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The moaning me….me

I don’t normally do memememes but in this case I’ll make an exception, a) because it gives me yet another chance to gripe about my lot in life, b) I don’t know Beckie well enough to know what her reaction would be if I didn’t do it (I simply don’t have the energy to take out more restraining orders, plus I’ve already reached my limit), and c) hey! you saw yesterday’s post, I’ve got nothing!

Four things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth.

  1. Anyone who has ever appeared on Big Brother.
  2. People who take up more than one parking space.
  3. Grey’s Anatomy.
  4. Foreigners.

Three things people do that make you want to shake them violently.

  1. Putting ‘Baby on Board’ signs on their car windows (do you really think it makes a difference you fucking morons!)
  2. Old people doing their banking at lunchtime. (Fuck off, you’ve got all fucking day, we’ve only got half an hour!) OK, so I’ve got all day too, but it still pisses me off.
  3. Sounding foreign.

Two things you find yourself moaning about.

  1. Sex. Oh wait, you said about, not during…OK, then make that getting old.
  2. All the crap that’s on TV these days.

One thing the above answers tell you about yourself.

  1. That I’m an ageist, old xenophobe with a hatred of bad programming and people with children who can’t park properly. (you can read the ambiguity any way you like, it’s valid either way)

Bonus Gripe….
Another thing that pisses me off is when people create a meme, and as part of the meme make all these commandments that you have to obey, they normally include things like "Thou shall link back to me so my Technocrati ranking improves", and "Thou shall post these commandments as part of your post". Well my normal response is "Fuck you", and I see no reason to change now.

If I’ve offended anyone, I didn’t mean to, that was just an added bonus.

Ok, now before anyone else gets all bent out of shape, I don’t really hate foreigners (I’ve been one many times), hell I don’t even hate old farts all that much! The jury is still out on those Baby on Board signs though.


42 Responses

  1. What’s a Technocrati Ranking?

  2. Swampy wants to know what Technocrati ranking is……… anyone?

  3. I thought since you were also tagged to do the meme, I’d see what was up 🙂 But, since you’re not into foreigners.. and perhaps I missed something… I’ll not torment you.

    Cute puppies, though 🙂

  4. NSNV – All you missed was how totally stupid saying something like that is, truth is, nothing really bothers me, I was just having fun.

  5. cranky bastad… tee heee

    you crack me up dude seriously

    i get the banking thing. and them people do like 40 mph on the high way when the speed limit is 70 *rolls eyes*

    done already 😉

    thank you for voting for me you rock!!

    darn now i think i messed up my cranky bastad number… *sigh*

  6. I get so irritated by people taking up more then one parking space and old people doing there banking at lunchtime also….But then I’m just cranky today.

  7. I’m the only one so far who’s known you long enough to not be offended.

    Tag me, then I’ll bitch about you tagging me. We can keep this going for weeks.

  8. Melissa – Ha! That’s brilliant!! OK, you want it, you got! Tag you’re it….

  9. I hate the two parking space thing too. It fills me with an urge to key that car so badly. I haven’t ever done it, but to my neighbour, if you are reading this, move your frigging car, it is stopping me from parking in front of my house!
    Also, I always hated the baby on board things too. Then I read somewhere you are only supposed to leave it up if the baby is actually in the car at that time, so that if you have a really bad accident the ambulance people know to look for a baby in the wreckage (or nearby if it got thrown out the window, I suppose). That seems almost reasonable, I guess. But I bet people who have them have NO IDEA that was why they were originally developed.

  10. Done. I think I beat you at crotchety-ness.

  11. Also, I’m not sure what a technocrati rating is. A technorati ranking is a blog popularity rating. Maybe a technocrati rating has to do with the politics of Southeast Asia? We talked a lot about technocrats in the Thailand section of that course when I was in college.

  12. I could bitch about a million things on any given day. But I don’t. The only thing I hear myself bitching outloud about are bad drivers, slow drivers, other drivers. Oh and the way I always seem to be doing laundry.

