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A quand(a)ry

What do you do when you sit down at the computer, gathering your thoughts in preparation for the task of writing a post to regale your blog buddies with yet another riveting anecdote about life in the Country, or perhaps even put up another cute picture of your cute pets (that everyone seems to like so much), or better still, narrate one of your world famous serials about one of your not so famous, but totally stupid misadventures; when suddenly you realise that for the moment at least you have completely run out of things to say? Do you just try to write the longest sentence you’ve ever written about nothing, using as many punctuation marks and different adjectives as possible (did you notice that ‘adjective’ is actually a noun?) in an attempt to make it look like you actually wrote something?


37 Responses

  1. You even manage to make running out ideas amusing !!

  2. I love grammar talk, but that’s just me.

    I’m wondering how you decide on whose comments you respond to… another blog post, perhaps?

    I learn so much from your blog…I even learned what these three dots….have a name…what is that again?

  3. My grammar in the above comment is putrid. Is putrid a word?

  4. Beth – It’s a hit and miss sort of a thing, there’s no real formula, I do try to respond to all comments, but on days where there are a lot of posts to read, I don’t usually manage it.

    Ok, the first and third set of dots in your sentence are ellipses (plural of ellipsis, which is idiosyncratic in itself, as there are three dots, therefore making them plural), the set in the middle are just four periods (is that four months in girl time?)as there are only three dots in an ellipsis.

    Oooh, I love dirty talk, and putrid is about as dirty as it gets! Grrooowwll!

  5. Yeah, I’d go with that. Seems to work. And even though I’m reading your blog pre-coffee (and starting sentences with conjunctions), I get a kick out of grammar ironies.

  6. Did you say you needed to do your laundry…and that it’s putrid…and dirty…and that there was an eclipse…?

  7. If too busy I usually just go with a photo. See today’s post, for example.

  8. photos. totally photos. run five or six pictures of Belle and we’ll all be happy.

  9. Something to say, even with nothing to say. The mark of a man who knows how to BS his way out of any situation. Your awesomeness (not really a word) overwhelms me. I shall now faint. 😉

  10. I say go do something! Get us a story. Turn off the computer and do a walk-about or something.

  11. Jenni – Nothing, and I mean nothing, should be attempted pre-coffee.

    Swampy – Yes that’s right…

    Amanda – Interesting, at around 10pm you suggest I see a post that I commented on at 6:30pm. Must be some sort of time warp.

    Laurie – Well then, that’s what I’ll do tomorrow.

    Jen – I’m a firm believer of the old adage that states “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit“. And awesomeness is a word if used correctly, such as in describing one of my many attributes.

  12. I am assuming this is a question that you posing to yourself rather than to us. Whatever you decide seems to be all right with your readers. Most of us visit daily for our dose of Willowtree; and then, we shamelessly return for your commentary on our comments.

  13. That’s what I’d do. And have, fairly recently, even. 😉 We all have days (weeks?) when there’s nutthin’ in there and then it comes back just when you’re convinced you should shut down the blog. Take a couple of days off. Read a good book. Have a vacation of sorts…

  14. I’m going to disagree with you, without even looking it up for reals.

    I think when you use ellipses in the MIDDLE of a sentence, the rules is that you use three. However, at the end of a sentence, you have to use FOUR…three ellipses, and then a final period.

    I’ve learned this somewhere, and it could be totally wrong, so I’m now I’m running off to see if I can find it somewhere.

  15. my quandry,

    “Vicki I’ll think about it”

    !!!!##*********&^ Hu?

    You. Just. Don’t. Understand.

  16. You take a close up photo of your smile, so we can see your silver tooth.

    my blogging problem recently has been running into time.

    I need to quit reading during my moments at the puter and start writing.

    off to work.

    Have a good weekend

  17. I found more than you want to know about ellipses at this site:


    I was too confused to get thru it all, so I’ll let you do it…since you have nothing to do!

  18. I make a collage and forget about the writing!

  19. That is when I post pictures of my kids – or something amusing they said.

    Time for a contest!

  20. Do what I do. Post one picture a day in a series. Keeps the audience in suspense.

  21. Did someone say contest??

    WT, have a contest!

  22. I think you should do a cooking segment like Ree! There ya go!

    Now I feel better knowing I am not the only one using unusually long run-on sentences.

  23. Apparently.

  24. I babble and write about absolutely nothing and then people don’t come back again. And then I babble and write some more…because frankly my dear….well you know the rest. What ‘you’ may think is boring is actually pretty interesting to the rest of us. Except. No more butt licking videos. I’m still not over that one :o)

  25. When that quandary overtakes me, I find myself posting weird news, or silly quizzes, or YouTube videos that I find amusing…

    or I find some brief but funny story from my past.

    Or I go read everyone else’s blogs first, to see if they’ve got anything that stirs my memory or some bandwagon I can jump on.

    If you see me resorting to celebrity gossip, you know it’s been a slow news day and I’m at the height of desperation.

  26. Tiff – What you are saying is true. However, the source you site as a reference is for technical writing relating to legal documentation, i.e. it is not grammar.

    The only time four dots are used is at the end of a sentence, in which case the fourth dot is actually a period and should, in fact, be separated from the ellipsis by at least one space.

    Now in this case, Beth simply broke her sentence with four dots for comic effect; the words following the dots simply run on from the words prior to them.

    If you would like to see what the grammatical explanation looks like, this is probably a better resource…


  27. I always thought “run-on sentences” didn’t have any punctuation WT.
    BTW what’s this about my mob being down? the Brisbane Lions are coming up for 4 in a row tonight, I have 2 sons and a daughter who barrack for Geelong and a grandson who played for them until injuries forced him out of “football” not that rugby league stuff.

  28. When I can’t think of something I just skip it and go visit someone else’s blog. Your way works much better than mine.

  29. Peter – Who said anything about League, I’m a Swans supporter. While it’s nice that you are up to four in a row (I wouldn’t mind one in a row), that will come to a screeching halt when Brown gets hurt again.

    Oh, and yes you are correct, a run-on sentence is two or more sentences joined without punctuation (as opposed to a split sentence which is two joined by a comma). However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that I never used the term run-on sentence anywhere.

  30. ummm all this time I needed to worry about grammar on my blog? Oh well, like I give 2 shits anyway! I loved your quote about dazzling bullshit BTW!

  31. Gaggin for the title of King of Run On Sentences – much?

  32. are you taking an English class and trying to show the teacher the value of a run on sentence?

  33. That was your best post all week. 😉 See how effortless it is?

    Oohh, and comments about punctuation! It doesn’t get better than this!

  34. Bookmarking this post to come back to later when I have nothing to blog about and need insperation!

  35. I never know what to post on my blog.

    BTW I did comment back to you on my blog about my job choices. 😉 I never said I was an exciting person. 😛

  36. ok my eyes rolled up in the back of my head when i read all that grammer stuff. Man you must go cross eyed when reading my post with all of my gramatical errors.

    as for what to do? get creative.

    make something up. try a word challenge. 😉

    your good with writting!!

  37. You never cease to amaze me…37 comments (including mine) for THIS piece of crap nothing???!!

    You’re a master, all right…!

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