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Important, please read.

For all those who feel compelled to question my grammatical prowess, attack my views on zenphobia, cast aspersions on my manliness, or in the case of those who actually know me, ridicule my appearance, please follow the instructions below for a very important message.


See what you’ve done!  Don’t you feel like a real bastard now?


35 Responses

  1. Sweet!! That was funny!! What would make it even more humorous is you being video taped saying the same things with a stuffed badger coming at you! Plus it would be a bonus for the accent fanatics!!! You know you are loving all this attention!!

  2. lol.. funny! I thought I had!

  3. There’s a badger humping your face like that? Disturbing.

  4. Hi WT
    I snuck in on Marnie’s blog again and dropped in to see what you have been up to lately. That was very creative. I also love your pet videos especially the kittys. I would get my own blog, but you would be a tough act to follow. Marnie said she would help only once as long as I don’t bother her for tech support. You are too funny!

  5. Caroline – Get Marnie to set you up with a blog, don’t worry about getting into trouble, there’s no way she can leave you hanging. Whenever you have a problem she has to help – you’re her mother for godsake! (You’re welcome Marnie, that’ll teach you not to visit my blog any more!).

  6. Yes, but I’m not gettin’ badgered about it… you are.

  7. Peter – Ah… yeah… that would be the point.

  8. I was always fairly suspicious that you were a female…just didn’t know you looked a lot like a combination of “Badger” Cleaver’s mom and Donna Reed…or was it “Beaver” Cleaver?

  9. Swampy – I’d prefer beaver any day!

  10. how about those of us who criticize your rather lame computer skills?

  11. Very good WT, I won’t criticise you as your skills are way above mine,

  12. But think of all the good blogging material you get from it !!!!

  13. Very funny.

    Thing 1 liked the videos of your pets. She wanted to know if B was your favorite letter?

  14. I would have bet $1,000.00 that would be the comment from you…even as I typed it, I just giggled knowing the words that would come out of your mouth.

  15. I feel like a total bastad. I don’t *think* I’ve ever ridiculed your appearance or cast aspersions on your manliness. After all, who am I to question the judgement of a licensed pharmacist? I’m sorry. I’ve got to stop bringing that up, but it makes me laugh to think of poor, innocent WT almost taken in by a kinky, conniving Cajun.

    And I love it when Swampy sets you up for replies like that. I get to laugh thinking about the coming comment and the comment itself.

    I do like your pet videos, but I mostly like your blog because it makes me laugh and that’s a good way to start any day. Besides, I am sure you are very attractive in a manly sort of way and that your grammar is pretty near perfect. I don’t know what the fear of Zen is all about, though.

  16. For badger lovers.

    I too read your blog daily for enjoyment. 🙂

  17. That’s hilarious! Thought I’d come by and say hello… Hello!

    I have to say, I just love “Blogs that I don’t read”. Awesome idea! It takes a special kind of person to read/post comments there. I’m not one of them! 🙂

    Your blog is fun. I’m off to snoop around now!

  18. funny! 😉

    I love a morning grin….

  19. I can’t stop badgering you. I’m coming to you live from the Badger State.

  20. hehehe!! that was good! I keep going back to it and I keep laughing (yes, I am easily amused). thanks!

  21. ok… the infection from my chest must still be ravaging my brain as none of this is making connect the dots kinda sense.

    ahhh well

    ill just keep with firing the blanks LOL im good at that *grin*

    funny very vunny clip

  22. You are such a dork, WT. But I can’t help but LOVE you.

  23. Huh! I thought you were a man… ! Not a badger!

  24. Freud would have a FIELD DAY with this one.

    Word choices that sound like something….. Eww ewww ewwwwwwww.

  25. TLG – Ah… O.k.a.y.

  26. I was almost afraid to push the button!! Very funny!

  27. Whew …was in such a “quandry” ~ I nearly commented on your lousy spelling yesterday, now I’m glad I didn’t!

  28. Well, thanks to you, Jasper just attacked my monitor trying to kill the badger. You know he digs all the blessed time looking for badgers and now that he’s finally seen one on the monitor, I’ll probably have to lock him outside when I blog.

  29. Melissa in NZ – You should have. Damned English, always trying to trick us! It’s pronounced roughly the same a laundry!

  30. At least it wasn’t a skunk.

  31. I have not yet begun to badger…

  32. We don’t need no stinking badgers.

  33. Tourists? Foreigners? So should I take that comment on my blog as a insult? I mean I WAS in TX but I did live there for 3 yrs.

    Great button, but now I think I’ll hsve badger nightmares (as opposed to actually BEING badgered by my husband!)

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