  13. I wouldn’t be so quick to categorize people as “old farts”, dear. Or are you just worried you’ve already fallen into that category? LOL It was a great post, and funny (my saracasm/satire meter still works), but it did make me think of my Grampa a bit 😉 Well, not the bit about the sex, that’s just icky. *grin*

  14. You’re a cranky old fart basturd today, aren’t you;).

  15. so i’ve seen the word “meme” on blogs before and have wondered what it meant. does it really just mean “me, me”? and here i thought it was french.

    have you given up on Old Mr. Puffy Pants? come back! your astringent observations are missed. (and for some reason i appear to be posting in the passive voice.)

  16. I too hate the baby on board signs, we should all keep our distance whoever is on board!

  17. Oh my. I hope you didn’t scare Zhenya away. The only foreigners that bother me are snotty tech support/customer service people and they can be from any country. I once got an AOL customer service gal from England who totally pissed me off even though I could understand (almost) every word she said.

    The ones that really drive me nuts are the tech support guys who barely speak English or who speak it with such a heavy accent that I have to ask them to repeat what they’ve said 10 times. It also doesn’t help that they’re talking about something which is a little difficult for me to understand in clearly spoken English. Then they walk me through all the things I’ve already done (because I’m not *that* much of a computer idiot), don’t figure out the problem, refer me to 2 other people who I have to go through the same routine with, and end up telling me, “Never load any software on your own.” Yeah, because loading Print Shop or my camera software or whatever else is what did it and because I can’t read the prompts and click “Next” sufficiently on my own. Idiots.

    What do you want to bet they all sit around and listen to each other’s calls and laugh at the folks they’re supposed to be helping. I bet they have some kind of bet going on how fast they can piss people off.

    Oh, and like I really believe your name is “Bob” or “Fred”. Is giving themselves an English sounding name supposed to fool us or somehow make us like them better?

    Wow. I’ve worked my self into a righteous rage before my second cup of coffee. Shall we talk about idiot drivers now?

  18. Now I feel compelled to say that both dh and I did have very pleasant experiences with (I think it was Dell) two tech support guys from India. Very nice folks. I just seem to get the @$$holes 99% of the time.

  19. WOOHOOO!!! The good ‘ole cursing WT is back and in fine writing form. Glad to see it.

    But you’re gonna make Canada mad with that “Grey’s Anatomy” reference.

  20. I’m patiently waiting… anyone with an explanation to my question at the top of this heap of comments?

  21. My, aren’t we cranky lately?

    LOL You, having traveled all over creation, hate foreigners.

    You are a foreigner. Or have you blended in well enough with the Aussies?

    Or perhaps you hate the band Foreigner? I rather like them.

    Swampwitch, my mind just isn’t awake enough yet to guess what you’re up to!

    I’m off to take a shower, and it’s thundering and lightning outside. Wish me luck.

  22. Humph I see you are telling me to F…Off (2.2), I’m a foreigner and an old F- no use denying it -guilty as charged ‘milord’

  23. For Swampwitch – Technorati ranking is Blog linkage popularity. The more you are linked to the higher your Technorati ranking.

    Here Here on Big Brother – I’ve only watched that show ONCE – and am amazed it is still running. Why can’t they bring back the good shows, like Gilligan’s Island?

  24. I have to park in a garage every day for work and it makes me want to beat up those who feel the need to take two spots.

    Great meme…..but I would like to say I am a mom with a small kid and I can park like no one’s business.

  25. So does it make you a foreigner if you are anything but an Aussie or only if you dare tread on Aussie soil?
    What’s wrong with taking up two spots? Heck, I’ll take three if I want to. Just kidding. I live in Texas where 3/4 of the cars are trucks and 3/4 of the parking spaces are marked for compact cars. Those who own jaguars and the like take the bigger spaces so as not to be close to another car and a possible ding. Those with trucks take compact cars spaces cuz they think they rule the world, and when I say compact car spaces, I mean 5 spaces per 1 truck. Annoying.

  26. Perfect! I really didn’t expect you to do it and so quickly!

    If I would have thought of the Baby on Board sign I might of used that one. I hate those.

    Have a good day…didn’t you marry a foreigner?

