. The good thing: always having something to blog about.

  19. love the dialog

    thanks for sharing LOL

    to funny;)

  20. ohh and thanks for your vote;) you rock!!

  21. Ooooh! Scripted. That was great!

  22. dood, beau has grown alot. he bitch slapped boop pretty good.

  23. I don’t know, WT – Beep doesn’t look that pissed off to me. (okay, maybe the one time he got tagged on the nose – but the rest of the time, he is feigning boredome)

  24. Lene – Beep is a girl.

    Raffi – Yeah he sure has!

  25. You are the only one I know that can get 24 comments out of a pet update and video. Wow.

    I tagged you for a moaning meme. It is sort of a chance to complain – not that you would want to do that. If you don’t do it – that is okay too!

  26. Ouch on the nose! That one looked like it hurt. As always, just too cute. I’m kind of sad they’re getting bigger.

  27. I would say the commentary was pretty accurate so there’s nothing wrong with your hearing hehe but you need to improve those guys vocabulary!!

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