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Hey I got another award!

Yessireee Bob! I got me another one of them purty awards for my sidebar. This time it’s because I’m not creative. Now, I must confess that I was just a little miffed that no-one gave me the Kiss Arse Award that seems to be so popular these days, I think it may be called something else but never mind.

Yep, I was feeling rather down, but my despondency just plain disappeared when Swampy awarded me this little gem…


It even comes in two flavours….


I can’t quite seem to put my finger on why, but mine just doesn’t seem to look the same as all the other’s I’ve seen around the blogosphere lately, I’m sure it ‘s fine though.

Pre-Post Update!

Well this is a first! An update to a post that hasn’t even been published yet, I wrote it last night but I had a more pressing post (actually I had a pressed meat post). It seems that Shades thinks my visage has made sufficient contact with her posterior to qualify me for the  Arse Kissing Award. Thanks Miss Shades (I’m not putting a link here because she’s very private, and NO I am not making her up!).

The Schmooze award is one of those awards that is actually a cleverly disguised means for the originator to increase their blog ranking by telling everyone to link back to them (some people try to make money out of blogging). So on behalf of those of us with a half a brain (I sometimes wish I had a whole one), and in the true spirit of schmoozing, I’d just like to say "Fuck you". My policy in this situation is that I never link to sites that say I have to link to them, I also don’t pass on the award to anyone. (that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate J’s sentiment in awarding it to me)

PS. A few of you have been remarking on how I seem to be able to get comments on the lamest of posts. That’s the whole point! Bloggers are generally nice guys, and their compassion causes them to feel sorry for me, so they come to aid of a sinking ship. Simple.


16 Responses

  1. OK, OK, OK ! So you ARE creative, but we’ve all known that for a long time. It was the thoughtless one I was interested in bestowing upon you.
    Now, let’s see the Fuck You Award that you are going to create, you creative genious you.

  2. Send the Fuck You award to Marnie during her g-rated week. I’m pretty sure she’d be contractually obligated to mention it. Plus it’s a proper noun so no cleaning up the language? Mandatory f-bomb.

    I’m a genius.

  3. Still no Rockin Guy Blogger award on that sidebar I see. That’s fine. Guess my award wasn’t as cool as all the others. Fine. See if I forget to mention you and not give you an award til you whine again. Just fine. Whatever. Maybe a whiney award next time.

  4. do you remember when marlin brando refused his oscar… and sent some maria cruz and she called herself Sacheen Little Feather to refuse it for him.

  5. Joy – That was the Awesome Guy Blogger award, apparently only Chicks can Rock! But I’ve remedied the situation now. Speaking of whiney 😉

  6. Pamela – Ah yes, Sacheen Littlefeather and the Wounded Knee debacle! Even Mike Moore got further with his diatribe than she did with Marlon’s. She only got through a couple of paragraphs, which is actually a blessing if you’ve ever read the full text.

    He may have refused the Oscar, but he never knocked back a meal!

  7. me neither (refused a meal…) by the way.. whats for dinner?

  8. What’s for dinner – Mom, didn’t you read his last post? It’s suprise meat…you just don’t know whose bowl you will be eating from.

    Thoughtless bugger – at least you still have a horny rhino.

  9. Ok what is up with Pamela being obsessed with dinner lately?

    urrr and congrats on your awards?

    Is your side bar going to be long enough from all these?

  10. You are an award winning bugger. I think people like to give them to you to see what you are going to do with them – not that you don’t deserve every one of them ten times over!!

  11. I have got to stop checking you out before I go to bed. Now I wont have anything new to read when I get up in the morning. WHINE!
    You know one of these days I am actually going to be able to comment and tell you that I did not laugh once through the entire post…. yeah right!
    Thanks for telling me about firefox… now I need to go beat up my Fianna!

  12. Do the comments work? (Don’t worry I’m not being self indulgent, TypePad is doing maintenance and I’m just checking to see if they’ve finished yet)

  13. Hehehe ! I found a comment from you on Pamela’s blog and that’s why I am here. Not curious at all and now I have a lot of fun because tomorrow there is Thursday Thirteen and I listed all awards I could find but looking in your sidebar I should add a lot more !! So I invite you to come tomorrow (thursday I am living in Belgium) and pick up an award that you are probably the only one who earns it really !!! (I am not (yet) earning money, lol)

  14. I’m trying to remember what blogger it was that used to whine and complain about not getting any awards. Now I can’t count all of them on both hands. They do say that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Congratulations again, on yet another award.

  15. You’ll soon have so many awards that your blog buddies will be knocked off the side bar!!

  16. Oh, now this post was amusing! Your take on the schmooze bit cracked me up! Nice work! I wholeheartedly agree with the linking back frustration. I was so tired of memes by that point that I just copied and pasted and haven’t bothered to see if it carried over or not… I’m not feeling like fixing that anytime soon, though.

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