  27. I love foreigners….it’s the locals I can’t stand. Shite…I’m screwed!

  28. Your grumpiness cracks me up for some reason. Actually, it’s reminding me a lot of my grandpa. Hmmm… 🙂

  29. HA HA HA!! I know I’ve said this before but you are hilarious. There’s just something about grumpy old farty writing…..
    Oh, I clarified for you and all the other inquiring minds….it deserved it’s own post.

  30. Testy today! and I just stopped by to say how much I enjoyed your more moderate comments on community on “A mama’s mantra”. I hate those Bay on Board signs too!! I always think it refers to the brain of the person who put the sign there in the first place. At the art car parade there was a car that had a basinet (with doll) on the roof and had the sign posted. I think she was agreeing with your complaint!

  31. i’m a foreigner who takes up three spots when i park and i love gray’s anatomy… right after loving gilmore girls. my baby on board sign is actually gold plated.

  32. That was quite entertaining. For me it’s the “My child is an honor student…” bumper stickers. I love the “My kid beat up your honor student” one, though. The Baby on Board signs always make me wonder how many people run into other people’s vehicles because they’re so intent on seeing if there really IS a baby in there that they forget they’re driving and aren’t watching where they’re going…

  33. You can not say you don’t have something to post about.

    Remember? REMEMBER? The video?
    I don’t think you understand just how infatuated I am with your accent.

  34. Jen – Demographically I am an old fart, mentally I’m just a fuckwit.

    TLG – It’s better to be inconsistent, than incontinent, trust me I know.

    Jenni in KS – How ironic! Zhenya is the one person who reads this blog who isn’t a foreigner in relation to me!

    Tiff – Nah, no problem, Canada doesn’t come here any more anyway. Plus I think her toy boy is visiting so she’s probably distracted right now.

    Swampy – If you read the comments as patiently as you waited, you’d see that Melissa has already answered your question about technocrapi.

    Kila – Too bad I’m not giving prizes this time. You are the one person who actually got the significance of that. Yes, we are all foreigners at one time or another. I don’t mind the band either.

    ChrisB – Hey you got the trifecta!!

    Karmyn – Aye Aye Skipper!

    Heather – You are a foreigner if you are anyone other than me. Ah Texas, where the hair is big and penises are small.

    Beckie – Depends on who you ask, if you ask me the answer is “yes I married a foreigner”, if you ask my wife the answer is “no, I’m the one who married a foreigner”.

    Claudia – What are you talking about? You’re from Florida, your neighbours in CA are all foreigners!

    Susan – Give your grandpa my address, we can reminisce about the days before incontinence set in.

    Kayatbug -WooHoo a pole dancing story! Where’s my viagra?

    Purple – Those comments were an aberration.

    Raffi – I hate you on so many levels.

    Shades – Shit yeah! Those honour student bumper stickers are definitely the sign of an idiot. You know, I’ve never seen one over here.

    Vicki – I’ll think about it.

  35. WT you really need to join a knitting circle.

  36. yes, but here they’re LOCALS!!!

  37. Claudia – That just means they live there, not that they aren’t foreigners, everyone in California is from somewhere else, that’s why they’re not a snooty as people East of the Mississippi.

    And before you folks on the Eastern seaboard jump all over me, many’s a time while I was living in Ca, I heard someone from the East Coast say that “everything East of the Mississippi is history, everything west of it is bullshit”

  38. ha ha clever reply!

  39. Oh no, I wasn’t fast enough on the draw. I was going to pick you for this very Meme because you understand ranting better than most. Even before I reached the end of your post, I knew that you did not hate foreigners as you are always kind and helpful to me.

    I am with you about the Baby on Board signs. Are we to ram into the auto’s backside if there are no babies in the car? Really? Also, the commandments in the memes are ridiculous (similar to the old e-mails that circulated the globe implying hell in your future if you did not forward the message to everyone in your address book.)

  40. So, you’re an inconsistent fuckwit who is not incontinent. Check. I’ll be sure to remember that;).

  41. if you’re going to get that technical about it, then most everyone in the US is a foreigner…pickpickpick

  42. The baby on board signs do suck, but here in Alabama we have “W” bumper stickers.

    W – the president.

    W – still the president.

    I puke each time I read one. You should smell my car.

    I did see one which parodied the W stickers:

    F the president.

    I liked that one.

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